Lust Exchange System
15 Confession and Technique
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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15 Confession and Technique

Although, they knew nothing much of Aster because they have only met in just about a day or slightly more than that, they still know of his ambition. His looks and confidence gave them the illusion that he is bound to achieve great things.

In this world, those who are achievers are not bound by social conventions and tend to horde great properties as well.

He had long expressed his will to have them. The sibling new of their beauties and allure to men but they were still lacking at some points. Aster, who had just exposed his powerful ability by empowering Aria, would have greater goals. His possibility and tendency to conquer more women has been increased in their opinion. If it was that bound to be in that situation, why not be the first in his collection and receive the earliest benefits.

"Why don't we just join his bandwagon and make it worthwhile for us? Isn't it exciting to think about the prospects? We could get rid of the traps of our talent that force us to only live in a century or lesser. I have a feeling that Aster has the potential to make us attain that height we all dreamed about." Eve was practically selling Aster out to her sisters. She had a greater sales pitch and belief in his capability compared to Aria whom he had already conquered.

If Aster was awake right now and heard of her praise towards him, he would appoint her as the brand ambassador that helps to boost his appeal to future harem candidates.

Aria, who was already in complete agreement to his welfare, could not help but feel that her sister's words were correct. Plum, who had her body exposed to him naked and offered her butt to him, could also sense logic in Eve's words.

Women were human as well and have wishes they want to be fulfilled. Immortality of their beauty and be able to showcase their competence to the world.

"What about Monet and Jade, though?" Plum blurted out the question that they dread to go towards. After that question was uttered, they fell into an awkward silence and had a silent agreement to never go into that territory.

Aria felt that that certain taboo had already been pushed to the back of their heads and addressed the next taboo that they were about to commit. "Since you agreed to give yourself to him, don't you want to get to know him first?"

"Hehe, Aria. What is this? A tactic for you to hog the benefits to yourself." Eve snickered in her tone of mischief. "You want us to get to know him first but you did not even go through that process. You straight away undressed and let him enter your precious garden."

Aria had a blushed because she realized the hypocrisy in her words. 'Why would I advise them to get to know him more while I never even willed myself to do it?'

Plum added a romantic appeal to it and said. "What is the problem with giving yourself to a man you don't know? Isn't it romantic to consummate early while you get to know each other later?"

Her questions brought chords of music in their ears and had their mind wander into fantasy. They were women at an age where dreams were at its peak in influencing them.

To stone-hearted and bitter adults, their display was the general delusion that people in love would experience. Regrets would come pouring later on as they realize that their dreams become shattered with every ounce of reality that floods them.

Fortunately for the triplets, they would realize later on that Aster was the definition of a dream come true. His overpowered system was enough to grant them unlimited possibilities.

It was a while later that the girls had waned their love-oriented thoughts. They looked at Aster who was sleeping without a care in the world.

"Lucky bastard and poor us, he just slept while we practically offered our confessions to him." Eve commented while her companions agreed. Plum joked again and said. "Why don't we wake him up and tell her our heart's desire again?"

"Ew! That would be cheesy. We will just give him the benefit of the doubt that he charmed us with his handsomeness." Eve voiced out her disagreement. She was not one to go through those cheesy lines of general couples, so she said. "I have my own way of expressing myself. Given that you want to wake him up, I'll be the one to oblige and give him the best confession ever."

"Hehe! It will be a professing my heart to him while also giving him a wake-up call." She confidently announced while her sisters had the feeling that she would be doing something outrageous. It could be said that between the three of them, Eve was the one invested in indulging herself in erotic books. Their knowledge about sex was practically from her abundance of knowledge regarding the topic.

"Want me to show you?" Eve smiled towards her siblings and they can't help but shake their head in defeat.

"Do what you want." Aria acquiesced while reprimanded her as well. "Your time on those books of yours have really twisted your mind, Eve."

"I'm not some sort of psycho pervert with lustful tendencies. I just like the stories that ero books portray and it helps me get prepared for situations like this. You seemed to have used my advice and what did you think of the preparedness you felt?" Eve defended herself and sprung a question back to Aria.

"I can't argue with that. If I haven't been informed in advance, I would not have known what to do and would have been frozen from the uneasiness when I was giving him my first time." Aria felt a sense of loss when she said those words. Eve's reasoning was spot-on that she can't find the words to refute

Just as she thought, Eve disregarded her siblings and prepared herself to give Aster a surprising wake-up call. Her hands reached out to the shorts he is wearing and gave a tug to pull it down.

'It is different than I thought it would be!' She exclaimed in her thoughts. Despite the confident demeanor she showed to her sisters, nervousness was apparent in her heart at the moment.

Eve did not want to embarrass herself in front of her sisters. She just uttered bold words at them and it would be hard for her to face them if she backed down now.

Meanwhile, Aster was not a super dense sleeper to not notice the movement of his shorts. He had his alertness back to himself and noticed the peculiar situation he is in.

Aria and Plum were not that far from his recliner seat while Eve was in front of him. She was the prime suspect for removing his shorts and disturbing his nap. Only his black underwear is the only thing covering his crotch from being exposed to the outside world.

"Hello." That was the only thing he could say as greeting for the surprising turn of events. 'Has my handsomeness and talent awakening capabilities finally kicked in and attracted them towards me. It hasn't even been long since my sex activities with Aria and a new wave is already coming at me.'

"Hello, sorry for the disturbance." Eve had no need for reservations anymore and had her confidence deflated. 'Years of experience from reading is really not close enough to the real deal.'

Aster smiled upon seeing her nervous face up close and said. "What were you trying to do?"

"Wake you up from your... nap." Eve stuttered a bit from hearing his calm tone. She felt grievance for having done something wrong. Aster smirked and asked while prodding her narrow and feminine chin with his right hand. "What did you want to do after taking my shorts off?"

"Uhm! I'll give it a lick and please you." She was too deep in the situation and would find it hard to escape, so she decided to come clean with it and explain her goals.

"Haha! You amuse me, Eve." He could not contain his laughter from seeing the normally confident Eve act docile due to his interrogations.

Eve could not help but pout at his actions. "Hmmph! You are really bullying the pretty me. You will regret this if you continue." Eve played along when she realized that Aster is having fun with messing up her plans.

"What will you do to make me regret bullying you, then?" Aster asked while Eve suddenly stretched open his underwear and grabbed his resting dick.

She held it in her hand and raised its tip towards his torso. The index finger of her free hand traced the underside of his dick and gave him a tingling sensation.

"If you bully me, then I won't give you the reward you get for making me fall in love with you." Eve smirked in victory from seeing Aster being excited from her touch. Aster used his Sentiment Meter and saw that her love bar had already reached the same level as Aria.

He disregarded Eve's teasing first to give a quick question to the system. 'System, she already passed the full marks of affection. Can I still conquer her at this point?'

"Yes, host. The prerequisite is full devotion and it is considered full devotion from 100% affection and upwards." Hearing that answer, he was relieved and turned to look at Eve's dainty hands holding his considerably big dick.

"Oh my. Eve has actually fallen for me. Does confessing your love also involved the suffering of me, your boyfriend." He joked while Eve rolled her eyes at him. "Fortunately for you, you are handsome and have a big penis. This generous beauty will forgive you for your offense."

"How merciful. Hehe." He laughed at her speech of self-importance. His dick suddenly turned erect from the anticipation of what she will do next.

The mischievous girl turned quiet from seeing the transformation. She thought that it was big already and yet it had to level up to become bigger and harder. Her tongue seductively traced her lips. After that, her mouth opened to give Aster his very first session of oral sex.

The sensation of her lips rubbing along his bare glans penis was heavenly. Boys of his family had to undergo circumcision as a baby, so he never really knew the difference between the skinned and skinless head. Only one thought was going through his head from feeling Eve's tongue skillfully dance around his dick head. 'Those uncircumcised dudes would find it hard to appreciate this experience.'

Aster's breathing pattern had long escalated and his heart was pounding hard from her actions. Her little mouth was having difficulty with swallowing his dick whole but her floppy wet tongue was more than enough to excite him.

It skillfully slithered to every region of him that it could reach. The moist saliva it carried was not in any way losing out to a woman's love juice. She was struggling enough as it is to keep his rod in her mouth yet Aster was unsatisfied and could not help but thrust deeper.

"Mhhm!" Eve had a muffled moan of surprise from his actions. Her pretty face was in a mix of delight and struggle which increased Aster's arousal.

He moved back and forth. It was a bit of a restrained movement given that he was in a chair. Good thing that Eve knew of his problems and was accomodating enough to move her head on her own.

Every time she bobbed her head, his penis would reach deeper into her throat. Aster felt pure euphoria from the tight hole and enjoyed her sacrifice to let him experience what deep-throating is all about.

Eve was struggling between having to gag and having to breathe. She did not seem to mind much as lust had overtaken her mind. Her short shorts had long been drenched in the nether regions as it leaked juices when she moved.

The excitement from displaying her affection to Aster while having her sisters watch had profound implications for her state of mind. She just wanted to improve and give the best show she could give them.

Aster twitched and also moved her mouth along with it. His precum had long been flowing towards her esophagus and into her stomach as she accepted it all.

It took a while until Aster finally climaxed, the semen filled every gap of her mouth and slowly dripped into her throat. The happy face she showed Aster as she swallowed his load was a testament to the enjoyment she was feeling.

Her technique was not perfect but good enough for his standards.

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