Lust Exchange System
9 Skinship and Hardships
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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9 Skinship and Hardships

He could not hold himself back as he raised her legs to position himself and sit straight in between them. This position would be among the best and tested position to have some fun with a girl.

Aster remembered the time when he saw her naked glory in the bathroom but this was another level. The lotion in his hand and fingers had already touched to their full satisfaction through all the angles of her body except the one nearing her forbidden zone.

Plum had her face on blush mode but did not look away from their embarrassing positioning. She called out all the courage in herself and blurted out. "Do it, Aster."

"Will do, blushing beauty." Receiving her permission, he perfectly traced his fingers through the edges of the cloth of her green and fitting panties. He could see the darkened spot in the middle which was darkening due to juices coming from her little leak.

The sensation was stunning to both of them but there were still finishing touches to be applied. Aster asked her gently. "Turn for me, Plum."

She obliged his request and positioned in all fours with her glorious ass facing him directly. Aster could clearly see the little droplets that trickled down from the gaps of her panties. The prominent ass checks seem to call out to him and he instinctively felt them up while applying sunscreen.

He could not fondle her breasts but he had the prize of feeling up her elastic ass. No matter how he deformed it, it would always return to their proud shape.

"Thank you for your care, Aster." Plum faced him when she knew that he was satisfied enough. He politely replied with a smile. "Anytime."

"My turn, sis!" They realized that they were not alone when Eve sounded her request. Aster did not touch her yet but her panties were as soaked as Plum.

She lied on her back directly when Plum went to the side. Aster was still on his previous location but now, he was in between Eve's legs. His tent rod was rubbed against her damp pussy. The feeling from before with Plum was heavenly but this new contact was more transcendent than that.

With her face already applied with lotion, Aster started with another flare of sunblock application from her perfect neck. Then, proceeding to her collarbone which was more pronounced than Plum's. Aster was enjoying the variety of their beauties he could play with. Her mischievous face was an invitation to a wild session of skinship.

"Do my upper body first and I'll let you play with my breasts." She said that while licking her lips. Aster obediently obliged and had his hand explore the refreshing and new territory. The belly button, the shoulders, the arms, and the long depression on her back that marks her spinal column.

Eve knew of the great feeling that her sister experienced. It was like being molested by the most caring lover. She could not resist and just let him go with the flow.

"Can I have my reward now?" He grinned as he looked at her. His touch was caring but his expression was akin to a devil. The contradictory actions of Aster had aroused the happy girl and nodded in compliance with their bargain.

She did not care if they were outdoors and pulled up her bra. The view startled Aster, who took the full brunt of its glorious debut to the outside world. It was small when compared to those big mountains that he saw from his previous maids but she was still potentially developing. Given the powerful duplicative genes of the Greene family, she could rival Esmeralda's C cup breast by the time she reaches 18-years of age.

It would either take a long time for their full potential to be reached or this was their limits. He did not dwell on that fact much and only found glory in being able to cup them perfectly on his hands.

Aster wanted to squish them hard but Eve would shout in pain every time he did. They were fragile buns that only needed light kneading. Their exoticness was addicting to Aster and he never got over them.

By this point, Aria had already finished putting sunscreen on her younger siblings. She redirected their focus on other things to cover up the antics of Aster and her other two siblings.

"Aster, Eve. You are really having fun, aren't you?" She broke up the hot entanglement and directly applied lotion to Eve's lower body. From the foot and then upwards, Aria was directly behind Aster who was in between Eve's legs.

From his behind, her hands move through his sides and applied the sunscreen on the juicy thighs and the edge of her sister's wet panties.

Eve had regained clarity from her enjoyment and quickly covered up her little breasts. Aster begrudgingly relented and really wanted to make Aria pay for her disturbance.

"Aster, you still have to teach us how to swim. You need to have my sisters develop their personality and body first, I'll give you myself tonight as compensation. Teach us swimming first." Aria knew of his anger for ceasing his fun but she had her head on the bigger picture of things. "Let us have some fun with swimming, please. We're still young and you could direct your lust at me later while you take my sisters one by one in the future. Even and Plum don't have that much attraction towards you yet and is only doing this to test you out."

Her words were whispered directly to his ears but Eve and Plum heard it as well. They eventually relented to their sister's plans and just wanted to learn swimming at the moment. It was their tacit agreement to give themselves to Aster in the future. They already tasted the joy of letting their bodies being toyed by him and were excited about the future plays they could have with him.

"Alright, you are the boss. I'll reciprocate by being powerful enough to protect you given that you've chosen to put your trust in me. You even have the audacity to ask for our first times tonight." Aster had already reigned his intoxication and calmed his stiff little brother. He was already lucky enough to get the chance to know them early and they already promised their future to him. Despite having just met recently, they were already accepting of him. He initially felt that the girls were tools but somethings change within a person as he interacts and grows with the environment he is exposed to.

He proceeded to apply lotion to Aria next. This time, he praised her body's beauty but only affection was dominant in his hearts. The girls also helped him in applying sunscreen on himself. Afterward, they had their training session on the pool.

Aster first taught the young Monet. He instructed the other girls to ready for lunch because the swimming lesson may take a while. He was sure that swimming in the water with the refreshing feel of the cooling sunscreen would be quite addicting for them.

When Monet became able to float on her own, he proceeded to teach the triplets. The siblings really had a knack for swimming because it did not take a while for them to learn. Maybe they were just fast learners in nature.

He had read that many people would find it a great hurdle to learning swimming but it seems that the girls had no problem with regards to that predicament.

From the dog paddle to every swimming tricks he knew. The girls were already racing against themselves. Butterfly strokes and whatnot, they even had fun with exploring deep under. Giggles of happiness could be heard from them.

From this day on, the girls established swimming as a leisure activity and became a normal part of their lives. It was nearing the borderline of water dependence but Aster made sure to not make them cross the sanity line. It would only be a matter of time for them to get used to the joys of the pool and lessen their attention to it.

Night came and it was at this period that Aster's excitement peaked. Aria had promised of giving herself to him.

"Aster, get to brushing your teeth and I'll wait for you in the master bedroom." She whispered to him after they were done eating. The other girls had their room assignments while Monet and Jade had to share one. It was still scary for younger girls like them to have a room for themselves.

It did not take long for Aster to reach the master bedroom. It was originally designated for powerful guests but he has the full authority to have it for himself due to owning the place. It features double-doors and the largest bedroom that Aster had seen in his life. It was enough to fill 10 people if they wanted to share the bed. It had grand carvings in its wooden frames like dragons and phoenixes. The sheets were spotless and white with Aria in the middle of it all.

By the side of the room is a great opening that leads to the balcony and overlooks the pool they were in. Overall, the room was the most expensive in the house but Aster only had his attention on his soon-to-be woman.

She laid in the bed with an enticing face with her hands tracing her sleeping robe. Her actions were asking Aster to undress her and let him see the surprise it hides inside.

Utilizing his fastest speed, he reached on top of her within a flash and said. "Aria, are you sure you want to do this? All of this is happening too fast, you know. You don't have to force yourself because of some shitty agreement and your stubbornness to go through with your words."

Aster had a feeling that the pace of things was unreal. The girls were too easy to take that it disconcerted him.

There were a variety of options to find potential partners. From what he read, he has to kill their suitors, coincidentally taking their first time because of being poisoned with aphrodisiac, being peerlessly handsome that they fell in love with him instantly, being a hero who saves them in distress, or the instances of forcefully r*ping them.

He might have a chance in them falling in love with him due to being peerlessly handsome but even Aster knew the limits of being a narcissist.

Aria knew of his troubles and explained, "It is my own free will to do this. Do you think that us triplets are easy women? I guess that's true but that is because it may have just been meeting you."

"We grew up as princesses and had everything we wanted in our grasps. Then, we fell from that life and barely survived by ourselves for the last five years or so. I took the chance of sharing this house with you because of desperation."

"Monet and Jade may not know this but we were at our wit's end. We were barely surviving with every penny that we scrounged up. We could also sell our clothes but the city lord seemed to have the citizens of this city turned against us. That old fart wanted us to be forced in desperation and have us spill some secret treasures we carry. We had long told him that there was none at all but he did not believe it. Only Esmeralda was kind enough to offer us a job that was made available to us but it was still limited by her father." Aria burst out her frustrations and tears flowed silently. "The majority of our earnings were designated to this house that we clearly do not need but were forced to buy. Your appearance disrupted our awaited fate and by chance you are about the same age as us and handsome as well. In short, you're our knight in shining armor and you just don't know it. Please help us along okay."

The sad expression on her face and the pretty tears could evoke pity to those who would see it. Who knew that they had a story to tell behind the happy smiles they showed during the day? Aster had lived through facing the selfishness of people but there are others who could only succumb to it.

He laid on top of the sad beauty. His excitement and lust were now gone and care and affection have dominated his thoughts. He could not help but somewhat change his solitary view of the world. Who is to say that love is different from lust when they truly go hand in hand? Sex is sometimes called making love after all.

"Don't be sad, pretty Aria. I'm here, aren't I?" He did his best to soothe the tension in her heart. Even Aster has gone through a roller coaster of emotions within this day and only hoped for her emotions to stabilize to her usual self.

Aria eventually stifled her sad sobs and showed the prettiest smile she could give. She was a girl that needed someone to depend on and Aster was that someone for her. "Sorry for the wait, Aster. You can have me now."

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