Lust Exchange System
5 Declaration and Punishmen
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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5 Declaration and Punishmen

The group had their fill from the food while Aria's sisters came to know of the situation.

The younger ones like Jade and Monet were just distracted by the fact that they would be moving to their dream house. It had been one of their dreams to move to that place and were greatly excited by the fact that they would live luxuriously. They were also very sensible enough to thank their elder sisters that worked hard to make their wishes come true.

The triplets were happy for their little sisters. Although it was initially unrealistic, their perseverance finally paid off. The trio would take turns at the job and it just so happens that Aria was scheduled on the day that Aster wanted to pay for it. They did not forget to also curse the city lord for forcing them to these situations.

"We should already be done with the pleasantries. Now, I would like to know what bribery this Aster has done on Aria to make her agree with the shared ownership." Eve was the vice leader of sorts in their household so she was the first to be skeptical of the entire agreement. She was also picking on Aster for laughing at her shame earlier.

"He did not persuade me but the other way around. It was not explicitly stated but I persuaded him with use of my body and household skills." Aria had no choice but to blurt out the truth. She may look the more mature one but her siblings were in no way inferior to the knowledge and dark dealings of the world.

"So, it is some sort of slave trading, huh. It even borders prostitution." Eve was incensed with her sister's decision. Although she has contributions to their family, Aria was the one who truly put in more effort in keeping their family together.

Their downfall started just when Jade was born. Even then, they were still eleven and Monet was nearing the age of two. They would have long lost their lives if not for Aria pulling herself together. For her to sacrifice herself again for their sake had put a bad taste in their mouth.

"How about I take over her responsibility to Aster? There is nothing to lose for me, given that he saw me naked already. Who will marry me when his eyes sullied my chastity?" Plum tearfully cried. She was masterfully faking it with but with sincerity. Her weak personality has always been a burden to them, now was the chance to give back.

They stared each other down in animosity. This was a fight for supremacy to ease the burden in their hearts. They were all princesses who were supposed to live a life of luxury but were harshly designated to tragic conditions.

Aster, who was the indirect reason for all of this was stifled. Their imaginations were truly out of this world. He just took the offer for the two thousand gold coins discount. Sure, he thought that the maid freebie was great but he was never really going to go through with it.

The best solution was a preemptive explanation to resolve the misunderstandings. So, he opened his mouth and said. "Uhm... I can explain all of this stuff."

Plum and Eve glared at him while Aria was curious about what he is about to say.

'He must be saying that he'll take us three together. What scumminess!' This was the verbal abuse that was going on inside their heads. Aster would literally spurt blood if he would hear it.

"What is it?" The triplets uttered at the same time. The triple glare really put him on the spot. There was even the glare from Monet, who mostly understood the flow of the conversation. Jade was just nonchalant about the whole thing.

'Damn! They must really think I am some pervert trash by now. Maybe buying another house was a better deal to go for or they could have just canceled their need to buy the expensive house. Whatever! A man's got to be bold in these moments!' With his internal monologue finished, he stood from his seat and loudly declared. "We may have just met but I can say that you could put your trust in me and I'll shoulder your burdens. This may come as a shock but I think I will take you as my wives as repayment for my deeds."

"Don't overstep your boundaries. We'll pass and find out true love by ourselves. There is bound to be someone better than scum like you." Even scowled while her siblings agreed with the exception of the younger ones who have no clue about what they are talking about.

Oblivious to their rage and shock, he continued. "Do you all think that some rich and handsome dude with nice manners will show up for the five of you? They'll cradle and care for you like gems. Guess what, who in their perfection would be able to save you from cruelty? No one!"

"In this world, the rich and powerful want more and better than their last possessions. Even Saint rank entities in this world stepped in this world with cruelty. Who is there to say that they were loyal to their babe? The true saints and singular wifed must be eunuchs and weaklings" He rambled nonsense at this point.

"Can you beauties be satisfied with eunuchs? Can loyal weaklings protect you from greedy folks that eye your goddess-like assets? Even if you like to choose these paths, you should be considered a psychopath that wants to doom yourselves." Truthfully, he realized he never really knew the connections with his words by now. "If true love is what you wait for, then I'll ask you this. If true love exists, our ancestors must have piled up a lot of references and dissertations about it by now. How come there isn't any?"

"Society is run by benefits and imperfect emotions. Why strive for perfection when you live in an imperfect world? Now, why not just put your trust in me? A perverted, no-good, devilish, outstandingly handsome, lecher who is loving the fact that I could potentially bed a harem of goddess-featured sisters. What is your choice?" Even Aster by now was proudly standing due to the fact that he just justified the reason for harems and the existence of the harem franchise.

'I haven't even gotten to the part where if legendary gods where perfect, then why opt for incest. The Goddess of Love that embody affection and other Goddesses that live by supreme laws were not spared of these situations.' He mused in his head when he could put another set of influential words of wisdom that could revolutionize certain concepts of their world.

Aster proceeded to look at the girl's expression and as expected they were stupefied.

'I really want to put this harem plan into fruition but there is really too much at stake here. Preaching about weak and powerful when I haven't even reached the first level of the Novice rank in mana cultivation' He said to himself whilst his mind was formulating a plan to save himself from the barrage of curses that would be expected to follow after his blatant remark.

In his knowledge, change was fearful for those who are used to the current way of things. In this case, he, who was the innovator of the radical change would face prosecution. He already imagined himself being beaten up by the triplets while the younger girls would just look at him in amusement.

To prevent that from happening, he said with a cough. "Now that your thoughts are cleared and not clouded by angry emotions. I will explain my side of things."

This was the only solution he could come up with for them to forget about his harem ramblings. He motioned his hand in a wiping motion like a brainwashing mentalist. "Forget those nonsensical question I said before."

As expected, it did not work on them but at least they were listening to him.

"You could just consider me a shared owner of the house if you want. I went through with the deal because I only needed to pay a little amount for the sweet deal of living in that place. As for Aria's bargain which is about that body and soul nonsense, it was never really formalized and written in an agreement so she could just not go through with it. It's not like you'll die if she will not go through with it. Besides you outnumber me by a fraction of five and I am really weak, so how could I ever have the chance of molesting and forcing myself to any of you." He explained in the most elaborate way he could think of. He also breathed out in relief because they clearly buried that harem stuff in the back of their heads at the moment. Although, he really wanted for it to come in fruition to satisfy his vanity.

The triplets still had some reservations from his bold outburst earlier but also sensed out logic from his recent explanation.

"Listen, I know that Aria here has some issues with her stubbornness to go through with every promise she sets. But really, why be headstrong, Aria, when your sisters would be indignant if you would continue going through with it?" He reassured them again. This was his tactic, if they talk about the house settlement, then he would talk logically. If they were to talk about the fact that he would take them all as wives, he will skillfully change the subject to Aria and whatnot.

Fortunately for him, the proceeding conversations did not steer to him having to use the second option.

Aria and her siblings had already accepted the situation and put forth plans for their move in the next day. The others had basically warmed up to him which made him a bit glad. Being friendly with beauties is more than enough for one to brag about.

It took a while for them to gather and clean up the dishes from their meal. They also readied themselves to head to bed.

The girls were a bit emotional from the fact that they were moving out while Aster is having trouble in choosing where to sleep. He could always head directly to the new house but was sternly advised against it by the girls.

They thought that it would not be magical anymore if he were to go their first. Aster could only resign while thinking. 'The opposite sex really had their minds warped with superstition.'

"Aster, follow me." Aria also knew of his struggle and was the first to offer him a hand. He followed her upstairs where the rooms were designated. Despite this house being a two-story building, the first floor was designated for dining, cooking, baths, and washing in a cramped space. The second floor was even more surprisingly cramped with having only two rooms.

The girls slept in one room while the other was filled with their clothing and necessities.

Inside their sleeping room, he could see the younger two already sleeping. They had two small mattresses designated for both of them. The triplets were okay with sharing a single bed with wider measurements that would just fit the three of them.

'Where am I supposed to sleep?' This lead to him directing an inquisitive glance to Aria and her other two siblings who were in the bed.

"Do you have some wide clothe here? I can just position myself at a secluded corner to sleep?" Aster provided a solution for himself. There was a possibility of him sharing it with the triplets but it was just a pipe dream.

Or so he thought.

Aria skillfully pushed him to lie on his back in between Plum and Eve on their bed. Aster had a blank look all this time and asked the heavens through his thoughts. 'Was the creator being insanely nice to me again?'

"What a hypocrite!" Aria snorted while positioning herself and sat on top of Aster. "Did you really think you could get away scot-free from saying you will take us five as wives? Why don't you prove it right now?"

"Well... you see here." He mustered to think of logical rebuttals but the idea of sleeping with beautiful triplets has shocked him silly.

"Just as I thought. All talk and no action." Eve said while snuggling her head towards his left shoulders and proceeded to sleep.

"Uhm... excuse me." Plum said with a blushing face while she copied Eve's action and slept on his left side.

"Aria, care to explain." He said with a straight face but the blood leaking from his nose exposed him of his elation.

"Don't overthink it. We are of the same age so expect that we also have a mature mentality like you. Me and my sisters also know of the reality for us. If you have the capability to protect us sisters, then don't hesitate to take us. As you said, this world runs with benefits and since you are the rich dude here, you deserve to sleep with us but only sleeping, okay." Aria coldly explained to him but her shaky tone was enough to tell that she was also nervous about their sandwich attack.

They have read that the best punishment for men was blue balling him and this was the situation that they came up with.


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