Lust Exchange System
8 Intimate Contacts by the Pool
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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8 Intimate Contacts by the Pool

Aster liked the view on the poolside. It was still morning and the temperature was hot due to the summer season. Having fun in the pool would be the best remedy for the heat. Given that the pool was ginormous, it would offset the cooling and heating ratio.

Leaving his view from the beauty ensemble, he turned to look at the visage of the house in the back. It was only then that he noticed the balcony that serves to increase the house's pleasant look. The place is only accessible through the master bedroom. Surveying the house up close really made the experience greatly different than seeing it through pictures. The triplets may have additional happiness from having owned a place that they vigorously sold in their previous jobs.

It would be quite frustrating for some workers to not even enjoy any of the products they are working hard to sell and make for.

There was still the second floor that had a relatively high quantity of rooms. Creed Academy put full force on the fact that it was supposed to be a guest house. They had an influx of guests from all over the nation for competitions among their students in the past years but for some reason they never took the chance to come back and not use the place.

With having no use anymore, they chose to sell it. Sadly, they never put into account the geographic location of the place and scared most of the potential buyers of the place.

He heard that at one point they planned it to be a special suite for exceptional students but it was scrapped because a lot of parents had issued complaints on the idea. Geniuses were powerful but they were also vulnerable and rare jewels in the eyes of their relatives.

'Hehe! I really struck a good deal for all of this.' Aster said while heading towards Aria to ask for where his clothes were placed.

The girls had long noticed him arriving. They were surprised by the slight change in his looks. Aster did not notice it due to the lack of mirrors but the Origin Body Art also made his facial feature more handsome. His jawlines and nose shape is more defined. It became the perfect blend in the girls' eyes.

"They are over at your designated room." Aria pointed lazily with mischief. She wanted to get back at him for ditching them. There was never really much to do because the house was already sparkling clean but the fact that he did not tell them where he went was a bad decision for him.

Aster could already see the gloating grins they wore. It was mesmerizing and cute but the fact that he would be subjected to their bullying was stifling.

Jade was giggling at him. She was told by her sisters that they were pranking Aster. It was enjoyable to see her sisters scheming against the newbie.

"Which room is it? There are like more than a dozen rooms up there, you know. It would be a hassle to search one by one. I have no keys for any one of them. I am pretty sure that you have the rest of the keys together with the master key that I just handed to you earlier. Fess up already because it would be hard to play tricks on me." He grinned back at them with a triumphant expression. They were clearly amateurs who did not know how to hide their gloating expressions and exposed their potential fun straight away.

Aria's face fell in depression. To think that their little prank would bear no fruit. She even had the gall to claim herself as the leader of the operation.

Eve could only comply and begrudgingly wore the space ring that she hid behind her earlier. Within a few waves of her hand, Aster's bags appeared.

Jade was still confused with the turn of events and asked thoughtfully. "Did we prank him?"

Monet answered her. "No. The plan was to make him look for his bags at the house. Then, when he is frustrated because he would not be able to find it, we will laugh as we hand it to him when all of his hope is lost."

Jade was smart but not smart enough. She heard what Monet explained and her brain processes were telling her to laugh as Aster would be handed out with his bags. Thinking that her interpretation was correct, she laughed. "Hahaha! Aster you got pranked!"

Monet and the triplets could only facepalm themselves from being embarrassed for her.

"Hihi. Thank you." He laughed at their antics.

Aster found the changing room and returned to the pool after changing. He was in his swimming shorts while he did not bother wearing something for his upper body.

The Eased Puberty only affected his male genitals while his body was still in their natural growth. His height was relatively taller than most of his age due to the Suns lineage he has. The male in his disowning family was noticeable for their manly physique and tall demeanor.

Indifferent to the girls, he dived headfirst into the pool and swam to his heart's content. He even used advanced techniques to glide through the water.

In this world, swimming was a luxury. Only a few had pools to practice swimming and have fun because most of the bodies of water found in nature had certain dangerous elements to it. One could never be certain if a certain monster was lurking in the deep.

The girls were mesmerized by his perfect body while envious of his capability to swim. They did not know that even Aster had no latent experience in swimming. This was a benefit from his Origin Body Art which incorporated the basics of swimming and water arts.

Jade was the first one to approach him and cutely said. "Aster, I'm sorry for pranking you earlier. When you're not angry anymore, please teach me how to float in water."

"Alright. You did not prank me, though." The poor girl was still thinking that she pranked him. "Jump in. I will catch you."

The little girl new no fear and jumped directly while making a big splash. Fortunately, Aster had skillfully assisted her and prevented her from drowning in the deep pool.

Toddlers and children years were proven to be a period of fast learning. It did not take long for Jade to learn how to float by herself and do the simple dog paddle.

He did not know why but he was strangely aroused by seeing her move on all fours. Feeling that his morality was being warped badly, he slapped himself out of his daze. Aster blamed the system for such wicked thoughts while the system rebuked him for his shamelessness.

The older sisters that were watching the transformation of their little sister from novice to a floater, was surprised and timidly asked for his guidance on the subject matter as well.

"Aster, don't be greedy and teach us to swim as well." Monet said in annoyance and blame from seeing her little sister learn something earlier than her. She had the idea that as an elder sister, she must be better than her younger sister. They were at the period of childhood competitions and she saw Jade as her rival.

"The sun is getting higher in its position in the sky and that would result in sunburns that would damage your skin." Aster advised with care. He did not want to see the perfect skin of the sisters having blisters and darken. It would be a major blunder on his part if he saw their skins having the negative effects of too much sun exposure. A tan was good but he did not know of the proper remedies and procedures to proceed with that method.

The girls who put their beauty in their high pedestal and among their top priority also understood the implications. Plum could not help but ask. "What do we do then? Do you have solutions to it? We really want to learn."

They could have a chance to learn it later but their competitive spirits were also spiked up. The triplets had to maintain their identity as older sisters.

Aster looked at them solemnly and offered the solutions. "We could postpone your swimming time in the afternoon or at night. The sun's rays would be gone by then and you could swim freely. It's not likely that moonburn exists, this may also happen with a mana skill utilizing the moon's light. There is also a solution that involves skinship and I don't know if you will agree to it but the option lets you swim at any time of the day without needing to worry of sunburn."

"What option is that?" Aria had long been suspicious of Aster's wolfish tendencies and could not help but ask. For him to admit that there may be some lewd actions was a surprise to her. 'I heard that perverts are stealthy on their advances. He must be the open type of pervert who showcases his degenerate acts to his targets.'

"I won't lie to you because I have decided to win your hearts through open wooing. The second option makes use of a special lotion that is applied to the part of your body that is not protected by your swimming clothes. When applied, the lotion would protect you from the sun and prevent sunburn. It also moisturizes the skin and keeps it in optimal conditions. Even vampires value this product as a must-have treasure." Aster decided to be open about his goals to the girls. He was in need of lust points and would find it hard to accept in his heart when these girls would be married off to other guys. Women were his treasures while other men were his eternal rivals.

The product that he was talking about was the sunscreen that could be brought from the Shop section of the system. It was only 10 lust points per bottle and guaranteed to protect them from the sun.

"Huh! If it is a lotion, then we can apply it ourselves." The smart Aria found the loophole and exposed him. He could only formulate another white lie and say. "It only works when I would be the one who applies it. The extracts were processed with the use of my mana, so you know the rest."

Eve heard the fluctuations in his tone and critically inquired. "Really?"

It was at that moment that Aster knew that he fucked up and confessed the truth. "Okay, I am just trying to test if you have a guard against basic trickery and wordplay. You can use the sunscreen and apply it to yourselves."

'Damn, I'm sure that a lot of people would be scolding me right now. I am more powerful than them with my cultivation but here I am wimping about taking advantage of them.' He turned to his internal monologuing. 'Perhaps the good guy route does not suit me and I should opt towards the radical options like using those Aphrodisiac Powder and Sleeping Powder. The Lust Exchange System is somewhat evil oriented anyway. Have I change from my indifferent and cold outlook in life'


He was about to resort to the extreme methods when he heard a stifled laugh from the triplets.

"You can apply your convenient sun-blocking lotion on us if you want. Just don't go wild." The innocent Plum was the one who said that and he did not doubt its authenticity. He was making big splashes in the pool due to his elation.

"Do you really think that you could have slept with us easily last night? You're a pretty handsome guy with some potential so we already had decided to let you court us." Aria explained like the leader she is. "Don't overstep your boundaries, though. Monet and Jade are not for you to touch. We'll apply that lotion of yours on them while you do us."

Aster was way elated and ran to the house to hide the sudden appearance of the sunscreen bottles. 20 lust points were worth everything they are.

He gave one bottle to Aria who would put sunscreen on the young ones while he dragged Plum and Eve to his embrace.

He provided them with a bit of lotion for them to personally put in their face while he proceeded to the enticing parts. Plum was the first to go with his intimate application.

From her beautiful and thin neck and downwards to the bottom regions. She was still young but the mounds hidden by her bikini were glorious. Her hot breath was clearly seen as they produced steam from the stimulation of Aster touching the edges of her thin clothing. The soft feeling they produce have aroused his dick and made them erect for the first time ever.

A tent that was formed by his huge genitalia and its interaction with his swimming shorts was an attraction to the girls. Although all of them had to go through this phase but experiencing it first hand was a memory to be remembered.

Disregarding his erection, he turned to the beaut of a torso that was akin to being crafted by the gods. Her lady's abdomen was unrealistically firm and perfectly defined. Inserting his finger on her little belly button has caused the aroused Plum to jolt a little from the surprising pleasure.

Aster also traced her firm backside. The sensation it brought on both of them was heavenly. He also retraced back to her dainty arms that were no less lovely than her enticing parts.

Plum was laying in a soft, narrow, and straight bed designed for the outdoors. Aster gulped when he thought about the parts that he had not applied lotion on. From her gorgeous feet until he traced the unrivaled curves of her legs to her sensitive thighs and nearing the panties that covered her gardens. That would be the epitome of intimate contact that he has ever experienced in his life.


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