Lust Exchange System
19 Woes of the Self
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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19 Woes of the Self

Aster still had his dick resting inside Plum's pussy during his talk with the system. He slowly pulled out to give her rest while also feeling the satisfaction of having his cum drip from her opening.

His released load was extremely viscous that it formed a long thread from her raised pussy until it dropped to reached the bed. Aster could clearly see the trail that her love juices made because of his intense pounding. From the blood marks, her fluids traced up vertically until his semen puddle.

Her butt was still up high as she gasped heavily to contain her excitement and to signify her tiredness. The nectar production had now run dry because she had reached her limits.

'I almost forgot about that.' He remembered how pained Aria was and proceeded to get the Deflowered Lady Cream. Fortunately, Aster did not fuck her again or she would be writhing in pain with the aftershock.

Aster scraped the cream from the trusty product and he fingered it inside her to mix with the creamy semen of his own.

"Alright, Plum. Let's rest now because it is almost lunch and your sisters would be waiting for us downstairs." Aster advised while helping her to rest properly on her back. Plum was still in a state of extreme exhaustion and he felt sorry, so he asked for the system to advance her cultivation to let her gain back energy. 'Advance Plum to Novice 1, please.'

Plum felt her harem mark light up and mana gushed up to her inner core. The amount and density that gathered were enough for her to consider herself at the peak of the first level of the Novice rank.

Aster saw the dark glow of the dark halo and could not help but praise in his head. 'System, a nice touch to make their advancement more magical.'

The Lust Exchange System always utilized numbers and computeresque themes that Aster would sometimes forget its mysticism. The glowing touch just made him reconnect with its rule-breaking capabilities.

Plum eventually regained her bearing and gained enough energy to move again. They dressed themselves up and prepared to head down to eat. Aster also saw her stumble due to her wobbly legs and could not help but apologize again for being too intense. Fortunately, he was quick enough to catch her and he took the time to help stabilize her steps.

'They have mature outlooks in life that I don't consider them by their age and yet the reality is that they are fragile girls that I need to care for.' He offered his realizations while also commenting on Aria. 'Aria must have felt wobbly in the morning too but her determination made her walk through it without a hitch.'

"Aster, let's go." Plum offered and he obliged after their fifteen minutes of idling and offering cuddles to one another. Both of them eventually reached the dining table to fill their stomachs.

As expected, Eve was there to offer her teases. "Hoho! Is it times up already? Would you like to extend her services, Sir?"

She was still stuck to her prostitution play and was playing the part of the shady clerk. Aria could not help but scold her actions. "Eve, stop with that. You do know that we are not the only ones her?"

Eve noticed her little sisters coming towards the table from their playtime and reigned her teasing. She also noticed the visible difference in Plum's aura and could not help but feel jealous. 'Does his cultivating powers work when he gets the virginity of women?'

She was close but not entirely correct. Eventually, she shook her head and just let him do the process with her during the scheduled night.

They had a fairly decent lunch with restrained small talks while Jade and Monet talked of their agreements and plans for their afternoon play.

'I really should consider getting the house a television set to entertain the little girls.' He took a mental note in his mind while also debating against it because of the double-edged capability of TVs. They are good as an informative medium but also a tool for corruption. Even cultivation cartoons had fairly violent undertones that would warp children's minds unknowingly.

Aster also felt that he is deceiving himself when thinking about what is good for the little girls even though he is considered to have experienced the joy of watching cartoons at a younger age.

Having their stomach filled from lunch, Plum requested for her sister to teach her about the Origin Body Art. Even though Aria only learned it in the morning, the proficiency she had on the technique was not any less than Aster. Eve also had the body cultivation art but it has no effect due to it being catered to one's mana cultivation level. Given that she has none, the art also yields no significant effect.

Jade and Monet were floating around the pool as they watched two of the triplets skillfully perform basic and rudimentary routines. The little sister asked her big sister with masked complaints in her tone. "Monet, did big sis Plum also go to bed with Aster because she is able to practice that dancing routine now."

"I guess so, Jade. Let us just stay in our lane, little sis. The older kids have shady dealing that we should never meddle with." Monet more or less understood her little sister's thoughts. Her little sister was just told that she can't do something she wants and yet another person gets to do it.

Monet was also jealous but in a different context. She is experiencing puppy love and can't help but feel frustrated about her older sisters hogging the person she admires. When Aster first arrived at their old house, she commented about him being a frog prince in the fairytales because she truly believed him to be one.

The sight of Aster after leaving his bath was dreamy to Monet who liked reading princess stories. It brought woes in her childish heart to see a handsome prince like him having slept with her sister and it was the reason why she did not oppose when Jade proposed for the marble prank. It was later that she understood the underlying reason for her sister's moaning.

She always wondered what happily ever after would be after every story. Monet did some research by snooping into Eve's books that were borrowed from the library.

'Princesses get ridden off into the sunset by their prince charming but when they reach the bed during the night, the princess would then ride their future husbands to mysteriously make babies.' Monet was shocked by the revelation and kept quiet in her heart. She did not know much about the mysterious activity because she did not delve much into reading any further but was still sad about her and Aster's potential love story. 'Aster will become an old fat prince when I grow up anyway. There still plenty of other princes in the sea.'

Aster had nothing much to do for most of the afternoon but he had his schedule set at night with Eve's super special time. He took this time to rest and relax to get ready for his nightly activities.

'I really lucked out.' He sat comfortably in his recliner seat and commented as he tried to recount the progression of things. Not even a day has passed since losing his virginity and he already got the sisters to be in his harem. It was disconcerting but he mostly understood of their circumstances. 'Coincidences happen in this world but only a few are as rewarding as this. I really have to thank that previous father of mine and his overblown plans to get rid of me.'

'The stuff about the phony oracle foreseeing a vision of me and blabbering about some random and clearly made up poem was an exaggeration. He just wanted to send me off with a bang to not give his enemies some reason to ridicule him.' Aster cursed the man's cunningness. 'He could straight up abandon me like a disowned orphan but that would be a stain on his record. If he were to get rid of me like a genius time bomb, it would awe his enemies for having sired some spawn of destruction. At least that would paint me in the light as a dormant talent.'

'Sending me away by through his goonies in secret and in another nation would enforce the lie that he told to the world. Those gullible ones that believed his act would want to exploit my 'dormant talent' and hiding me away would make them think that he had disposed of me.' Aster continued while also cursing the zealousness and superstitions of those Skyfire fanatics. The plan worked to his advantage though and landed him to meet a family of sibling beauties.

His time in the whole afternoon is also when he took the chance to nap and to continue his deserved indulgence that was interrupted by the girls earlier. By the time he woke up, the sky had already turned dark and the girls were being called out for supper.

The six of them had their talks just as they did in their lunchtime. For Aster, it was bland because they really had nothing fun to talk about but the girls who were together with their family thought differently. They consider family as a thing to cherish while Aster and his familial issues made it hard for him to see that. Still, he was somewhat happy to be part of their conversations and was slowly coming to a changed understanding of having formed great connections.

Although he preached about bonds and stuff to the girls, his strength-driven outlook in life just made him see them as objects to conquer. In all honesty, he was just as benefit-hogging as the Suns clan he detested.

Cold and apathetic on the inside but wore a mask of etiquette on the outside. The bad guy and good manner routine were just a means to an end.

He has sympathy for the siblings' plight but was actually delighted about it because it resulted in having him meet defenseless lambs for his taking.

His statement about love and lust being intertwined with one another was just a sliver of realization that was not profoundly impactful on him.

When the system explained about him being a master to those he conquered, he did not want them to be mindless dolls but he wanted to have conquered girls with life because it would not be too bothersome for him.

The affection bar and love bar of the Sentiment Meter was just a tool for him. He even scoffed at the idea of having the girls reached the true love level of sentiment. Maybe to him, it was some sort of badge to collect while receiving some sort of unexpected rewards by the system.

'I guess I have been truly trying to change myself slowly as I came into this household and met them. The second that I had my cultivation, I could have overpowered them to bend to my every will. Should I show them my dark truth or should I try to change it?' The dilemma of his identity was being exposed and he was stuck in a decision between choosing heartlessness or compassion. 'Maybe immersing myself to the food made by Aria and her sisters had melted my concept of myself. The system may have been an influence as well. It may be telling me not to be some power-hungry moron but enjoy the exchange and camaraderie among my women.'

'It is quite shitty and whiney for me to talk about good and bad. Disaffection and bond. Compassion and indifference. All of the bullshit labels.' Aster erased his brief interlude identity crisis to the back of his mind and felt a sense of loss and gain. 'I'll just play by my own standards, I guess. Who are there to judge what is my truth and what is my falsity? The real judge is me.'

'I'll care for these girls as how one should. I'll also indulge myself with them in extreme tendencies occasionally. Who cares if I am sadistic or cruel? Who cares if I am weak or strong? Who cares if I am a saint or embody mercy? Who cares if what I am doing is right or wrong? Who cares if I am perverted or a gentleman? Seriously, who the hell cares except for me and those who have special bonds with me?' Aster had a sense of enlightenment that did not come from the system but a discovery that comes from him.

The triplets, who had an unbreakable connection to him, could not help but feel his mood fluctuate a bit and worry for him. He was still calm as he sat in his table as he ate and slowly turned to the siblings in the table. "Do you guys trust me and do you guys also distrust me?"

"Yes and yes, I guess." Aria and Plum answered in unison to him while Eve teased. "What is this, Aster? Are you going to say you are some fake dude and you are in a conflict whether you should continue or expose your perfect facade?"

"Sort of but I am over it now." She was right on point but not entirely correct. He was also happy from hearing their replies and had himself experience what truly falling in love was. His brief interlude did not impede the enthusiasm of their table talks and they talked until they were full from the meal.

'Life is just a big theatre performance where everyone is the main lead of their individual lives and has no script to follow.' He uttered in pride as he felt himself make another quote that could go down in the literature books as a legendary piece.

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    《Lust Exchange System》