Lust Exchange System
18 System Notifications
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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18 System Notifications

While Plum was in a state of endless bliss, Aster was having a conflict of thought himself. 'Should I look at her face that has been rid of any trace of innocence or should I stay where I am and see the ingenuity of my newest idea?'

He was really stuck in the middle of a tough decision. Eventually he decided to stay and watch her clitoris being tickled by every drop of juices that flowed through it. The duty of monitoring the pitcher was a true test of patience as well as a feast to the eyes.

"Oooh! Aaah... aaah! I am... cumming! Cumming!" Plum has reached an orgasmic peak a lot of times that even the clearheaded Aster lost count of it. The pitcher had been filled to three-fourths and that was good enough for him. He was curious about her production limit but decided to learn of it in the future.

'Who knows if she'll fill up a bucket or maybe even a pool? My curious bone has long been aroused by the mystery of her pussy but my dick's curiosity should be the priority.' Aster was watching the process for about half an hour and his dick has long been twitching. It was curious about what being inside her pussy would feel like and not of its nectar production capabilities.

"Plum, that is enough for now. Let us head to the bed and let me have some fun, okay." He said to Plum and only to be answered by her in distress. "Haa... ha... how do... ay stop... this?"

She was stuck in anticipation of his assault and the bliss she is feeling at the moment. Aster did not answer her and just carried her enchanting inclined body and tossed it gently in the newly matressed bed. The disturbance made her regain her senses but lustful thoughts still pervaded her mind.

"Alright, go in all fours and bang you in the doggy style you like." This has been his goal all along and who knows if another secret mission would reward him generously.

Plum followed his command while willing her body to move. Her limbs had long been numb and weak from her state of self-pleasuring. Her upper body was lower than before due to the weakness but her ass and vagina were conveniently raised high. Previously, her head was raised but now it was reversed and her bountiful butt was the one being showcased.

"We still have an hour at most before lunch. That is plenty of time to relieve myself inside your infertile womb." Aster had his dick lean close to her virgin entrance. He was in a kneeling position to match the elevation of her bountiful behind.

He placed his hands on to her smooth and flexible butt. He had played with it before but now the situation was different. Different but in a good way. The feeling of grasping and molding it was heavenly and sublime.

Aster took some time to ready his penis by sliding it with the juice that was being produced. The rubbing of his penis against her pussy was also an entirely new feeling for her.

'What a tease of her asshole to be in my view? I could do her in that hole but its best that I take her vaginal virginity as a priority.' He had his trusty internal monologue to debate with himself and after a while of teasing and bathing his dick in fluids, he proceeded with the deed.

Plum felt her moist garden being intruded gently by his rod. It was slow as if to announce its regal entrance. Her opening stretched wildly as his dick inserted its way in.

"Ouch!" She shouted in pain as the unpleasant feeling of her hymen being torn apart flooded her senses. Fortunately, her ecstasy and euphoria drowned it out. The blood traced Aster's penile shaft and eventually became dragged down by gravity as he gave his session of thrusts.

The new mattress was dyed with blood again as Aster's pounding created waves in the bouncy bed. His movement on her hole produced sloshing sounds as he disturbed the fluids that gathered inside her.

"No... Aster! Don't... listeen to... Aaah... that sound." The moaning Plum could not help but feel ashamed of the sound that her pussy is making. Her heavenly sound of shame and weird music being produced by her pussy had already submerged Aster in a world of lust.

He still has mental clarity was still present but he decided to suppress it and indulge himself in fulfilling his sexual desires. To fuck at his fullest capabilities and pleasure the lovely girl that decided to offer herself to him.

"Ast... er! Good! Sooo! Goood!" His efforts were not in vain as Plum enjoyed every moment of it. She was being dominated from behind as her hands felt weak. Her face was now plunged into the bed and she eventually turned to the side to give herself a chance to breathe.

Aster's thrust from behind had become stronger and stronger that she was slowly being moved forward. She did not mind because she was loving the feeling of being rammed at her ass.

Aster's firm abs and prominent navel region produced slapping sounds as it collided with her ass. The slapping, sloshing, and moaning sounds had long pervaded across the room.

"Cumming!" Aster grunted in excitement as he reached his peak. The sticky and warm semen burst forth inside Plum. She had basically orgasmed through her limits that she ran dry from his assaults. She had not cummed along with him but she liked the sensation of his thick fluids running down deeper inside her.

Receiving its cue from Aster's orgasm, the Woman Conquer Ability had gained effect and a dark halo encircled Plum at its center.

She was tired from doing the activities with him but she smiled beautifully as she saw the marvelous harem mark take its place just below her navel area. It was the same process as her sisters and she could not help but think to herself. 'I'll cherish this memory and your mark that connects us both along with my sisters, Aster.'

The system did not fail in its timely announcements and said in his head after the session. "Congratulations on conquering Plum and adding a new member to your harem."

'Thanks for the praise.' Aster felt that he had to give back a little to the neutral voice that gave him the ability to do great things and offered a reply.

'I need the point breakdown, please.' He then proceeded to the point. The familiar screen appeared on his vision.


Total Lust Points Gained: 1,300

• Ass Fondling: 50x2

• Boob Fondling: 50

• Vaginal Sex: 500

• Cherry Popping: 500

•Others: 150


It was the first time that Aster saw high points garnered by the Others. 'My extremely unparalleled and genius foreplay must have been the reason for it. Next time, I really should cop a feel of my women's curves and tickle a lot of armpits.'

He also took the time to see the lust points of his three harem members. Aria had a 1,690 lust points. 1,304 LPs for Plum and only 404 lust points for Eve. The 4 points additional at Eve's and Plum's were from the point designation from the first Others. Aster remembered that he earned 33 LPs at that time, 25 for Aria while the eight is divided into her sisters.

Aster also took the chance and saw the Lust Points he gathered so far. '8,369 Lust Points should be enough for me to advance while saving the remainder for emergency purposes.'

"Congratulations on the completion of two secret missions, host." The system's voice sounded again but this time, Aster was completely surprised by the content.

The screen prompts appeared on his view for him to and understand the situation.


Secret Mission: To collect a woman's love juice to measurable volumes. Reward: Nectar Harvester I. Cleared.



Nectar Harvester I. A skill that enables its practitioner to be a connoisseur in tasting a ladies' nectars. Works best with Oral Delighter. Legendary effects are available by upgrading the skill.


'This is an unexpected reward. Instead of being a professional wine and food taster. I get to be the judge of a woman's cervical fluids. It works best with Oral Delighter because when I fuck a woman with my tongue and mouth, the juices would directly be registered into my tastes.' Aster could classify the skill as useless for now because what was the point of judging a ladies' fluid discharge in relation to sex? It was not that bad because it would improve just by ingesting the sweet discharge of Aria and Plum. He also surmised that Eve's fluid would not fall short in unnatural sweetness.

The next secret mission reward was the more practical and his underlying reason for having sex with Plum in all fours.


Secret Mission: To conquer a woman through having sex with them the first time in a doggy position. Reward: Bitch Pounder I. Cleared.


Aster gave out a complaint to the system. 'Isn't bitch a derogatory title for the skill and the girls that I would fuck in this position system?'

"For your critical questioning of the system's capabilities, the system creator also posed questions back to you, host." The system posed a question and answer portion.

"What is the position called?" The question was given and Aster promptly answered. 'Doggy style, doggycise, and backshots are all I know. There might be other terms out there but that would be what most generally call it.'

"Who do you give a doggy style to? What is their gender?" The system asked again. 'Of course, I give it to women who are female.'

"Good that you understand. What is the other term for a female dog?" The system inquired while Aster got the idea of where the weird conversation was going. 'A female dog is a bitch.'

"Bitch Pounder does not look down on women but it is the most appropriate title to go for the skill. A woman who is engaging in sexual intercourse by means of doggy style can be considered a bitch. In higher realms, powerful female dog cultivators take pride in their true terminology and struggle to gain titles such as Bitch Saint, Bitch Immortal, Divine Bitch, and so on." The system was still in its monotonous tone but Aster felt that it was reprimanding him. To date, this could very well be the longest conversation he ever had with the system.

'Alright, I get your point. I will proudly take on the mantle of Bitch Pounder if this certain Lust Skill reaches legendary heights.' He proclaimed to appease the system and the creator. In his head, he also did like the idea of conquering those female dog cultivators with the bitch title. 'They would have human and semi-human forms by then. The concept of fucking an unrivaled beauty with doggy qualities like dog ears and tails is not that bad.'

His imagination was all over the place already. First, it was a cat-costumed harem and now was a bitch haven.

'By the way, system. Can I get some progress report on my current missions?' Aster asked to remind himself of his goals to accomplish. Dreams were fun but he needed to take one step at a time to achieve it. The system answered him. "You can check it yourself at the Mission section, host."

He felt that the system was complaining at this point for having him treat as a personal attendant. 'You sure are moody for a neutral program, system.'

Aster garnered no response from it and just focused his intent to see the Mission section.



Mission 1: Take the virginity of 5 women. Reward: Lust-Inducing Aura. (2/5)

Mission 2: Have sex 20 times. Reward: Libido Art and Unrivalled Penis (6/20)


Aster noticed the new designation for the missions. Mission 3 and 4 had taken up the mantle as 1 and 2, respectively.

He only had about one-quarter of progress to acquire truly practical skills. The Libido Art was a great attraction to him because he always feels a wave of exhaustion after a session of sex. The enticing Lust Skill would truly be a help in his future endeavors.


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