Lust Exchange System
3 Barring House Purchase
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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3 Barring House Purchase

"Alright, alright. That's enough little Aria." A calm voice sounded from above the floor they were in. It was from a feminine and encompassing voice but surprisingly not loud enough to deafen those who heard it. Aster reckoned that it must be from a sound-enhancing art. His expression became grave given that those who use such forms of art are those who tend to be mentalists and hypnotists. There is also a chance for her to be a singing idol but he considered the dangerous part as a priority.

Aria suddenly deflated when she heard the voice. Even if she were upselling her neighborhood it was not exaggerated enough to be considered weird. Hearing her boss's words made her control herself a bit.

"I am sorry about that, Sir." She hurriedly composed herself and apologized to him. She was blushing from shame and reprimanded herself inwardly. 'I really have a bad connection with costumers that have bearings that makes one underestimate them. First, it was a very low key old man and now there is this beggarly dude. Fight on, Aria! Fight on!'

"It's alright. I just hope you don't get scolded by your boss." Aster finally breathed out in relief. It would seem that the boss of this establishment was not out to get him. If she were, he had no way of defending himself. He was now a bit worried for the clerk, she might really get a scolding from that sound boss.

They quickly got back to the formalities and Aster had some time to go over his choices.

"I'll take the empty mansion by the farthest corner of Creed Street that you mentioned. It looks like you included new furniture in the sale package. Hard to find a better deal with me not having to trouble myself with purchasing from different stores. The location is not perfect but optimal." Aster had his choice on a sweet 3,000 gold coins deal with a two-story mansion akin house. The house was relatively near the practice forest for the Creed Academy students but it is one of the houses that offers an open space on the entire selection. Aster could use the space for practice and stuff.

The house even offers a pool and a gated garden that was more than two hundred square meters in area. It was originally built for certain guests of the school but was sold due to long periods of not being used and the danger for some.

The practice forest was said to house powerful monsters and was connected to a wilder expanse of regions that were limitedly explored. The house was only a considerable distance from all of that so it had scared off all other potential buyers. From an original set price of a million gold coins to its current price of three thousand.

'That's the one. Should be a great deal.' Aster was subconsciously nodding his head from the winning purchase. He did not notice that Aria was already fidgeting around as if holding herself back from saying something.

"Are you sure that that would be the one you want to buy, Sir? There are plenty of better deals out there." Aria persuaded with a light tone of defiance.

"No other reason should change my mind." He answered.

"There is an incredibly high chance of danger at the vicinity of that house." Aria said whilst faking a scared expression

"I'll be able to deal with it, eventually." Aster was just subconsciously answering with his eyes closed like an enlightened expert. He did not see the frantic expression of the beautiful clerk girl.

"The place is haunted." Aria said in a tone of warning, which he answered. "It does not say that in the records and your previous presentation."

"There is a pest infestation in the house. You will probably faint from screaming if you see its disgustingness." She said while he lackadaisically answered. "Pests such as cockroaches and rats nowadays are true sources of protein and a rare commodity in the gourmet community. That's a score for me."

"The images you saw about the house were a lie and in reality, it is a house riddle with holes that leak in the rain. The tile floors are horribly uneven that you might trip on it and die filled with grievances." She said in a fake apology tone while he brushed it off with a shrug and said. "I'll live with it and do some minor fixes. That should be easy."

"You need to pay another thousand gold for the first week of stay after the purchase." Aster had already noticed the direction of her reverse sales talk right now and refuted. "That was not on the description but a thousand is still within my budget."

"Oh, I'm sorry! I misread, it was actually a two thousand gold coins pay for the first trial week." This was basically extortion but he answered with a smile and closed eyes. "Still within my budget."

Aria was now at a loss for words. That house was really important for her and she is faced with the person who would be a hindrance to acquiring it. She looked at the beggar looking teen that had his eyes closed. Contrary to his muddy clothing, he was willing to spend five thousand gold coins that is a net worth which is enough to consider himself a rich dude in Green Silk City.

She gritted herself and said with a tearful expression. "Don't buy it Sir and I will sell my body and soul to your devilish hands."

Good thing that Aster was seated, it prevented himself from staggering at the shock he experienced from what he heard.

'This sales girl should really consider her life options and job opportunities. From working at sales, she should really consider being some sort of buying debunker, if that certain job exists.' He cursed in his head while seeing the bigger picture of things. 'This girl should have some intense attachment at this house.'

They stared each other off. It was like a competition where the first one to blink would be the loser who would give up on getting their hands on the house. It would be a rare sight to see children that are blooming at their teens and are arguing for high price purchase agreements.

Their stare off continued for minutes and unbeknownst to them was that there was a new person that arrived.

She was a mature beauty with green locks and matching green eye color. Her body was all about maturity as her curves were clearly expressed by the tight-fitting dress she is wearing.

The lady stood behind the counter and by the side of Aria. Aster was the first one to notice her arrival given that he was directly opposite of them.

"Hello." He said as greeting to the newcomer. His guess would be that she was the boss lady who issued the magical sound that he heard before.

"Hello to you. My name is Esmeralda Greene and the person in charge of this establishment. I can't say that I am the boss but consider me the manager." Esmeralda introduced herself. To those who are long time citizens here, she is quite the celebrity due to her being the daughter of the city lord.

The Greene family were the true movers and shakers within the entire Green Silk City.

Aria, the clerk, has now already realized her new blunder and was already as anxious as she was quiet at the moment.

Esmeralda noticed her reaction and was trouble with the recent turn of events. She had been observing their interaction for a while and was secretly laughing her stomach to pain with their comical actions. She was not quite far from their age group though, she was only eighteen years of age. In most societies of this world, sixteen years old was a considerable age of engagement and stuff while eighteen would be considered an adult.

Her management of the property building was a test given by her father for her to experience management.

Aster noticed her presence and could not help but notice some similarities in looks with Aria and Esmeralda. Although he did not notice at first, their hair is similarly emerald green as well as their eyes. This must be a hereditary trait of their family.

'It seems that I am on the losing ground here. They should not have sold the place if they were already planning to allocate it within relatives.' Aster said in his mind. Their looks were truly uncanny and they should have plans for the house in question.

"Mind explaining this farce?" He could only inquire. At least, he still has a chance. Not that it is only the house to buy out there. He is not that stubborn to stick to his choices.

"Well, Aria here has long been eyeing the house or the house was actually meant to be sold for her due to some arrangements. She had worked for the past years in the promise of paying for the place. Aria has promised to her family and she is quite the stubborn one to push through her decisions." Esmeralda explained. "You could even say that the recently discounted price of the house is attributed to her persistent appeals towards us. It is expected for her to have owned the keys of the place in the next year from all the work she has contributed to us."

"Why the need to sell the place when it is already set in place?" This was the question that plagued his mind. Who was stupid enough to do that?

Esmeralda and Aria could only cough in embarrassment and Esmeralda answered. "It was the Creed Academy's place in the first place and they only commissioned for us to sell it. The conditions of the house are also a bit risky and would scare off most potential buyers. You are an exception from them."

"Family truly sticks together, huh." He sarcastically remarked. Esmeralda took offense and said, "We are distant relatives but all of this is strictly business."

Aster closed his eyes to ponder. His only choice was to forget about the place and find another option. He is weighing the pros and cons of the other five places that were up for sale.

It took a while before he made the decision. "I'll take the one house which is at the opposite street of the previous place."

His next choice was only a considerable distance from his previous choice. It was a simple two-story house which is getting affected by the years. There was no pool but there is an open space that nearly rivals the garden of his previous choice. It was near the practice forest which was really one of the main points of his choice. There was no furniture so he could just buy it himself, albeit it needs a bit more effort.

"That place is only five hundred gold coins, right. I'll take it." Aster was already nodding in satisfaction while the beauties on the opposite side of him had trouble expressions on their faces.

"Eh...! What is it this time?" That was a bad sign for him and could not help but curse inwardly. 'What the heck is with your sales? It seems that a part of your souls would be ripped apart with every house you sell. Rethink your careers, please!!!"

Esmeralda was also vexed with the proceedings and could only truthfully tell him. "You see, even though the place is for sale, it would only be next year that the place would be sold."

"Let me guess. Aria's family is the one occupying it at the moment. That is a blatant practice of favoritism you have their, Miss Manager!" He was a really bit angry at this point. "Are you telling me that you are going to reject everything I would buy with some sort of excuse?"

"No... it's not that. It's just..." Aria wanted to explain but she was cut off by the fact that she really has no proper explanation. If she were in his position, she would also be angry with the turn of events. The series of events had made it look like a deliberate attempt on their side to bar his purchases.

Aria remembered her circumstances and uttered words that dumbfounded the other two in the room. "How about this? Let us share that luxurious house."

"Eh..." Even Aster was tongue-tied. 'What weird thoughts are running in this girl's mind? First, she would sell her body to me and now offering to live together.'

Esmeralda, who knew of Aria's plight, understood the reason for her choice and was frankly not opposed to it. "If you could come to an agreement, then why not."

"What the heck is going on here?" Aster totally had no idea where the conversation was headed and could not help but voice out.


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