Lust Exchange System
17 Nectar Gathering
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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17 Nectar Gathering

'Dang! What a hot display of a sister playing with a sister.' Aster remarked at the sight before his eyes while Aria brought clean towels to wipe the worrisome nosebleed he is having.

"Aria, did you plan for all of this?" He asked as his first girl was wiping some of the residual blood on the opening of his nose. Aria could only tell the truth and explained. "Before we came here, we made some plans ahead of time. This whole sexual endeavor with you is also about deciding our future, so we made sure that it would play out well."

"Eve and Plum had some reservations at first and I did as well. I was supposed to be the one taking the brunt of your wolfish desires but who knew you had some overbearing capability to give us cultivation. Your performance speaks for itself that you did not have to sell yourself out with fancy words." She retold their whole method to him. Not that it matters because they have already been conquered and Plum was on the process of it. "We survived for so long because of our meticulous plannings and when we finished our practice session by the pool, we plotted our course of action. Eve did the most of it, though."

"Hehe. I am the most knowledgeable regarding matters of sex between us three, so it was expected." Eve proudly stated while she dispersed of their small talks to give way for Plum. "Let's head to the kitchen to prepare for lunch, Aria. We have taken some precious time for our boyfriend to enjoy our sister."

She pushed Plum to Aster's embrace while they headed for the door. Eve sounded out again when she was nearly outside. "Aster, enjoy. You never know if our timid sister has a surprise in store for you. Hehe! The quieter they are, the more secret they hold inside them."

The double doors of the room shut tight after she said those words, leaving Aster and Plum on their own.

"Alright, little Plum. How are we to proceed with this? We can forget about that plan your sister made up for you." He asked while caressing her body with tender care. They were hugging each other and Aster's exposed and erect penis is stuck in between her legs. She was dripping wet in her shorts from Eve's fondling of her boobs and from the lust she felt when she spectated their oral sex.

Aster's dick felt rough when he rubbed his skin to her damp fabric. Plum was as sensitive as Aria and was leaking like a creak from his movements.

Her gasping and blushing face was clear for Aster to see because of their close proximity. It took some effort for her to give a reply to his question. "You... can do... whatever... you want of me!"

Her confirmation to let him take the lead made him think about acquiring another Lust Skill. If his conjectures were correct, his third one was surefire to be added into his arsenal.

"Since you say so. Let's undress first." Aster smiled while Plum matched his sexual enthusiasm. She took off his shirt while she slowly undressed by herself.

Plum started from the damp shorts that were troubling her for a while now. Her underwear that was left behind was clear for him to see. The rhythmical drip of her love juices was an attention-getter that did not fail to attract his sight. A puddle was slowly forming below her and made him think to himself. 'What a waste of natural resources?'

To remedy the situation, Aster found a beautiful and transparent pitcher of water. It was meant to be filled with water but since they were new to the place, they did not have time to fill it.

Aster placed its opening directly below her to let her juices fill it up. Plum was ashamed and said. "I'm sorry... Aster. I can't control my self and just let it all flow out."

"It is alright. I'll have you standing there first while I wait for you to fill it up, okay. Your fluids are nothing to be ashamed of. Be proud that you can produce them and let me enjoy the taste of it later." He appeased her while his tongue was tracing his lips. It was due to him wondering how it would taste.

'Aria's were unnaturally sweet and flowing. Given that they are siblings, Plum's love juices should not fall out.' He thought to himself and requested to Plum. "You can continue undressing yourself, Plum. It would great if you don't waste the nectar that your flower is producing."

She nodded in approval while her shirt was being taken off. Only her cupping bra and damp panties were left.

"Two more to go and we'll be back to how we first met, Plum." He said as a reminder of what had happened one night ago. She was taking a bath and he saw her goddess-like body. To think that only a short time had passed for him to get to enjoy it.

"Right, Aster. Can you help me with stripping my bra?" Plum had her heart beating faster when she was forced to remember their first encounter. She also requested for his help due to the lock of her bra being at her back.

"Okay." He obliged and got by her back. The view of her rear was not lesser than her front. The enchanting curve of her ass and the slim waist that headed upwards to her shoulders. He traced her sides and felt himself drawing a magnificent S.

Her sensations of lust peaked and her leaking pussy had a sudden surge of output. The slow progression of the volume of her liquid inside the pitcher had a substantial increase.

"What a nice orgasm, Plum." Aster could not help himself but praise. She stayed true to obeying his request and not let a single drop go to waste. Eventually, he unlocked the grip of her bra straps and conveniently threw them to the side.

He leaned closed and gave her a whisper from her back. "Now is the hard part, my timid girl. How are you going to remove your dripping panties and not squander your precious juice?"

Plum was surprised by his question and her mind was formulating a solution. 'I can drop my panties slowly and it will work but it seems that he is giving me a trick question. How am I to not discard the juices that are stuck to my panties?'

Aster waited for her solution to his answer and moved back to face her front. A blush of shyness and pleasure could be observed in her face.

"Watch how I do it, Aster." Plum eventually let go of her inhibitions and followed her instincts. She bent her torso downwards and her thumbs slipped through the sides of her panties. Her hands pulled down and the panties along with it.

When it went below her knees, her left foot was raised first to let it out of the left hole. She did the same procedure with her right foot. Aster, who had long squatted down, could see her pink pussy open a little as it followed the movement of her legs.

When the left foot moved, the left side of her opening bent a little and released a considerable amount of love juice. The same situation happened on the other side and eased the flow of juices. It was all creamy and clear that it shone a little when the light interacts with it. The display was magical that Aster felt it was formed from a magic spell.

He reluctantly relinquished his vision from her vagina and turned to how she would deal with the fluids that drenched her panties. Aster assumed that she would twist it dry like how one does with laundry. He formed a mental image of the filtered juice being squeezed out of the panties.

Plum did not stray much from his expectation and did as he imagined it in his head. Her experience in doing laundry after her fall from being a princess was a help to the situation she was in. She had her own method of extracting her juice though and that was by clamping her damp clothing into a ball in her hands.

Aster saw her bend down a bit more to give her a clear reach to the pitcher that was positioned below where she stood at. She clasped her balled hands and the clear fluid dripped from the gaps that connect her dainty palms. The droplets that dropped had formed circular waves in the collection below that gave little disruptions to the dominant ripples formed by the drops of liquid coming from her pussy.

Aster likened the display to how one would squeeze lemons and their citrus pulps to make lemonade. Coincidentally, Plum was squeezing it to a pitcher that only helped to enforce his simile.

"I stripped as I was told... Aster. What is next?" She had totally become subservient to her desires and could not help but ask Aster for her next task.

Aster reminded her of her main goal to be done because she had clearly forgotten it. "Didn't I tell you that I will wait for you to fill the pitcher up? You could get to do that first and you could also ask for my help to have your flow faster."

"Help me flow it faster and then you can fuck me as you want." She requested while Aster smiled in seeing her reservation and introversion towards him became non-existent. This meant that her view of him as a stranger was gone and also meant that she was driven to attain greater pleasure from what she is currently experiencing.

'It is quite a mystery how she kept it flowing without me having to do much. Did she become locked in a state of arousal from being exposed to lustful incidences? Or am I just too handsome and enticing that she continues to cum when seeing me?' He joked with narcissism while also feeling affection for the efforts she is going through for him. She may have been unconsciously doing it to please herself but he did not dislike that fact because he is also being pleased with just watching her pussy's faucet-like property of letting out her orgasmic juices.

He approached her and had his hand lightly grope her boobs. She was standing still in her place but I could see her shake and shiver from his touch. Aster was also convinced that pain would be invoked if he went too far with the fondling because of the complications of her developing boobs.

Despite not having enough of her breasts, he proceeded to tease other parts of her body. Tracing her abdomen, tickling a bit of her clean armpits, and drawing borders around her mounds. His actions were correct and working as her drippings were visibly increasing in the pace of filling up the pitcher.

He then went for the sure-kill method and had the fingers of his left hand play with the lips of her pussy. He stretched the tightened opening and the juices burst out unimpeded.

"Aaahh!" As sensitive as she is, Aster's actions made her uncontrollably moan. She was quiet for most of her nectar extraction but she voiced out her pleasure as she came from his touch.

"Alright, it seems that a straight vertical positioning of your insides seems to be working well. Why don't we try a bit of inclination to try and see if it lets your juices flow faster?" He advised because he was a bit bored and felt sorry for her standing in the same place for minutes. Plum asked in heavy gasps. "Ha... How do I do... that?"

"It is quite simple really. Just get down on your knees and bend your upper body a bit. Be careful to aim your flow at the pitcher while you doing that though." Aster gave the instructions while Plum followed obediently. He changed his position back again at her back and see the process unravel with his own eyes.

Plum had basically transitioned from a standing position to a crawling position on all of her four limbs. Her arch as she angled herself enticed Aster so much that he can't wait for the pitcher to fill up and give her a fucking.

The juices did not drop directly now because it flowed and traced her opening before dropping. The meeting point where the dripping is concentrated has now been assigned to the sensitive clitoris. Plum was now in a lock of continuous moaning as her own cervical fluid would be the one to trigger the nerve endings on her clitoris.

"Yeesh! Deeesh... eesh... emeyzing!" Her lustful face was triggered and her tongue stuck out as she praised the doggy position that pleasured her without seeming to end.

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    《Lust Exchange System》