Lust Exchange System
14 Expose and Mee
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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14 Expose and Mee

"Aster, I'll head to the poolside. Can you guide me with the Origin Body Art?" Aria requested after the dishes were cleaned. Aster agreed because he wanted firsthand experience from building his woman ensemble of power.

The others were curious about what they were talking about and decided to spectate. They pretty much had nothing much to do because a lot of things have been easier for them since the move.

Normally, they would be doing laundry but washing machines came with the house package. With simple steps they already have clean attire to wear. The machine had magic inscriptions, so there is an instant dry and clean option.

Aria and Aster stood at an open space not far from the pool. The ground they were standing on is not cemented but is covered with bermudagrass.

"Alright, just follow my movements." Aster did his punching routines and tested the limits of his limbs and body. The body art consisted of a myriad of movements but the system simplified its quantity to the most constructive way to achieve maximum benefits.

Aster's Origin Body Art that is catered to Novice 3 is not much different than Aria's Novice 1 counterpart. The power and mana flow is the only difference. He took this chance to familiarize the skill while imparting it. Buying the mastery from the system was akin to an enlightening effect and one could easily become proficient with it.

It took some trials and errors until Aria had gotten used to the movements until she was already mirroring his movements. Their session was similar to how dojo practitioners simultaneously perform their practice.

Normally, it would take a long process of repetitions of rest and relaxation for an exercise to perform a change in the body. The system's mastery insight bypassed that natural process and Aria had already optimized her body to her present cultivation within an hour of performing the given procedures.

She was wearing skinny jeans and a thin shirt while practicing with him, so he could not see much but he was pretty sure that her muscles by now have fully defined her curves. Aster can't wait to take her again in the night with the improved version of her physique.

The spectators could not help but wonder at the change of their sister. Eve and Plum realized that their sister had stepped into mana cultivation. Although they cannot sense the change because they also experienced the same mana deficiency that Aria has before, but even a monkey could tell that she is a Novice practitioner from her display of the Origin Body Art.

As previously explained, the Novice rank is the first realm in mana gathering. One just needs to accumulate enough mana in their inner cores and that will be enough to advance them to Initiate. The Novice realm is not that different than normal people because they only differ in the amount of mana they hold within. Initiate levels is the realm where the cultivator generally can utilize arts and techniques of their choosing and the true display of power is achieved.

"Big sis, you were amazing!" Jade praised. Despite the cultivation art being an amalgamation of crude techniques, the system had figured out the movements that made it aesthetically pleasing. The little girl did not leave him out and said. "You too, Aster."

"Big sis, can I do that too? Please teach me!" Jade cutely asked with her pleading face and heart-softening eyes.

He could teach them the Origin Body Art but the eased mastery from the system's skillshare effect is not available to them because they were not part of his harem. It would be fine if it was any other mana cultivation art because it just needs talent but the siblings have almost non-existent talent in the areas of mana. Body cultivation is fine but it would take years if they were not suited for it. The four of them would have passed normal lives and not have the chance in any sort of cultivation at all if they do not gain his help.

Aria also understood their situation and turned down her little sister's request. Her learning of the skill was partially due to Aster and through doing sensual activities with him. She respects his choices and it would be up to his discretion on what would become of the art. "Sorry, Jade. That is not my call to make. Maybe when you grow older and I'll teach you."

Her cultivation was not due to her own efforts but with the help of Aster. She had the feeling that her sisters could only become mana cultivators if Aster would bed them. It would be acceptable for her if Eve and Plum would also undergo the process but it was still too early for her younger siblings.

"Okay." Jade was sad but was used to her request being turned down and did not cause trouble. She would normally be obedient and follow her older sister's words because she somehow understood of their sacrifices for her. Her smarts were still in development but her empathy towards other people was high. One could consider her as a genius in terms of emotional intelligence.

They turned quiet to try and divert the conversation but their silence was broken when Jade posed another question. "I still can't learn it now but will I be able to learn it when Aster would make me moan like 'Aahh' and 'Aaah'?"

Their silence was prolonged due to the shock. To think that a six-year old girl would have heard about their activities in bed.

Eve and Plum knew of Aria's doing in Aster's room because they were there when both of them planned for it. They read an erotic book to be informed of the activities like moaning and stuff but they were shocked by the fact that their little sister knew about it.

Aria's face was red due to anger and shame, she could not help but ask. "How do you know that, Jade?"

Jade did not know what she did wrong while Monet was fidgeting and panicking. Aria noticed Monet's nervousness and turned to ask her. "What did you do, Monet?"

"Sis, it's like this. We were jealous of you and Aster because you get to sleep in the biggest room in the house. In the morning, Jade wanted to play a prank on you two." Monet was guilty and could only speak the distorted truth to resolve her predicament. "I decided to help her and so we approached your room and planned to spill marbles on the floor outside of your door to make you slip."

Aria knew where the story was headed and was crying from shame. Aster pulled her to his embrace to calm her down. Monet continued with her story and said. "Outside the door, that was when we heard sister cry out in pain and afterward you were moaning loudly. At that point, we knew we failed our prank because you might have heard our footsteps."

Aster already had his assumption from how Monet was reacting around him and her affection reading earlier but who would've thought that Jade was tagging along with her during her escapade. Better yet, it was actually Jade's escapade that she was tagging along to.

"Alright, alright. Since the truth is out, I'll tell you that I am now your sister's boyfriend. Jade, you are too young to do and know what we are doing because it is an activity meant for boys and girls in a relationship." He sounded out to appease Aria in his hands and to dampen Jade's curiosity. Monet was a lost cause and has some idea about sex, so he hoped that she would stay quiet and play along. This made him wonder how the triplets and Monet got knowledge about sex and stuff.

Aria even had some ideas about sluts and stuff while the others knew about a man's love of a woman's ass and breasts. He personally learned it from the erotic books from his previous bookworm lifestyle, so his guess was that they got a book about that themselves. Their prior knowledge was not a bad thing but a help for Aster who did not have to teach them from the basics.

Innocence was good as well but taxing on his part if he has to teach a girl about doing this and that.

"Don't do that again, alright." Aria has already gotten back her bearing and displayed a fierce look towards her younger sisters.

Plum and Eve had a different idea going through their heads at the moment because they don't want to be left out by Aria. Triplets, twins, quintuplets, and all the possible siblets have an urge to be independent of their counterparts but also have a natural calling for equality amongst them.

Aster wanted to make use of that to conquer them by showcasing the benefits that Aria had and he unknowingly succeeded already. The thoughts that were going over their heads at the moment are. 'Will I get stronger when I give myself to Aster?'

Plum and Eve had a moment where they looked at each other in the eye and had a tacit understanding of each other's plans.

Given that Aria had already mastered the body art, the group dispersed to do their daily things. They took baths and explored the house to familiarize it even better. Although they already explored it yesterday, the grandness of the place would still evoke them to look at its every corner and feed their vision to their heart's contentment.

They brought the house due to pressure but they still took pride in the fact that they worked hard to be called owners of the place.

Jade and Monet entertained themselves with child's play after their tour but the triplets had nothing much to do. They have been relieved of their job and most of their chores been reduced by machinery.

Having to do laundry and washing the dishes would be done with the simple click of a button that triggers an installed spell. Maintenance and plug-ins were not needed because the stuff was not easy to break and the energy source could be found inexhaustible in their world's environment.

Aster had become bored from having nothing to do, so he wanted to doze off in a comfortable recliner by his balcony. The shade of the roof would protect him from the sun while the overlooking view towards the pool made him feel like being in a vacation house.

Sleep was a luxury that needed to be cherished and who was Aster to not take heed from those words of wisdom. It was still eight in the morning but his continuous flow of activities, ranging from having sex thrice and mastering the Origin Body Art that is suited for Novice 3, had worn him down mentally and lead him to enjoy a deep nap.

Aster, who had become ignorant of things around him, did not notice the arrival of the triplets. They arrived after having held some sort of secret meeting for hours.

Eve took quiet little steps as she approached the handsome napper. She clapped and made a bit of noise to try and wake him. It was to no avail because Aster had let go of guarded sleep and indulge in the luxury of the sin of sloth.

"Aria, he must be too tired to wake up. Did you milk him dry that his soul left his body? He must be experiencing nirvana right now from remembering your body that is akin to a goddess and your unmatched voice that moaned like it shook the heavens." She joked around as she looked towards her sister. Plum and Aria could only shake their heads as a sign of defeat. Eve always had always been the most extroverted amongst the three of them, always excitable and the one to brighten their moods.

"It is the other way around, Eve. Aster was the one to dominate me like crazy." She said truthfully with a happy chuckle. Even though she knew that the both of them consider her as a pillar of support, what she truly wanted was a simple and fun relationship as triplets that does things together. To talk about first love, to giggle about what they found hilarious, and to share their thoughts without secret. She had long wanted to erase the gap that existed due to her involuntary taking the lead of their life.

"Hehe. Sis Aria, I haven't seen you chuckle happily in a while. Is this due to having a man to depend on?" Plum also joked around. She was quite open to those around her but quite timid to outsiders. Her behavior would be easily interpreted by others as innocent and adorable. It adds flavor to her latent charms.

"I guess. Now, to the topic at hand, are you sure you want to go through with it? Aster said that he wanted to court us but he has also express befuddlement to me being an easy target." Aria changed the topic and advised. She would be happy having to share Aster with her sisters, she feels that it adds another testament to their bond but also has reluctance because of what their future will hold. She instinctively knows that Aster will not stop his advances with them and would increase the number of his women. She did not want her sister to experience the ups and downs of such complications.

"I know what you mean, Aria. There may be other women in the future but why don't we work together and become his main wives while designating others as concubines. It's not like this guy is some saint. As he boldly claimed, the world runs with benefits and he must be some benefit-hogging person himself. Why not us, as well?" Eve made a bold claim that reduced the hesitation in their hearts.

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