Lust Exchange System
6 Awakening of the System
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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6 Awakening of the System

'Damn, this a perfect way to celebrate my birthday!' He celebrated in his mind as he remembered that it was already past midnight. Aria was sleeping peacefully on top of him with her head on his chest. Plum and Eve were snuggling with his arms as they slept.

Birthdays were usually unimportant to the inhabitant of Tellus. Sometimes it was celebrated grandly but it is only when the person has great status or passed a turning point in his or her life. The sentiment of a birthday is just considered as an annual mark to remind them of another year's passing in their lives.

Aster has a different view of his sixteenth birthday. There was an underlying reason for wasting his time on books for more than a decade of his life and why his relatives scorned him.

He barely survived their beating by practicing a bit of body cultivation. It was inexplicable to those around him but to them, his affinity to mana was just more or less equal to that of a basic mortal. Which means, even if he were to practice, the benefits and progress would be akin to a snail's pace. In typical noble family fashion, he was scorned.

Unbeknownst to them, it was Aster's deliberate attempt to be low-key. Through it, he got to know of his family's true colors and familial piety was never really in their books. It was a win-win situation because he never really cared for them anyway.

The true reason for his low mana ability and low-key attitude was due to a system that he was born with.

The system never really cared to explain things to him and just siphoned most of the mana that was supposed to go for his cultivation. What he did know, was the fact that it would somehow awaken on his sixteenth birthday.

'The deadbeat system must reimburse me for the mental and physical damage that I had to grow up with. It said that I had to be low-key but it just went in reverse and I became the person that my cousins and servants opt to bully. What bullshit logic is that?' He screamed in his mind and at this point he did not bother to go to sleep. He just savored the feeling of having to bed with heavenly triplets and inhaled the fragrance that they emitted.

"Congratulations on completing the secret mission." The awaited monotonous system voiced out in his mind. This was what he had long waited for.


Secret Mission Details: Be a normal growing boy from birth to your sixteenth birthday.

Mission Rewards: Eased Puberty and System Awakening


A screen came to his view. It was not blinding and was rather optimal in his opinion. It was akin to having a screen implant in his vision. The text showed him of the rewards of his decade long-suffering.

'Eased Puberty, what in the world is that?' To answer the question was another set of text that replaced the previous one.


Eased Puberty is the short term for Growing your Manhood Instantly. By utilizing mana that was gathered from your birth until your recent age, the full potential of the host's penis is achieved instantly.

or for activation.


'Yes, I guess. If I were to reject then my childhood suffering would be senseless, wouldn't it' By concentrating his view on the option, the transformation was processed by the system.

Aster felt that his little brother had suddenly inflated in its current position. From the original below average dick measurements, it grew into a flaccid and pendulous state with 5 inches in length and a girth that was just perfectly appropriate to it. The erect state would not be far from the measurements but it was good enough to be labeled big. Aria, who had her stomach pushed up against his nether regions, felt the transformation but was too sleepy to care. She was also too ignorant to know about what was happening.

"Eased Puberty has been used and achieved." The monotonous voice of the system sounded again. Aster has already gotten used to the sudden bulge by now and asked the system. 'How about System Awakening? Care to explain your self?'

"Host has been chosen to wield the Lust Exchange System. By accumulating enough lust points, the host can achieve great gains." Aster almost blurted out blood in indignation. 'Why me? If people came to know I had this, I would really be labeled as a sex maniac. I am a normal person whose attraction towards the opposite sex has a bottom line.'

"Host was chosen by the creator of the system through a paper ballot. The system was originally designated with the title as Killing Exchange System because the creator thought that you are fated for the path of conquering and slaughter." The system voice continued. "It was yesterday that you have enlightened the creator by your speech about the existence of a harem that he changed his mind and renamed it to suit your sexual needs."

"The system is reprogrammed to help you in your sexual endeavors. Fight on, host! Fight on!" Despite the presence of exclamation points, the voice was still dull and unemotional.

'Am I some sort of guinea pig by the creator?' He resigned from the sudden labeling and accepted it because he never really had any other choice. Aster was proud of the fact that even an omnipotent being was agreeing with his revolutionary views. He also did not want to become a psychotic killer and wanted to choose the lesser evil which is being a sex maniac. What he wanted to know was, what was the grand scheme of things for the creator to gift him with this overpowered present?

"The creator is not as omnipotent as you think, host. He is even weaker than you but his imagination and plundering from other great works have created the strength-driven world you are in. The goal of all of this is to entertain his fantasies and show off to other men of culture that he knows in his world. You just need to live life like an overpowered dude that seduces women and not care for his presence." The system voice in his head was making sense but also nonsensical at the same time. The creator who was powerful to create him to existence was even weaker than him in reality.

'Who were they kidding? Why not just create himself to overpoweredness?' Aster was riddling himself with his question but to no avail. He decided to not care and just live life as he wanted. 'Salute to your creator and thank him for his gift.'

Alright, system. Are their other any more technicalities about you that I should know about?' Aster asked the system. It looks like the system's dormancy within him had great benefits and right now would be the perfect time to ask for the remuneration from its lodging in his body.

"Host, please check your status bar by focusing your intent on the word status." He did just that and another screen appeared in his view.



Name: Aster

Age: 16

Cultivation: None (0/1000)

Lust Points: 0

Skills: [...]


"By focusing on the skills section, you could see all the skills you know." The system explained. Aster had no need on viewing the skill sections because of the sheer magnitude of their numbers. His efforts made him a human skill library. The system may have been the true reason for his superior memory. Its presence may have brought benefits to his brain.

"With higher realms in cultivation, the capabilities of the Lust Exchange System would also undergo an advancement. Bringing with it other sections and subsections you could fully use with enough lust points." Aster came to know of other sections such as the Shop and Missions section.

As expected, the shop sold a variety of items that were bought via lust points. There were items that were useful in advancing himself like pills and weapons.

There is also the stigma arsenal of a lecher being sold in the shop.



Aphrodisiac Powder [100]. Powder that can be mixed with drinks or can be directly ingested to trigger the sexual urges of the ingester.

Sleeping Powder [50]. Powder that can induce sleep for those who ingest it.

Dildo [1000]. A plastic toy that is shaped like a man's penis. Size is adjustable by the owner's discretion.

Vibrator Egg [1000]. An invention that has an adjustable switch and pleasures the ladies by vibration.



There were so many more on the list like whips and ropes for bondage but Aster opted to not read anymore or his tendencies would go to the extreme end of the sadist section of the spectrum.

This may be a semi-technological world but the sex toys in this world were not on par with the toys in the Shop section of the system.

The Mission section only had a fewer list but the content caused Aster's sexual desire to peak up. Even though he was still young, his well-read self has enlightened him of the ways of the world. His knowledge of the sacred battle between man and woman was on the grandmaster level albeit not experiencing it.



Mission 1: Lose your virginity. Reward: 1,000 LP.

Mission 2: Conquer the heart, soul, and body of a woman. Reward: Woman Conquer Ability and Harem Member section.

Mission 3: Take the virginity of 5 women. Reward: Lust-Inducing Aura.

Mission 4: Have sex 20 times. Reward: Libido Art and Unrivalled Penis


'The creator who posted these missions must have really supported my harem claim and is implicitly wanting me to take these siblings.' Aster commented after he read the contents. 'Damn, who am I to be a hypocrite? When you have the capability, then use it to its maximum potential! I can't overdo it and take the younger ones though because it would not be my cup of tea.'

He really wanted to start right now but his logic and morality were still reigning on him. His long life was just starting and greater heights can be reached with every single step on a metaphorical ladder.

'System, you never explained but how are lust points gained?' He got to the crux of it and the answer was as expected. "Lust points are gained from doing sexual activities. Here is a list of the known point criteria."

Another screen popped out to his view.


Pointing System:

You will be given appropriate points based on your performance. The creator has a unique algorithm in store for your sexual endeavors. There would be a breakdown of the points you have earned for every time you want to know about it. There is also an option to toggle it off and not care about it and have fun with your sexual partner. A variety of factors may influence the scoring system. Multipliers are triggered by special circumstances.


'You could have told me about this by word and not on this text format where I have to read.' Aster complained while the system ignored him. He wondered about his interaction for the past years from the time where he was a toddler if it had corresponding points.

There was his breastfeeding on a lactating maid. His baby bath that was administered by maids. Even the beatings he was given by lady scions of powerful clans could be factored as masochistic foreplay. Not that he was a masochist though.

Answering his wonders, the system sounded again. "The host made a good point and so appropriate scoring would be given."

It did not take long for him to check his status section and notice the increase in the numbers of his Lust Points

[Lust Points: 9,641]

'Then, system. You never explained about the use of the lust points. Only that it could be exchanged for things' Aster decided to test the limits of the monotonous voice.

"Lust points as explain can be used for exchange. The lust points can be used to buy items in the shop. There is also the overbearing effect of advancing your cultivation and the easier mastering of skills you own." He was already getting excited by the prospects that he was told. "There is also the option to improve the skills you have mastered. To put things in perspective, a basic technique like Log Chop could be evolved into a skill that could cleave mountains and further evolved to be able to cleave worlds. If your imagination is not limited, then you could even cleave the universe and all of existence."

This basically meant that he could ease through cultivation and ease through mastering skills. There is also the option of improving it to god tier.

"DAMN!" He could not help but shout out in the middle of the girls' sleep. Good thing that most of them were unperturbed, only Aria was reprimanding him. "No foul words please and just sleep."

Aster could only nod in apology while she went right back to sleep on his chest.

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    《Lust Exchange System》