Lust Exchange System
16 Mark and Romanticism
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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16 Mark and Romanticism

Aster relished in delight from the new form of sex he had just undergone. Oral sex had sex in its name for a reason. 'It is quite the shame that I can't have the entirety of my penis inside her by this method. Pushing through would mostly destroy any other woman much less a girl like Eve.'

"Hehe, was my gift amazing to you, Aster." She fished for compliments while some of his leftover cum flowed from the side of her mouth.

"It was amazing, Eve." Aster praised and gave a pat to her head while the system's voice rang in his mind. "Congratulations on conquering Eve and adding a new member to your harem."

"Please check the Harem Member section for further details." The system advised while Aster decided on doing that later. He estimated that Eve has pretty much the same lust points from their blowjob display.


Total Lust Points Gained: 400

• Oral Sex: 400


That was pretty much it because they did not do much of the other activities. The system's voice sounded again and said. "Host, please create an insignia for your harem members to be recognizably different from the rest."

'Have me sign up and getting to work on that, please.' Aster was excited by the prospects of giving his girls some marking identity. It was not like an obsessive desire of dogs to pee on their territory, the concept of giving them marks is similar to having a symbolism on their connection and bond.

To think that the system is giving him this chance. He would not miss the creation of a mark that would make him known to the world.

"Please design as you please, host." The system displayed a new form of the screen with a generic naked body of a woman. This serves as a template that lets him decide where to place his harem symbol.

He decided on placing the symbol just below the navel and slightly above their vagina. The space in between was just right and Aster zoomed in to truly design.

'Tribal markings, dragons marks, and beast totems had practically been generic and used all over the world. I'll go through with the simple route but with a pretty exceptional flare that differentiates it from the rest.' He remarked as he designed with his mind. A black and thick circle shape appeared.

It was a simple circle that symbolized a dark hoop or black halo. Aster pretty much preferred the dark shade that accentuates every other color in the color spectrum. The symbol was colored in a luminous black that was akin to deep darkness and a vortex of mystery. The darkness of a black hole could not even rival the great shade that he used. It was not downcast but aesthetically pleasing.

Aster also decided to add a bit of a smaller circle that is thinner and only has a bit of a gap from the main hoop. Its darkness was a bit flimsy but it only served to draw more attention to the greater circle.

It was basically a circle and a circle but it could easily enchant and catch attention to those who would see it. He submitted it to the system and the system announced. "Thank you for your efforts, host. The Woman Conquer Ability has now been improved by the presence of the mystifying occurrence of your symbol as it marks your harem members."

Aster and the system's interaction was not more than ten seconds in the real world. The warped concept of time in a person's brain coupled with the Lust Exchange System's capability made it possible for it to happen.

"Observe as the additional effects come into fruition, host." Aster heard and watched as the magical display occurred to Aria first.

Plum took a step back in surprise as Aria, who was joining her in spectating on the sex, suddenly became the center of a dark halo. With her as the center, the dark halo floated and spun. Then, it shrunk in exponential proportions as it implanted itself just by the skin where her energy-oriented inner core is situated at.

It did not come impeded by her clothing and directly latched to where Aster intended it to be. The dark glow that his harem symbol gave out was captivating that the girls had no time to react and could only enjoy the show.

The reaction was subsequent because it was Eve's turn to be marked. A warm and dark light enveloped her as the dark halo made her as its center. Following on with what happened to Aria, the mark engraved itself below her navel.

The duo had no need for reservations and moved the clothing that was on their way. Shirts were raised and shorts were lowered as they praised when they saw the marked that was engraved on their bodies. "How beautiful!"

"Like it! It is my mark of ownership to you and a symbol of our bond." He did not have an epic catchphrase to go with the stunning display but he just went with it. 'Who needs catchy words when conquering ladies?'

Aria and Eve huddled together with Plum to showcase the harem marks and marvel at its unexpected elegance. Eve did not get her expected rise in cultivation but Plum was convinced of Aster's powerful capabilities. She was jelly from being left out and not having a dark halo to call her own.

Aster was still in his seat while conversing with the system who still had announcements to give.

"Congratulations on another completion of a secret mission host." The system said while displaying another screen in Aster's view.


Secret Mission: To conquer a woman through having sex with them the first time in the form of oral sex. Reward: Oral Delighter I. Cleared.


Essentially, the Oral Delighter I skill is another lust skill that can be improved by having sexperience. The skill is described as an ability to become the best in giving oral sex and the best recipient of oral sex.

'His oral sex with Eve was mostly a passive activity for him while she did most of the work. Who would've thought that when Eve gave me oral sex, I could also learn to improve the other type of oral sex.' Aster exclaimed from understanding the perks of his new Lust Skill. 'Haha! My women won't have to be forced in taking it with their mouths because it becomes as incredible as vaginal sex itself. I could also give them delight through my kissing and licking of their pussy!'

Aster was happy from having multiple gains from the system just by having to undergo one orgasm. There may be a lust points designated by masturbating but what was the point of that when he could bed girls anytime he wanted.

Lust points, secret missions, mission rewards, and sexperience could very well be best gained and achieved with the opposite sex.

'Time to maximize the gains by harvesting from the triplets then.' Aster thought to himself and stood up from his chair. He decided to disregard his underwear there and walked half-naked towards the huddling girls. Even though he was technically outside, the wise design of the house made it quite a private spot that could be hard to be disturbed by neighbors. The adjacent house is a considerable distance from the tall walls and this house is also a bit elevated compared to it. The great walls Creed Academy was also a considerable distance and the artificial forest from there to the back walls of the house is riddled to be man-proof.

'This house is the best. I could very much have sex with the girls in the poolside and no one would know unless they snoop around the walls.' He again praised his decision in buying the house while the prospect of having sex outside was also exciting to him and could not wait to be able to do it. 'I am not some exhibitionist though but whatever, I should take baby steps until I reach that eventuality.'

It did not take long for him to reach the triplets. Aria and Eve noticed his arrival and hugged him, they somewhat became emotional from having gained the mark from him.

"Aster, thank you." They simultaneously said while in his embrace. He decided to tease them again and ask. "For what reason do you want to thank me for?"

"Thank you for giving us a chance to be able to make a stand in this mana-driven society." Aria sounded out her reason while Eve was bolder in her answer. "Thank you for giving us the pleasant sensation of being driven by passion and lust. Also, to thank you for the semen that you would provide for us from now on."

"Haha! You crack me up, Eve." He could not help but laugh at her antics while thinking. 'It is true that I will be giving them an occasional dose of my cum. She really knows how to put sex in a higher priority.'

Aster then focused his intent on the pouting Plum who obviously felt jealous of being left out. The Sentiment Meter had given her a 10% on the love bar which meant that she was another girl that is ripe for the taking and another one to be added to his harem.

'Should I continue to have sex with Aria and Eve or take Plum as my women?' This leads him to make tough decisions. If he were to go through with the former, Plum might have some change of heart towards him. The latter is by far the safest route but he wanted to continue playing with Aria and Eve as well. Especially Eve because she still has her cherry unpopped.

'I could also go with taking the three of them but I don't know if I have the stamina for that. I'd be dried out from their milking.' He remarked as he imagined himself twitching from not having the sex drive needed to pleasure them.

Eve saw his confused look as he gazed at Plum and said. "Aster, are you debating between taking Plum, playing with us together, and taking my virginity."

"Yes." Aster said truthfully while Aria provided the playful solution. "I can wait while Eve can still hold of herself from her defloration. You can go by taking Plum and do your marking stuff."

"It is my turn now. We decided on it a while ago." The reticent Plum voiced out with confidence but the redness of her face says otherwise. Aster was pleased with their scheduling plans and praised the triplets for their virtue of equality.

"Come here, timid little Plum." He said while grabbing her hand and leading her to the bedroom. Aster stared confused as the other two because he did not know what they were to do. "Are you going to spectate on how your sister's hymen will be broken?"

"Hehe. It is not a bad deal but we want to make our defloration a bit special and private." Eve snickered while Aster had his thoughts wrapped around her actions. "My guess is that Aria and Plum want it special while yours would be super special with your open-minded tendencies."

"You read my mind like a book, my boyfriend. I'll schedule my hymen being broken tonight with my sisters watching the whole thing. Wouldn't that be exciting for me and you? An extra special lovemaking session." Eve remarked again and made her sisters blush from her radical ideas. Aster unconsciously licked his lips at the possibilities and hoped that his sexual prowess does not fail him.

"We will be heading out to prepare for lunch, then. It is already half-past ten and you have an hour and a half before lunchtime. Make it count for my little sister." Aria acted like a commissioner that assigned her sister for prostitution. He remarked at her words and said. "Isn't this a bit harsh on Plum over here? We will stop and start at our own pace."

Unexpected to him, the triplets laughed at his sudden overreaction. Plum, who was supposed to be in the losing end explained with an innocent blush. "We read a research proposal that a man becomes more romantic when given a chance to experience a brothel."

"Most men will have a tendency to form affection to the prostitute that he is using and paid for. The feeling of taking her for your own and freeing her from the depravity of her job would incite a man's chivalry and heroism. The statistics are low but there are instances of it happening because most men tend to just be looking for a good time."

Aster wanted to applaud at the researchers for their in-depth study on manhood and he could not help but find their claims to be rational.

Eve positioned herself behind and Plum and groped the baby breasts of the youngest of the triplets. She said teasingly to Aster. "How is it? The idea of claiming our Plum to be your personal prostitute. Has your manliness surged and you want to make her feel how romantic you are? Plum was the one who wanted for you to be romantic with her while I proposed the brothel play. Hehe!"

Aster had a composed look from all of Eve's teasing but blood had already run down from his nose from the extreme set-up they devised to please him.

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