Lust Exchange System
2 Mana, Tellus, and Enthusiastic Clerk
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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2 Mana, Tellus, and Enthusiastic Clerk

Aster, being a former young master of the prestigious Suns clan, had more than enough knowledge on fighting techniques for him to survive by himself. The only downside from having an immense background on such powerful skills and arts was his ineptitude for sensing mana.

Magic, empowerment, summoning, forging, alchemy, divination, and many more are existent on the world by utilizing the ever-present mana. Every person from birth has been absorbing mana and those who are able to utilize it are the power rankers.

From Novice, Initiate, Expert, Master, Grandmaster, Lord, King, Emperor, Sky, and Saint ranks. Each rank contains ten levels. Albeit being used seldomly, each level could also be differentiated via beginner, intermediate, and late.

The higher one would reach in the ranks, the greater the mana they horde and control. Bringing with them greater power with each progression and having immense gaps in capabilities from those with levels lower than them.

Mana also tends to be encompassing that its uses are immensely versatile. From the simple warrior type to wizardry. Classes are too branching that it had created a complex tree of all the known specializations.

Mana alone is obsolete without the presence of fighting styles and cultivation arts that are catered to certain fields. They were created and mastered by ancestors of ancient times. New geniuses also tend to innovate on new forms and have made substantial contributions in their fields.

Established families like nobles have their own heritage of these arts and techniques. For the uncountable commoners, they only opt for the most basic and diminutive arts that are made available to them by society. Essentially, they are left with dregs and could only acquire stronger arts by joining organizations and learning through readily available techniques in schools and sects.

Beastmasters have manuals that cater to using mana which has an influence on beast they want to grow and conquer.

Warriors could be the most primal with using mana to empower weapons and their bodies.

Another aspect of mana, would be their attribute that is metaphysically due to the influence of mana on the person or the influence of the person to mana. Attribute mainly concerns with the elements like fire, earth, water, darkness, light, and etcetera.

They help as basis for a person's path. Purist pursuers would be those that focus on one element while the unorthodox would be those that choose to develop other attributes together with what they initially have.

The unorthodox would not be labeled genius while the same could also be said to the purists. Genius and talent are defined by power and victory in this beautiful but also treacherous world.

Aster has a superb advantage against the masses by bypassing his current lack of background and connection with his plethora of manuals from the Suns' collection. Fifteen years was enough for him to look down on his elders and peers by the sheer memorization of every content made available to him.

'Maybe the con artist's divination of my presence bringing about destruction to the Suns clan was true. If I were to release one-thirds of my knowledge to the public, the advantage that the Suns clan has built up for generations would crumble.'

He grinned at the image of his supposed ancestors cursing his deviousness. Even if he were to act selfless and apathetic by letting his family trample all over his existence, deep down inside himself was the need to pluck some ribs out of their ribcage.

'I am not some saintly sage that would willingly offer my limbs as a sacrifice to their every will. I am an imperfect human being who seeks recompense.'

Saying that quote in his mind made him nod subconsciously. Proud of his quote that could go down in history if he were to publish it to the world.

The world that he is on is called Tellus. It could be described as boundless with countless unexplored locations. Existences that are able to explore its colossal surface area could be labeled as godly.

Even though noble clans, kingdoms, and empires are civilizations in the middle ages. Technology is also an integral part of everyone's existence with powerful tools like guns and cannons. Computers and television monitors are available to those who could afford them. Electricity that should be the one technically running the machinations has been replaced by the more convenient and practical mana.

Technology was useful but they become dull when compared to heavenly treasures and natural plants that put forth allure to the people of this mana-driven world.

Cars and planes were not invented because even if they were, they are dependent on how advanced and smart the design they had. They would have a drop in practicality when put side by side with beast carriages and flying mounts.

Society would also be vexed with building roads of cement and asphalt that would potentially reach the lengths of infinity due to the undescribable terrain and considerably long distances between societal clusters.

Their ancestors would only scold those who were foolish enough to start this endeavor. "Why not just become powerful and learn flight? Only the weak would bother with the idea of trivial things that bring comfort. The path to power is permeated with struggle, so you should struggle and live with it, foolish descendants."

At present, Tellus would be described as an inseparable mixture of the middle and modern age of Earth. While the former era is dominant, the latter period of technology would not lose out either. It could be said that Earth may have developed into Tellus or Tellus would have degraded into Earth.

Aster had stocked up on this knowledge which other people beloved to have severely affected his progress in terms of mana cultivation. His unfettered life at present would be a great starting point that would test if his bookworm smarts were good enough to survive.

He was heading to a place where he could register for buying a residence for himself. It was within his estimate that he would stay at Green Silk City for a considerable amount of time.

Straight after Aster was dropped off by his escort, his goal when he would arrive at the city has always been where estate agents have been frequenting.

This was the fastest way to know about information regarding housing. The priority at the moment was a place to sleep and wash off the dirt that is plastered all over his body.

He could always go to a hotel but he thought that straightforwardly owning a place was essential. Even if he were to be turned down, scouting reliable information was a benefit from it.

Entering the building that had a calligraphic symbol saying 'Green Silk Properties' was the very place he was looking for. The inside was quite dismaying, given the near emptiness within and its contrast to the grand exterior on the outside.

'Basically this is just some sort of information hub. That is expected when people never really care about deeds and paper agreements when one could just forcefully take hold of your possession by overpowering or killing you. The disadvantage and truth of a power-driven world, I guess.' He thought inwardly as he walked towards the counter.

The clerk was a slim figured girl with a professional suit. She is a beauty that would even overshadow models. It has already been a stigma that beauty is an essential requirement for jobs with hands-on and direct contact with their costumers.

She eyed Aster's battered and beggar like clothes but she does not dare underestimate the new costumer. Long years of experience as a clerk in this establishment had already been engraved to her.

There was one time that she did not entertain a down-to-earth looking old man, only to find out later that the old man was actually an esteemed senior that even her manager had to respect. She had the idea that their costumers would always look extravagant because they would buy houses and establishments with sky-high prices. Thankfully, she got away by just apologizing and the elder did not take it into mind.

From that day, she vowed that she would be more prudent on her job lest she offends a powerful figure that has a thorny temper.

"How may I help you, Sir?" The clerk greeted in a professional manner when Aster reached the counter.

"Could you tell me of houses being sold in this city? It would be more helpful if you start from the cheapest and gradually go up to the expensive ones." Aster also responded professionally. This was the proper decorum to establish respect between peers and strangers.

The beauty of a clerk was clearly an expert on these matters and told Aster with the specifics of every house that was being sold. Whilst explaining by word, she is making use of pictures from a computer she brought up. Every image was appropriate to the property she is explaining at the moment.

From the cheapest stalls that are worth about five hundred bronze coins to the most luxurious family residences worth to about five million coins. The sheer number and variety were near to the five hundreds but the beauty clerk magnificently explained it all without flaw.

Aster was impressed at her dedication to her job. She may have also included houses that have been recently added to the sale but she was still able to explain the general qualities of the place.

'The girl is not just experienced, she is also smart. Heck, it could even be possible for her to memorize every building in this city if it were posted and labeled as for sale.' The last sentence may be an exaggeration but there was potential. Aster took a mental note about her secretly.

"Miss, you are really knowledgeable about the city, huh?" He spoke up in praise when the clerk was done with the presentation.

"This is the job that sustains me and my family so I work hard on it, Sir. Thank you for the compliment." She smiled beautifully but Aster sensed something implicitly sad in her words.

He nodded tactfully and not pry on further details. He took to silence and pondered on what he should choose. From her presentation, Aster had already gotten to know the basic gist of them all. His brain was not in any way inferior to the clerk. If it was, he would never have full knowledge of all the manuals of his stuck up and previous family.

"Miss, are there any prestigious schools in this place? If there are, I would like for you to tell me about the houses that are relatively near it." Aster requested again. A school was the perfect place to develop himself and his mana capabilities with help from the secret that hides within him. Even if he were too advanced on some information, it was better to keep a low profile and develop steadily.

"I can't say that about any other school but for prestigious, the academy should be one of the best schools around here and even ranks considerably in Great Heaven. The Creed Academy should fit your description, Sir." The clerk answered with brightened eyes and proceeded with her listing out the potential houses that fit Aster's requirement.

Somehow, she became enthusiastic and informed him of details that were too much. The clerk was living in the neighborhood of the academy and could not help but advertise.

"This house is near the cafe that serves the best hot cocoa!" She said as she described it like she really knew every landmark to visit on.

'This house' and 'that house' was spouted in every nook and cranny of the building. Aster has his brows twitching, not knowing if he should laugh or cry in the face of the clerk's enthusiasm.

She even divulged personal pieces of information that she was supposed to professionally withheld. Like her birthday and her house which happens to be near the school.

From what he knew, she just recently turned sixteen and was expecting to enter the next semester at the academy. She was older than him by a month and had siblings.

Aster sighed inwardly. 'Sister, here I thought you were some formidable smartypants that is the same age as me. Then, you crumbled it with your innocent enthusiasm.'

'Be professional here. Be professional!' He thought to himself but was unable to say out loud. Somehow, he can't bear to break her happy expression.

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    《Lust Exchange System》