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In Another World with a Different System
Author :IAmNotAlone
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19 Chapter 18

"Gifardus, can you estimate the average monsters?" (Javier)

"They are about five to six thousand your majesty" (Gifardus)

"Father! Don't worry about Ryu. He can do it!" (Erza)

As the three of them talked. I slowly walked towards the monsters with a calm expression.

"I can deal with the mobs. But the dragon will take more time to be defeated" (Ryu)

I immediately run towards them. The kingdom`s archers were about to fire but Erza stopped them.

"God speed" (Ryu)

I imbued myself in lightning. My movements where swift while dashing with a thunderous sound. The people were dumbfounded to what they see. But my fiancés only smiled proudly.

"Fire pillar projections!"

Pillars of made by fire grew from the ground one by one. The monsters screamed in pain, while the others died immediately.

"Water pillar projection!"

"Electric pillar projection!"

Then again, water and electric pillars appeared from the ground. The water was a great conductor so the effectiveness of my attacks is doubled.

"Erza. I did not know that Ryu is this powerful" (Javier)

"Your majesty. When we were in the forest, my doubts were right. I only witnessed a few of his powers"


"I know father, I really need to know him more" (Erza)

As they watch me doing what I am doing. The soldiers were shouting and cheering. The monsters in-front of them was drowned, burned and zapped. But I am not done yet!

"Omnidirectional Elemental waves!"

My three elements send waves to every direction. My level rose rapidly and the surroundings were covered by fire, water, and sparks of electricity. For almost five minutes of casting. The monsters dropped and my level has reached 292.

{Ryu! Congratulations! You are now a tier-one half God!}

"So the only one remaining is the dragon huh" (Ryu)

The dragon is still standing even thou I cast so many spells. And the level of the dragon is also 350.

"I should not waste any more time now"

I rush towards the dragon and sled below its body.

"Hand blasts!"

By touching its belly, I discharged electricity from my hands. The dragon is paralyzed for a while.

"Earth spikes!"

The dragon`s skin is very tough, it only pierced its wings. But at least It bought me some time. The dragon raged and breathe fire towards me. I quickly used earth wall to protect me. The fire is too powerful, the earth wall that I made is still burned like a wood.

I leaped towards the sky and cast heavens wrath. Countless of a lightning strike its body. The dragon is covered by my Earth and lightning attacks, I did not use fire attacks because it will still be useless.

"Air bullet projection!"

The dragon wanted to flee. I projected bullets made from air. The result was its flying movement is starting to get limp.

"Now. It`s time to end this"

"Elemental Vortex"

A tornado made of elements slowly appearing. It is made by my elements with rock spikes and electricity. Its appearance is a tornado made by water, air, lightning and rock spikes. The dragon was devoured inside it. I shouted to the people watching me to get down or get cover.

"It`s better not to overdo it, I need its materials for crafting"

{Dragon materials are a high quality you know?}

I know that is the reason why I will not overdo it. After a few seconds, I disabled my magic then the dragon is slowly falling from the sky. I am very lucky that it was damaged so badly.

"Now. I will ask the king to let me own these monsters materials"

"Eh? Why do they have shock faces?!"

I was dumbfounded when I look back. The king, the soldier and the adventurers where kneeling a distance away from me with their mouth wide open.

"Did I overdo it in-front of them?"

{It`s obvious you idiot!}

But it`s better to show off in front of your father-in-law right? Especially a king. I raised my right arm as if I am signaling to them that I finish the battle.

"A-amazing" (Gifardus)

"I am lucky he is my son-in-law. What could happen if he is my enemy" (Javier)

After that. The crowd came back to their senses and started to shout with joy and happiness. My fiancés rushed towards me then immediately hugged me.

"Well done Ryu!" (Erza)

"Ryu! I love you!" (Momo)

"Dear, thanks to you, the kingdom doesn't have any casualties. I know you can beat the dragon easily but you were showing off. Fufufufu" (Jehanne)

So Jehanne noticed huh. I wanted to speak back but she sealed my lips with hers.

"Jehanne you cheat!" (Momo)

"Ryu! Us too!" (Erza)

Erza your father is watching you know?!Sigh… It`s too late for this. I also kissed them right away to settle up with it.

"You have done a magnificent job, Ryu! We did not lose a single fighter! And you solo killed them all! I will ask you, Ryu, right away. What would you like for a reward?" (Javier)

"Can I own these monster materials?" (Ryu)

"You only want that? I have no problems with it but your achievement is much greater!" (Javier)

"It`s okay for now father. Sooner or later I might need your help also" (Ryu)

"O-okay… Ehem! If you want help. I will grant and do it with the best of my abilities" (Javier)

"Thank you father, and also. I will start to collect the materials now" (Ryu)

"Wait! I`ll command the soldiers to help you!" (Javier)

"No, it`s okay father. I can manage" (Ryu)

I am standing in the center of the battlefield where the monsters corpses were scattered.

"Mass Absorption!"

The monsters were sucked towards my palms. The people watching me were shocked again. I don't care anymore if they witnessed my absorb ability. They have already witnessed what I`m capable off so it`s no use if I keep hiding it. And also it means that they can`t harm my fiancés as well.

For five minutes, I finished collecting the monster corpses. I also asked the king if we can leave early so that we can rest. And also, the king gives me an additional 100 platinum coins for every month. I can become a king if I want too. But I must focus to raise my name first. My reputation in Ephoria kingdom has also risen rapidly and we don't know that maybe the other kingdoms will hear about this as well.

As our business was done, we immediately head to the mansion. But we bought food first because

Momo really wanted more food to be eaten as snacks. The king also gave us a mission to head for the neighboring kingdom. I decided to go tomorrow. It was already evening and we slept in the same positions even though we own a mansion already.

"Tomorrow, we will head to the neighboring kingdom"


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