Lust Exchange System
20 Bed with Triplets
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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20 Bed with Triplets

With supper being finished, it was time to get ready for the night and sleep. Aster was dragged along by the happy Eve to his bedroom after brushing his teeth. Much to his expectations, the whole triplet ensemble was on the bed. The mattress was changed again to spotless and clean white, not that it would remain that way after a while.

"Hehe! My super special time is here now, Aster. Are you excited?" Eve grinned while Aster replied. "Not as excited as you, I guess."

"So, how do we go by this?" He asked because the triplets had their own plans. If they were still princesses, they could be valuable assets to their kingdom as strategists. That is if they divert it on to war and political stuff and not on his perverted activities.

"There is no plan at this point. You can proceed at your own discretion. We'd like to see what lies under your facade, I guess." Eve grinned again but with her mischievous side teasing him. He shrugged and undressed himself for the night of activity.

His toned muscles and lean physique was a sight for the ladies. Eve was a bit stupefied by the display while the other two , who had already seen it, blushed in silence. Aster smiled. "Haha! To think that beauties have times where they are dumbstruck by handsomeness."

Not waiting for their response, Aster pounced at Aria first. She was on her pajamas and it tempted him to tear her items of clothing apart. He slowly slid down her pajama pants and left her top. The expected green panties were there but this time, he did not remove it.

He moved the clothing aside for him to see the wet and pink pussy. Aria was ashamed of the display and could not help but voice out. "Aster, don't look at... it."

"Hehe! It is quite beautiful though. Every twitch of your pink opening, it squirts out little bits of juices that it quite a marvel to watch. Isn't that right, Eve?" He praised while looked for companionship in the form of Eve, who also saw it as she spectated. Her breathing was already heavy from the erotic display and could only nod in agreement.

'Is Eve really some sort of sex guru for the trio?' He commented in his thoughts while seeing her speechlessness. 'Haha. Your some sort of expert but now you are quiet from being exposed to the real deal.'

Aria was covering her face from the embarrassment while Plum was quiet but already wet as always. Aster could not wait any longer and had his dick's tip kiss Aria's pussy lips. He had it bump with it a couple of times to have Aria be filled with lust and have her shame be erased.

It was quite a display for the leading figure of the group to be exposed of her lust face to her sisters. Aria involuntarily pleaded in her head. 'Pleesh, do it already. It is quite... shameful but I can't wait.'

He did not read her thoughts but he just did as he wanted and coincidentally pushed it in her after her internal monologue. Her stretched-up panties were in the way of his movements but it was fun to do it in this way for him

"Aaah!" Like so, she moaned and infected her sisters with lustful passion. Aster fucked her in her initiation position which was the trusty missionary. Her perfect upper body was still covered up by her pajamas but it did not stop his enthusiasm to thrust inside her.

Eve, who was behind Aster, could see her sister's love juice being squirted by his penis. It would spray on Aster's balls and disperse on the bed.

"Aahh... aaah... I'm cummming!!!" Her sensitivity flared up and built up pressure made her squirting even more prominent. The sensation of the dick moving inside her, while Plum watched her lust-filled face and Eve watched her pussy below, was intensified and she let go of her inhibitions.

"Fuuck... meee! Aaaah! Leeet my... seesh... ters... watch... aaah." She loudly announced with her moany voice while Aster did as she wanted. Aster stiffened his dick to its peak hardness as he thrust and ground at the tight walls of her pussy. Fortunately, the lubrication has long been in place as they pleasured each other.

The huge and supposedly sturdy bed had long been shaking along with the increased intensity of their movements. Aria clearly felt the increase in pace that she never experienced from him before. Her orgasms had also experienced an exponential increase as she felt herself let out bombs of juices that had long reached the intoxicated Eve.

Aster's movements could not help but have her clench her hands with Plum that was beside her. Their passion had long been infectious to the spectators but the girls seemed to hold back their urges to masturbate with their fingers because they wanted Aster to do it to them with his dick.

He noticed their problems but could not help them much because he wanted to please the mature dispositioned Aria to the fullest. He turned to Eve, whose face had long bathed in her sister's fluids, for help. "Eve, why don't you help yourself with Plum over her? It is quite torturous to wait for us to end with our activity here."

Eve was still in her stupor but she followed his advice and turned to the drenched pajamas of the quiet Plum. She undressed herself as well as undress the younger sister. Aster took the full brunt of the display of pleasuring on the side.

Plum was laying on her back while Eve positioned herself on top of her. They were at a head to neither region situation. Plum licked her sister's virgin pussy that was by her face while Eve did the same as well on Plum's recently stretched up vagina. All the while that they pleasured each other, their hot boyfriend was on their mind.

Aster had his eyes locked on the display of dual pleasuring that he seemed to have neglected Aria. Aria also realized this and had her hand turn his face towards her. She wanted Aster to focus on her as a priority for now and let him view her beautiful and lust-filled gorgeous face.

He read from her gestures and decided to enjoy the sideshow later and focus on the play that was he was doing with Aria. His domination at her pussy was in full-force but she took the brunt of it and let him enjoy what she could offer.

Aster had his focus entirely on pleasing Aria that was below her as he fucked. He can't help himself but kissed her on the lips that muffled her moans.

He also slowed down on his speed a bit to let her rest while letting her pussy's wall massage his stagnant penis.

"Aria, tighten your pussy and let me cum without me moving please." He requested while Aria did her best to satisfy his man but she was vexed on how to do it when he would not move himself.

Eventually, she found a way by having her legs cross behind him as to embrace and invite his dick deep inside her. She also tightened her hugged towards him as she tried to clench her pussy as much as she could. "Enjoy this... Aster."

Aster could feel her pussy tighten like a black hole truly locking it in place. His dick braced itself and suddenly it softened. Aria methodically tighten and loosen her pussy and brought the greatest elation to Aster who was enjoying the feeling and said in his thoughts. 'I read legends about women who can control their reproductive organ to please their partners to the greatest heights. This must be the elusive and masterful pussy albeit untrained.'

Her technique was not up to par because professional pussy psychics could control it like a wave. If their pussy was a sock, they could freely control its elasticity and bring sensations to men beyond compare.

"Good... little Aria! I'm cumming." Despite the discrepancies, it was good enough that he felt his dick being milked hard on his long shaft.

"Aaah! Ay... aym... cumming!" The extreme load that he unleashed triggered an orgasm on her part that she let go of her clingy embrace towards him and relaxed in the bed. Aria was tired but her perfect legs were twitching from having cummed a lot of juices. His dick was still inside her and he could not resist himself but have it stir a little to mix the fluids inside her.

He eventually pulled out and release the glorious mixture through her stretched opening. The sight of her pink vagina being painted with his white semen was breathtaking. The flow eventually stopped when the panties she was still wearing blocked the flow from going out of her.

He eventually took the troublesome panties off along with her pajamas that were drenched with sweat. When it was time to remove her bra, the accumulated sweat dripped from her breasts like spring water on a mountain.

The triplets were only on the category of a B but it was enough for Aster to see.

Plum and Eve realized that he was done fucking with their sister and patiently waited to be called out. They could choose to scramble to him for affection but felt the need to control themselves lest they give him the impression of being addicted to his dick.

Aster smiled at seeing their eager and struggling eyes. He had only met them for quite some time but their love for him made them susceptible to please their urges with him on the bed at the moment.

"How about we do this? Aria will continue to lie on their while I have Plum's and her pussy align and close to each other." He beckoned for Plum to come close and had her lay on top of Aria. It was a missionary and doggy ensemble as he could masterfully switch his dick to penetrate any of their pussies at his own choosing.

Their booby mounds were close together as they pleasured each other's erect nipples. He could not wait to enjoy himself in pleasing them that he obliged and suddenly entered the leaking pussy of Plum.

"Aahh! Aaas... ter! Not so... rough!" She reprimanded but the enjoyment was apparent in her loud moans. Eve complained while her was pussy drenched with her own juices and Plum's saliva. "Where am I supposed to go?"

Aster grinned and said. "You can wait because I really want to try fucking them this way. You will get your turn eventually"

He decided to pay her no mind for now and thrust at at Plum while molding her meaty butt. The friction between his dick and her pussy was visibly smoother than Aria's but he just considered this as unique individuality. After all, a pussy has got to be unique and identifiable from others like one's thumbprint.

"Aaah! Aaamazing!"

"Deesh is... ahhh!!"

The duo formed a cacophony of moans that was quite the music to Aster's ears. Their mounds being crushed with each other as he rhythmically moved behind Plum.

The sisters could see eye to eye and find their usual face was nowhere near what they were usually showing to each other. They were fraternal sisters with their own beautiful features but they were like identical twins as they had their face filled with the lust they were experiencing.

Aster could only see Plum's divinely carved backside but he could anticipate the change in their expression as they drown in their own pleasures.

Aria's pussy was not exempted from the tingling situation as Plum dropped her fluids to her opening. She was pleasuring herself by the habitual drop of her sister's pussy that was just directly above her's.

"Aaah... aaah!" It took some time until Plum felt Aster's dick pulsate inside her from the orgasm it just let out and moaned to relieve herself. Aster did not dwell much and lowered his still erect dick to enter the vagina below.

It was Aria's time to shake and convulse as Aster went back inside her and fucked her to his heart's content. She also felt a heavy feeling as Plum went weak above her, their boobs that were directly facing each other had deformed to its greatest possibility. They were like balloons filled with water but did not pop as they crushed each other.

Their sensations heightened to greater heights as their bodies swayed to accommodate Aster's powerful thrusts.

Aster's dick bathed in the semen that he left inside Plum's and helped in lubricating it to reach greater depths inside Aria. Another climax was reached as he let out all that he could inside Aria.

"Cum for me girls." He already let it all out but he still moved to wait for their orgasm. As expected, the dual orgasm happened as the duo moaned to their full satisfaction.

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