Lust Exchange System
10 Virginities and Rewards
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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10 Virginities and Rewards

With her words of approval, Aster leaned towards her face and took a kiss. They were horribly inexperienced but they loved giving their first kisses to each other.

They found it hard to breathe after a while and stopped. Smart as they are, they found a solution by using a type of kiss that was unknowingly dubbed as a French kiss in this world.

Tongue and tongue, they wrestled to taste the delicious fluids of each other's mouths. It did not work because they still had to gasp for breath.

Aria's underwear had unknowingly become soaked with her juices while Aster's penis was in its battle form. They felt that way from anticipating what would come ahead.

"Aria, I can't control myself anymore." Aster said smoothly while removing the robe that covered her body. The surprise inside was a fully naked upper body with only her panties on.

He traced her body with a kiss on her forehead first. Then, back to her lips and next was her perfect chin. Her neck and in between her wonderful little buns. The feeling of her breast's smoothness touching his cheeks was sublime.

Aster's actions are with full conformity to her wishes and desires. Aria cherished the connections against their bodies.

Not stopping there, he headed down to her stomach for a kiss. Aria, who realized the pattern was panicking and told him. "Don't kiss over there. It's dirty! Aster, just put it in. It's wet already!"

"But, I still haven't given it a first kiss." Aster complained with a tease while having slowly removed the troublesome underwear. The little pink pussy was dripping with her love juices. He saw it all with his own two eyes and slowly leaned in to kiss those vertical lips. It was still small and a perfect fit for his own lips.

It sated his curiosity to see her developing pubic hair to also have a green color although in a different shade. He marveled at the mysteries of the human body.

Aria wanted to cover it up and stop Aster but her body jolted into weakness after his kiss. She moaned in pleasure as she experienced her first major orgasm. Aster drank what he could drink as the hot fluids splashed on his face.

It was not dirty as others would say but the purest liquid he ever saw. It was even sweeter than processed nectars of flowers. Bees would die from the shame of defeat if they knew of her vagina's existence and its sweetening process. Aster wondered if every woman had this taste or was it unique to her own.

Aria was out of breath from the outburst of pleasure she just released. "Aster... ha... It's your... turn to feel... pleasure."

Who was he to deny her request? He took off every piece of clothing in his body. Aria saw his naked body and could not help but praise. 'He is so perfect and handsome. That big stick in his loins must be the dick that would be inside me?"

Aster's dick was just above average to full-grown men but it would be the perfect fit to ravage the young Aria's pussy. He wanted some foreplay like have her licking his shaft but ultimately decided against it. 'Why not get straight to the point and fuck her directly.'

The robes and clothes have long been thrown aside, leaving Aria to leak her juices on the white sheet of the bed.

Aster opted for the missionary style to take her. Face to face, he laid on top of her while she laid with her back on the smooth bed. He did not wait long and inserted his dick inside her pussy directly.

Minimal amounts of blood dripped to dye the sheets red and the symbolism of her defloration.

"Aah!" She shouted in fright and pain. Aster could have gone for the smoother option but he had his r*pe fantasies get the better of him. Forceful entry had some traces of that so he decided to do it.

Aria was moaning in pleasure and pain at the same time that she had no reservations and came again. The burst of hot cum was like a bath to his penis.

"Aria, I'll move now." Thrusting his hips back and forth was in a rhythm that Aria could feel the movement inside her very clearly. She was being dominated by his actions that she had lost clarity of herself and even lost count of how many times she had cummed under his assault. Aria was thankful for her pussy for holding up a giant that continued thrust inside her.

Her moans of pleasure echoed in the room. The stretching of her insides was addicting that her last clear thought was for him not to stop.

Half an hour later, Aster was already at his limits and let out his first cum inside her. Aria felt him spray the semen inside her and she came for the last time with him. He loved the feeling so much because her walls would tighten every time she cums.

It would only be later that Aster realized that her sensitivity was among the top of his future beauty ensemble.

Exhaustion flooded their entirety as they laid on the missionary position to sleep. Aster was supposed to rest until the system disturbed him with notifications.



Mission 1: Lose your virginity. Reward: 1,000 LP. Cleared.

Mission 2: Conquer the heart, soul, and body of a woman. Reward: Woman Conquer Ability and Harem Member section. Cleared.

Mission 3: Take the virginity of 5 women. Reward: Lust-Inducing Aura. (1/5)

Mission 4: Have sex 20 times. Reward: Libido Art and Unrivalled Penis (1/20)


He cleared up 2 missions from the Missions sections and made progress with the other two.

Aster checked his Status and found that his lust points had spiked up.

Lust Points: 10,054

The system prompted him of the breakdown as well.


Total Lust Points Gained: 2,433

• Mission 1 Reward: 1,000

• Sunscreen Application: 100x3

• Ass Fondling: 50

• Boob Fondling: 50

• Vaginal Sex: 500

• Cherry Popping: 500

•Others: 33


He was down to 7,621 points since his purchase of Novice 1, the Origin Body Art, and the sunscreen. Which meant that his fun body play by the side of the pool was counted. Since, he played with Plum, Eve, and Aria which means that they each earned him 100 LPs. The Others reward must have come from the kissing sessions with Aria and the other sensual plays.

Having Aria's virginity taken was of equal value to the vaginal sex itself. The system's voice sounded again. "Congratulations on your first sex, host. Please keep in my mind that these point systems are fairly standard but the points for the Others would be fairly fluctuating."

'I know that and would you mind telling me of the other rewards.' Aster had known most of that, so he asked for the reward that has not been given yet.

Aster was waiting for the prompt for the collection of the new rewards. It did not take long for the system to sound out words that address his request. "Congratulations on completing Mission 2, Host."

"Mission 2: Conquer the heart, soul, and body of a woman. Reward: Woman Conquer Ability and Harem Member section. Cleared." The system retold the mission description and continued. "You are rewarded with the Woman Conquer Ability and Harem Member section. Please check your status page for further explanation."



Name: Aster

Age: 16

Cultivation: Novice 1 (0/2000)

Lust Points: 10,054

Special Abilities:

•Woman Conquer Ability

Lust Skills:

•Mighty Missionary Skill I (0/1,000 sexp)

Cultivation Skills: [...]

•Origin Body Art (passive growth)


Aster was perplexed by the appearance of Lust Skills and Cultivation Skills. To answer his doubts, the system's voice sounded. "The Skills sub-sections has now been dissolved and turned into Cultivation Skills meant for your route to power via mana cultivation. The other part is the Lust Skills that are designated for your sexual skills."

"With the host having aced the secondary mission of conquering a woman. You have earned the special ability to conquer women." Aster was not dumb enough to not be able to interpret its capabilities by just reading its name. Woman conquer is all about conquering women.

Unaware of its host's irritation, the system continued to explain. "The Woman Conquer Ability grants the user the capability to have higher authority over the women he has conquered. The conquered woman would then be recorded in the Harem Member section."

The technicalities were presented next. "The prerequisite to trigger its effects is the full devotion of the target to you and to seal the deal by having to have sex with the target. Usually the first option is enough while combining the two would be a guaranteed success."

"Full devotion is achieved when the host had fully occupied the body, heart, and soul of the target. To help the host in identifying the level of devotion the target has. Woman Conquer Ability grants the host a visual guide that shows the percentage of devotion or love that a woman has for the host." The system continued. "Please verify its effects by concentrating your vision towards your first harem member."

Aster did just that and saw a rectangular percentage bar just above Aria's head. The bar was filled to the brim and the text that showed 100% could be read. It would later be dubbed as affection bar.

Aster inquired again. 'Does the woman I have conquered become mindless puppets that follow my every will?'

"No, host. They have their own free will but their choices are easily influenced by you. You are their master but in a minimal and unnoticeable level." Aster breathed a sigh of relief from that. He did not want to ruin Aria's latent intelligence by making her a slave to his every will. Having brainless women would be no different than having dolls as partners. He preferred them to have decisions of their own and that would not be too troublesome for his development.

'The percentage bar lets me see the level of devotion that a woman has for me but does that mean that the woman I have conquered would have the possibility of decreasing her devotion to me as well.' The system replied to his question and said. "The woman you have conquered would maintain their devotion level as the host will's it to be. The affection bar is to help you in the identification of women's affection for those that you have not conquered yet."

Aster had pretty much gotten the gist of it. With his new special ability, he could identify the percentage of attraction a woman has to him when he is courting them. To make things easier after, when the woman is conquered, he did not have to continue to please them but they would still be fully in love with him.

'To put it in simple terms, to make them fall in love through sex and they would be his partners for life.' He still has reservations on the devotion nonsense and could only put it to the test for better understanding. Aster then turned his attention to the Lust Skills and the Mighty Missionary Skill I.

"Mighty Missionary Skill I is a reward for completing a secret mission. The mission details are shown on the screen." A screen appeared on Aster's sight.


Secret Mission: To conquer a woman through having sex with them the first time in a missionary position. Reward: Might Missionary Skill I. Cleared.


Another prompt appeared to explain the details of the new skill.


Mighty Missionary Skill I. A skill that enables its practitioner to be the best fucker using the missionary style. Legendary effects are available by upgrading the skill.


This would mean that the secret mission was secretly attained by completing it together with Mission 2 which is all about conquering a woman. Aster became excited by the possibility of having other sex-oriented skills just by conquering women in other positions. The other Lust Skills must be obtained by conquering and having sex the first time with any other women using different kinds of positions.

"The Mighty Missionary Skill I together with other skills under the category of Lust Skills are not like cultivation skills that could be improved by exchanging lust points. They are improved through practicing and gathering of sexperience." Aster had his mind blown by the revelation of a playful word like sexperience. Basically, it would mean that Lust Skills are the only thing that I have to put effort into.

'I could ease through cultivation and mastering battle skills but I have to earn me sexperience points through pure hard work.' Aster had complaints but he knew that it is the greatest arrangement ever. 'All of you fools struggle for resources and power. Meanwhile, I'll power up through having a pleasurable time in my bed.'

"That is basically your enviable lifestyle, host." The system reassures his claim and added a tasty cherry on top. "Other than improving yourself, you could also improve your harem members. Essentially, you are raising an army of women by fucking them crazy."

He could become the best in the cultivation just by exchanging lust points and could become the best in the bed with accumulating sexperience. What more could one ask for?

The elated Aster nearly drowned himself to death from the overflowing news of empowerment.

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    《Lust Exchange System》