Super Gene
1660 The Coming Storm
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Super Gene
Author :Twelve Winged Dark Burning Angel
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1660 The Coming Storm

"Have you heard? Death Goddess is Han Sen's daughter!"

"That can't be true. There is no way a human can have a daughter like that. And even if it was true, she could not enter the sanctuaries at her age. And she definitely couldn't have already reached the Fourth God's Sanctuary and achieved that much strength."

"Death Goddess admitted it herself. She called Han Sen her father. And she didn't just say it once. How can this not be true, then?"

"I would say he's more of a daddy figure."

"It doesn't matter, either way. Han Sen is going to be famous this time. Four elders and over a hundred elites were trapped by those two. I don't know if the beings he trapped can get out alive, even if he let them."

"I am afraid Han Sen is the strongest human there is, Dollar aside."

"Strong is strong, but he's in trouble. He has bit off way more than he can chew by going after that many shelters. No tribe's elder has a fancy for him. They all want a piece of him."

"I hope he can hold it together. I don't want to see those creatures kill him."

"Han Sen gained a lot of territory for humanity in the Third God's Sanctuary. Perhaps in the Fourth God's Sanctuary, he can do the same."

"That is difficult to say."

"It is not difficult to say. Let's just see if he can survive this next attack first. He is currently the number one enemy of everyone in the Fourth God's Sanctuary."

"That's true. Fairly annoying, if you ask me."


Han Sen was in the sanctuary each day after that, but no elite or elder had shown up. But the shelter did seem to keep getting attacked, strangely.

Groups of toxic bugs, monsters, and flying creatures occasionally swarmed toward them. And after Han Sen came back, the shelter's connections with the rest of the sanctuary went silent.

Their connection to the outside world was cut-off, and Shadow Shelter became like an isolated island. Any creature that ventured too far from the shelter would go missing.

Luckily, Han Sen was prepared. The mirror was securely inside the shelter now, and the creatures in the shelter all made a copy of themselves inside it

Queen, Lin Feng, and Jing Jiwu were each very excited. They reflected themselves so they could go fight without the worry of death. They could keep having deadly, risky fights with creatures to level up.

But they had maxed out their sacred geno points and were unable to absorb Life Geno Essences. This made them unable to level up.

The Life Geno Essences of the Fourth God's Sanctuary were difficult to absorb, and the geno fluid the Alliance had produced did not work there. Even if Han Sen gave them a bunch of Life Geno Essences, there was nothing he could to make them work.

Han Sen was not a scientist, either. So, it was a problem he could not solve.

But the spirits and creatures had become target practice. Aside from Gu Qingcheng and Little Pony, all the creatures had been doing some manner of fighting.

"The mirror might be here, but you should still be careful. The really powerful elders haven't shown themselves yet. And when they do show up, they will be able to deal with Ancient Sky Mirror," Gu Qingcheng warned Han Sen.

"Don't worry about me. I have a way to deal with them." Han Sen smiled.

Gu Qingcheng shook her head. "Don't underestimate the elders of the tribes. There is one scary guy in particular, who might come."

"Who?" Han Sen was surprised to hear this. If Gu Qingcheng feared this person, then they must have been wretchedly strong.

"In the Divinity's Bout a hundred years ago, one person was able to beat Six Paths and obtain first place. He received God's Baptism. So, after all these years, I can't imagine how strong he might have gotten."

"What is his name?" Han Sen was still not worried. He knew the truth about God's Baptism, and it seemed unlikely that this person had received it.

When people won first rank, all they'd see was a sealed up crystal container. None were able to open it, and they could only go back. The reward for reaching first rank was unavailable. Stay Up Late had been there for many years, so it was useless.

"It's Ancient Devil," Gu Qingcheng said.

"Ancient Devil?" Han Sen was shocked to hear this. He knew the name well. He was the master of Dragon King, Xiang Yin, and Sky King. He was betrayed by Asura.

Han Sen knew Ancient Devil had ascended to reach the Fourth God's Sanctuary, but he never suspected he'd become so strong he was able to defeat Six Paths.

"You saw Ancient Devil?" Gu Qingcheng saw Han Sen's reaction and looked surprised.

"I have." Han Sen hadn't actually seen Ancient Devil, though; he was just very familiar with him.

Thinking of Ancient Devil, Han Sen thought about Xiang Yin. He had never heard much about her, and he hadn't a clue where she might have gone. If she hadn't fallen, she might have learned that Han Sen was in the Fourth God's Sanctuary and sought him out. Han Sen just hoped she hadn't been killed. If a lady like her had died, it would have been a sad thing.

"Why are you saying Ancient Devil might come, anyway?" Han Sen asked.

Ancient Devil had no grudge against him. He was not an elder, either. He was just a creature that came to the Fourth God's Sanctuary.

Gu Qingcheng sighed and said, "I have seen Ancient Devil. He seems to have a deep relationship with Sacred's leader. If Sacred's leader comes, then Ancient Devil might come, too.

Han Sen nodded and asked about Ancient Devil.

Gu Qingcheng thought about her answer, and said, "Ancient Devil is strange. He's like a human, but I don't think he is. His power is odd, as well."

"How so?" Han Sen asked.

"I have seen him four times. Each time, he wielded a different power. A completely different one! Time and space elements included. Every time he strikes, it is hard. He has enough power to go against any demi-god. It's just difficult to believe he has so many elements. It is hard for humans to have multiple, and they usually stick to focusing on just one. When I saw him, all his powers were on the same level. There was no bias," Gu Qingcheng said thoughtfully.

Han Sen frowned. That really was weird. Aside from Han Sen, no others could use multiple elements. Not even spirits or creatures could.

While it was beneficial for Han Sen to have so many elements, he didn't have the same proficiency with any particular element as someone who explicitly trained with just the one.

Gu Qingcheng said Ancient Devil had many elements and they were all incredibly good. That was scary.


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