My Vampire System
200 The selected eigh
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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200 The selected eigh

The assembly hall was split into two equal half's, with all the first year students standing on the left of the stage, and the second year students standing right of the stage. The fact that all the students in the school were told to gather together, and not just a single year told them it would be a big event.

Then the two section on each side would be further split up, they were grouped by each homeroom class which contained about fifty students. Quinn and Vorden were standing relatively close to each other while Peter was standing a row in front of them so they could keep an eye on him. While the girls stood directly at the front of the class.

Their section was stationed closest to the stage, while right at the back towards the exit was Logan. To his surprise, it seemed like Fex was in the same homeroom class as him. Logan didn't turn up to home room class much, and if it was anyone else they would have been punished for this. But because Logan was a VIP student from a rich family he obtained special privileges.

Duke was currently standing on stage giving the students a speech, telling them about all the achievements that the base had made so far, and what the upcoming schedule for the first year and second year students would look for the rest of the year.

While listening to this, Vorden was preparing himself, or more specifically he was preparing someone else.

"Raten you remember the plan right?" Vorden asked. "As soon as you finish with what needs to be done, then you get out of there. I don't care if someone looks interesting to fight, or if someone looked at you the wrong way, we need to disappear immediately after you are done."

"Will you shut up?!" Raten snapped back. "For the last two days, you've said the same thing over and over to me. I know that if I don't do what you said, I won't hear the end of it."

Vorden, hated the fact that the plan required him to use Raten, if he could he would have used himself but the task that was given to him relied on him having two abilities and Vorden could only control one, but of course, using Sil was out of the question, so that left him with Raten.

The two abilities he needed were already stored for the day, right now they just needed for the assembly to be over.

Quinn, on the other hand, was worried for Peter. The system recommended giving Peter some of his blood which he did, and he gave the order not to attack Duke or Jack. With the extra blood it made Peter more loyal to the point he would obey every order, loyalty to one's master was also distance based, the further away, the less influence the master's orders had, but with fresh blood from Quinn in his system he would have no option but to obey the commands he was given. Eventually, the power would fade away but for a short time period like this one, it would be enough.

The only way that Peter could disobey this order, is if his life was put on the line, then self-preservation would override Quinn's orders.

"Other than an update about the schedule for you all, we also have a special guest here today. He visited us last year, and he is here to visit us again."

Duke pointed at one of the men who sat at the leader's table, and was actually the leader of one of the big four. "Please clap for Mr. Truedream." Duke said as he walked off the stage.

Mr. Truedream then got up from his seat at the table, and come up from the side of the stage, and as he stepped forward so did the two guards next to him. The students looked up and stared at them in awe. They had never seen such impressive beast gear in their life, and couldn't imagine just how much it would cost to own them.

Knowing that they were from the Truedream family, they would also have some impressive abilities. However, as most of the students looked at Mr. Truedream, they were quite disappointed. He wasn't wearing any beast gear, and he didn't give off the same presence as other leaders they had seen.

However, there were a few in the room who felt differently, they could feel a confidence exuding from his body, and one of these students was Fex. As he was looking at him he was starting to sweat, the site of Mr. Truedream reminded him of the thirteen vampire leaders. This was the presence of someone who was on top of the world.

"Many of you should know who I am but just in case, my name is Jack Truedream, leader of the Truedream family and also the owner of Dreamland City. I have a close relationship with the military and I visit every base each year. But I have to say out of all the military bases, this is my favourite one. I also seem to get the most and the best gifts delivered directly to my footstep here." Jack said with a smile.

"Did you hear that? He said were the best military base out there," A student whispered.

"Are you an idiot, he probably says that to all of the military basis he goes to," Another student responded.

"True, but still if we could get into his faction, we would be set for life. I hear he even provides free housing for all those in his city. As long as you join their team of course," The first student replied.

While the other students were excited to see Truedream, Quinn's group could see the other hidden message behind his words. Most likely those gifts he was talking about, were the students given to him right after this assembly. He was declaring it in the open, while no one knew what was happening.

While the speech continued on, from the bottom of Logan's sleeve one of the small mechanical spiders crawled down his shirt, and hopped off his shoe. It was the same size as a regular small spider, and made next to no noise as it moved about.

It continued to crawl across the floor until it had eventually reached the stage.

"Alright guys, it's all set," Logan whispered.

Jack then spoke his final words.

"In a month's time, I will be coming to watch all of you at the inter-military base event. Perform well and those that impress me will be given an extended invitation."

With that, the speech was over, and Jack walked off stage with his two guards behind him. Heading off to a location out of sight from all the students. While doing this the mechanical spider quickly followed along.

As Jack left the stage Duke returned, he had one last thing to say to everyone, "You heard the man, work hard so you can achieve a great future for yourselves. I expect our school to come out on top at the inter-military base event. Before I dismiss you all to enjoy the rest of your day off I would like these eight students to stay behind.

"Ray Dem, Howard Hubby, Wilfred Green, Sarah Beeswax, Michael Brisko, Amy Yellop, Peter Chuck."

After hearing Peter's name, everyone stomach sunk a little, this was it, they needed to get into action right after he called out the final name.

"And finally Erin Heyley, these students please stay behind, and come to the front of the stage. The rest of you may leave."


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    《My Vampire System》