Lust Exchange System
21 Super Special Time
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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21 Super Special Time

Aster was happy seeing them having orgasms at the same time. 'Hehe. It may be true what they say about siblings being born on the same day has some sort of supernatural connection.'

"Aster, what about me?" He heard Eve talk at the side and realized that she cummed the same time as her sisters. 'That's the connection between triplets, I guess. Or maybe these are all coincidences?'

'Psychic or not, I am loving the feeling of having fucked and letting them cum at the same time.' He gave a slap to each of their butt cheeks and reveled at seeing them fluctuate and ripple. If it was slower in retaining its shape, he would think that they were made of the same material as a water bed.

Eve placed to fingers in her pussy and made them move along as her mouth like lewd ventriloquism. "Aster, you still haven't given me my super special time."

He shook his head as he saw her antics and broke Plum and Aria's position. Aria on his right and Plum on the other. He laid in between them while they snuggled to rest in his shoulders. Kissing each of their foreheads for a job well done which made the resting beauties with closed eyes involuntarily give a beautiful smile of happiness.

'Being a sexual romantic than being a cold-hearted fucker has differences of great extremes. Maybe I'll be the best lover to docile and good-natured women while I will be some sort of evil sadist with violent tendencies to the opposite end of the woman spectrum. Those who are masochists and my enemy women should take the brunt of that side of me.' He had to think about the future given that there a lot of circumstances within the interactions of his future harem members and himself. Aster put those thoughts on hold and returned his focus on the situation that he is in with Eve.

Aster looked at his limping dick that is feeling the exhaustion and is lacking the power of lust. Eve was his only option and said to her. "Can you help my little brother, Eve? If it regains its best condition with the help of your tongue, you will get your special time. It would be unfair for you if I were to take your virginity in these circumstances."

"Hehe! Just say that you miss my mouth, okay. Don't overcomplicate it with rewards and stuff" Eve snickered and approach his dick that was starting to get wet. It bathed in Aster's white semen and her sisters' love juices but she loved the taste of it as she licked it clean and spotless. Aster's semen was on the bitter and salty side but she loved to take it into her mouth. The extra sweetness from her sister's nectary delight was another flavor that evoked her appetite. Cooks new how to stimulate the sense of taste and Eve could tell that the taste of what she is licking was the best bomb of flavors she ever tasted.

Aster felt her tongue as she licked his long rod to spotlessly clean. It was now in the glory of her saliva and then she slowly and methodically pushed her head down to let it move in her mouth. While doing so, she had her eyes locked into Aster's and enticed him with her blinking eyes and the curly eyelashes that went along with it.

His dick gained excitement again and stood greatly erect than ever. Due to the Oral Delighter I, Eve loved the feeling of having his dick on her mouth. The deep-throating complications that she felt before was now gone. Her breathing was standard and she did not feel the urge to gag. Aster felt the greatest reach he could achieve in a woman and Eve did not feel discomfort at all, it even made her aroused and excited that her pussy was feeling light orgasms.

Most women would only put their lover's dick on their mouths depending on their mood and preferences. The recently gained Lust Skill was the best remedy for those problematic factors and he did not have to accommodate his women because they would not find it any different than putting his dick in their pussy.

There were still parts of his dick that did not enter her mouth and her hands were there to help relieve its frustrations. When her lips move up, her encircled fingers moved down. In vice versa, they would meet up in the middle and gave contentment to Aster.

"I'm cumming Eve!!!" He grunted and the thick milk filled her throat. She also let out another orgasm from the satisfaction of letting her lover have his fun with her. The triplets we're unnaturally talented in wetting their pussy, so Eve did not lose out to her sisters in nectar at all.

"Where... is... my reward?" She said while swallowing the sticky cream to fill her stomach. Aster smiled. "Didn't you say earlier that I shouldn't overcomplicate it with rewards?"

"Well, I am a hypocrite that is always looking forward to your rewards and punishment." Eve answered with a loving smile while he felt excited from seeing the display and hearing her answer.

He stood from his position and had Eve replaced him in between her sisters. "Aria, Plum. Help your sister, will you?"

"Yes, Aster." The two that were mentioned had already regained their previous strength. Each of them stretched up Eve's leg for Aster to ease through her opened up vagina. They fondled each of her boobs with their free hands and said to her. "Do you like this, Eve?"

"Yees!" Eve was excited and in anticipation of what was to come. To give up her virginity and that was to Aster that she loved. She had developed her fantasies but this was the real deal. Her heart was pounding and it suffered a jolt when she felt her hymen broke from his dick's entry.

Aster could see her pussy lips part way and felt the warm blood trace down his dick. Eve was in pain but he consoled her a bit by saying. "You are not a virgin anymore, Eve. You will forget the pain, eventually."

"Move now and pleasure me to drown out the stinging sensation, please." Hearing her orders, he moved and fucked her slowly. He had his hands trace up her raise legs that were dropping sweat with his every move. It took a while and her face became lust filled with her tongue out of her mouth. Saliva was flowing from her lips and Aster felt himself succeed in his efforts for her to experience her super special time.

He fucked her while her sisters were deforming and trying to remold her pussy. Aster's hand that was moving and tracing her was another sensational act that made her sexual desires become filled up.

Aster felt that it was lacking from seeing that it was only Eve on her happy face, so he had his hands reach up to their pussies. They also understood his actions and opened up their legs to let him please them.

They felt his fingers twirl around their pussies and eventually reached the fabled spot that pleasures women to unidentifiable extremes. Although Aster would also touch it when he moved his penis inside them, the feeling of him pushing that one and only spot was another story on its own.

It did not take long for the expected end goal to be reached and he saw the heavenly face of the triplets close together and breathe heavily. Their look of total pleasure was directed towards him and he felt himself over the moon from the happiness of pleasing these three goddess-like beauties.

His fucking was increased as he felt himself nearly reaching extreme satisfaction. His virgin pounding and finger fuck was of the same levels of intensity that the girls their bodies together. Six mountains were jiggling up and down on his view and sweat was being whisked away as they moved.

With one last push of his fingers and one last thrust of his dick on Eve's previously virgin pussy, they came together and their moans echoed in the master bedroom.

Aster's head was filled with lust but it regained clarity when the system gave out its pointing system for their session of sex.


Total Lust Points Gained: 18,500

• Ass Fondling: 50

• Oral Sex: 400

• Finger Fuck: 300x2

• Vaginal Sex: 500x4

• Cherry Popping: 500

• Others: 150

• Bonus: 5x Multiplier


'Bloody hell! There is actually a fucking multiplier option.' Aster nearly spurted out blood from the shock of finding out such a sudden and unexpected surprise. 'System, mind explaining it to me, please?'

"Host, as previously mentioned, multipliers are a possibility and are easily gained by having sex with your harem members. A 3x Multiplier is the multiplier when you have sex with your two to fifty harem members. It is basically a multiplier for your threesomes, foursomes, and uncountable sexual debaucheries you will have. 4x multipliers are when the host exceeds that interval which will be informed to you when you reach and exceed a harem member count of fifty." The system methodically explained while continuing on with other discrepancies in the multiplier bonus. "There is also a 2x bonus that is designated for special forms of sex such as twins, triplets, MILF, incestual, mother-daughter, cuckolding, Weird Sexual Preferenced, and many more."

"The five times multiplier is a stack-up of multipliers you get from 3x multiplier from harem debauchery and a 2x multiplier from having sex with triplets." The system's explanation eased up a lot of confusion on his part but he was still outraged from the subtle hinting that it hid. 'System, when you put Weird Sexual Preferenced in there, I hope you considered my stand on the extreme kinds of stuff like me fucking the someone of the same sex. We have had this conversation and I hope to not repeat myself.'

'It would be a long shot but its okay for me to have fun with lesbians and queers. As long as they are female by birth and pretty attractive.' He stressed again and hoped that the system understands where he is getting at. The system unemotionally replied. "You have made clear on that stance, host. There is no need for you to panic and fret."

'Good!' Aster felt that he was way overreacting and eases himself a bit by rubbing his dick a little bit inside of the recently deflowered pussy of Eve. He continued with his further inquiries in his head. 'System, wouldn't this multiplier system mean that I could ease my way to the top without much challenge? I can live with that but you seem to have withheld some information.'

"Quite critical of you, host. The harem sex with your harem members is there to stay which means that you have a guaranteed point splurge every time you have fun with your conquered women. However, the 2x Multipliers are exclusively one time depending on the circumstances." Aster felt that the system's words make sense but also not at all.

He questioned for further explanations and he understood when the system said. "A good example is the situation you are in right now, host. After twenty-four hours of sex with this set of triplets, the two times multipliers will become obsolete and will not become valid unless you have sex with another set of triplets."

'Fuck me! I may want to splurge but I am also a miser with a frugal and greedy personality. The high points are a must for me.' He muttered while getting ready to continue until he runs dry. He expected about 30,000 lust points to reach and achieve the heights of an Initiate. The 5x multiplier is a must for him to ease through the Novice ranks.

'If its a super special time for Eve, then it is also a super special time for me.' He gritted himself and prepared to fuck to the fullest of his capabilities. 'The night is long and I hope my sexual drive and their's can still make it through it.'


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