Lust Exchange System
22 Sensual Frenzy
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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22 Sensual Frenzy

Fortunately, Eve still has some urge to continue with their nightly activities and complied with Aster's newly found drive for having another session of sex. What she did not know was the reason for his unusual need for sex? Not that it mattered because she was prepared to match him as she could.

'Who is dumb enough to not cherish the opportunity for gaining elusive points?' He said while he laced his penis with some of the Deflowered Lady Cream. It was applied right by the penile shaft behind his dickhead, the cream would work wonders instantly as he enjoyed another session of rubbing inside her. Eve's pain from having her hymen broken was erased and a soothing sensation replaced it. She could not help but think. 'He is really prepared for any circumstance when it comes to going to bed with a woman.'

Aria and Plum, Eve's triplet counterparts, were basically done for the night and proceeded to sleep in their current position which was right beside their sister.

"Aaah!" Eve tried to muffle her moans to let her sisters sleep and rest but the sensation was too pleasurable in her pussy that she can't help herself and just moan. Aster movement perfectly stimulated her and was learned from accumulating sexperience with the Mighty Missionary Skill I.

He did not know much about gaining sexperience and the qualitative rise in its number was quite fluctuating. The system did not give Aster any guideline for leveling up the skill but he still felt that his technique in bed was getting better and better. He was basically a virgin the other night but now he was more or less equal to a veteran in battles of the bed.

Aster decided to have sex with her with pure back and forth motion that is expected with sex and the missionary position. He felt that Eve has a greater sexual tolerance than the other two and had the hunch that she would be perfect to get him through the night. He also did not forget to trace his fingers to the sleepers' pussies because he felt that it might compromise the multiplier bonus.

'System, does the multiplier have other complications I should know about? Like the criteria for its continuation and such.' Only the trusty system could enlighten him on such matters and so he conversed while pleasuring the trio to their satisfaction.

"Host, the 3x harem multiplier is activated as long as you are in bed and session with your harem members. Even if you are not directly pleasuring them, the multiplier is still in effect." The system responded as always.

'I know that much because how the heck would I be able to pleasure ten or more women at the same time. What I wanted to know is the limited edition 2x multiplier?' Aster had a feeling that the system was fluctuating a lot. It would give some comments that signify its annoyance and understanding like a living being and at times like these, it would stick to computerized prompts that would not hit the mark of his inquiries.

It is like how one would use the search bar for the web to answer your profound assignments and what you get are answers that are pretty much far from what you mean. The system and browsers would basically need a specified search using a smart configuration and ingenious use of words.

The system answered again in a more appropriate response to his question. "For the limited time multipliers such as the triplet multiplier you are using right now, it would not take effect if the whole three of them does not feel pleasure and the sensation of sex. If only one person among the three is experiencing the feeling of lust, the multiplier would cease its effect and only the 3x multiplier bonus would be available."

'Basically, what I am doing is correct. Even if Aria and Plum are asleep, given that they are still feeling lust as I touch their pussies it would work.' With his doubt cleared, he continued to pleasure the trio together. It was unfortunate that he could not play with Eve's bouncing boobs in a missionary position but there are still chances in the future. Maximizing the lust points gained through a sexual frenzy with the triplets was his top priority at the moment.

"Aster, cum... inside me?" Eve said as she felt herself holding back her orgasms to experience a unison of orgasm with him. Who was he to reject her request? When he felt his dick twitch from the excitement, another wave of seminal discharge happened inside her.

"Oooh!!!" Eve's body curved like an arch towards the ceiling as she orgasmed with him. The view was astonishing that his sexual desires spiked up to its most optimal condition again.

"You're so sexy, Eve. I can't contain myself and go again." Hearing her lover's voice of praise, Eve was pleased and offered herself up. "Play... with me to your heart's desire then."

He grinned and whispered to her ears as he leaned in close to her. "Why don't you finger your sisters with your finger? Be careful not to wake them up though because I need to play with them tomorrow."

Eve complied with his strange request and not knowing that he is only doing it for the triplet bonus. She felt up her sisters' pussies and rubbed them gently. Her sisters were in deep sleep but she felt that they were in sexual wonderland in their dreams as she saw their smiles.

Meanwhile, Aster blocked her view of their faces with his legs when he carefully positioned and knelt by her upper body. She saw his dick up close that she felt it was bigger than when she swallowed it. It was an illusionary effect that was brought about by the distance and elevation but she still could not help herself and gulp in surprise due to his actions.

"What are you doing, Aster?" She felt the need to satiate her curiosity. Aster grinned and explained his goals. "Well, I felt sorry for your breasts for being left out, so I decided to have sex with them."

He felt excited by the prospect of moving his dick in between her little B cup breasts. Eve understood his intentions and could not help but voice out. "Ay. The feeling might not be as great as big breasted women though. Are you prepared to have your expectations crushed?"

Eve had read a lot of erotic books and could not help but feel down on herself. Despite their stunning beauty that wowed many, she felt incompetent when comparing herself with girls that have greater boobs in the novels. She was not considered flat but it was still inadequate for Aster's large dick to rub itself in her relatively small breasts.

"Don't worry about it, a tit fuck is still a tit fuck." He also noticed the downcast tone in her voice and felt the need to appease her. "Your breasts are beautiful and you need to feel proud of it."

Aster could not help but curse himself for being cheesy in his lines. Before, he would barf at the thought of saying lines like these. Strangely enough, he was happy now when he sensed that Eve's mood was back to her usual happy self.

"Your such a sweet talker, Aster. You have to be the one to stick it together though because I still have to please these wet dreamers." She smiled at him while joked at her sisters' expense from feeling that they were flowing wet with her fingering when they were clearly asleep. She had a feeling that they were reliving their sexual moments with Aster in their naughty dreams.

Eve's assumptions were not wrong this time because Aria and Plum were really in their sexual wonderland. Their sexual experience was only fresh on this day and the vividness was without a match. Coupled with Eve's fingers stimulating it in reality, the dream was as realistically illusory for them.

Aster did not bother much and controlled his strength to mold her breast together to simulate a pussy. Eve felt a wave of lust as her sensitive and erect nipples touched each other. He did not wrap his dick with it first but he made it thrust to the gaps. It was like forcing its way through a pussy that is made with booby flesh.

The shine of the light in the room was reflected by her glossy skin and sparkling sweat. He moved back and forth and saw his penis pierce through and reach out to the other end.

Aster rhythmically moved forward and back and triggered the nerves in his penis to stimulate and flow through his body. The sensation was not any lesser than moving inside her pussy.

"It's... amazing!" Eve saw his dick head grow big and shrink smaller in her perspective. The illusion of the eyes was intensified as lust had overtaken her thoughts once again. Despite not being pleased by much through her breasts, the thought of him moving like how she sees inside her had still stimulated her erotic fantasies. Her nipples rubbing against each other was enough for her cervical fluids to flow.

It took about fifteen minutes until they both attained orgasms. Eve's pussy burst out juices like a little fountain while Aster ejected his semen until it sprayed on her face.

"Not enough!" The new method of sex had enticed him so much that he rubbed his dick on her cummed up pretty face to bath it in lubricative fluids.

"Hmmm... you addicted to my breasts now?" She loved the feeling of his dick caressing her face and could not help but tease him for it. Seeing him doing his best to please himself with her breast made her happy and forget about her previous insecurities.

"Hehe. You could say that." He answered her playful question while he rubbed up his penis towards her pussy-like breast again. This time, the process was much smoother and more exciting in their opinion.

Every move of his dick would make sloshing sounds that aroused the both of them. Aster sank in perversion from the sensation that he had thrust his dick uncountable times. His precum had long flowed and traced Eve's neck. It took another while until he blasted another wave of his white semen into her face.

She had her mouth on the ready at this session and caught most of what she could. Most of it still sprayed to her cheeks but she licked and reach for the fun of it. "Want to... go again, Aster?"

"Yes." Aster answered with great enthusiasm. Every time that he felt his libido wane, Eve's enticing actions such as licking his semen and swallowing it without disgust would only spike it up again.

He felt reluctant to part with the breast configuration but they needed their share of rest. If he were to get overboard, unforeseen circumstances such as deformations may occur. It would be fine if Eve were an Initiate but she was still considered a mortal that had not even stepped into the Novice level.

Aster chose to vent his lust on her vagina while calling up on the system for a new set of commands. 'System, raise Eve to Novice 1 please. This should even out the starting point of the sisters.'

As he had his penis move inside of her, the harem mark glowed to its unparalleled darkness and mana flowed inside Eve. Aster could not help himself but praise the system with its ingenious design with the glowing of the dark halo.

Eve had finally gotten her much deserved advancement after waiting and seeing her sisters experience it before her. Her fatigue from her previous sexual sessions had lessened and she was more enthusiastic to match his tempo.

Her legs embraced his behind to invite him deeper inside her. This was the same way that Aria reacted and the best way for him to enjoy being inside them.

He pounced at her for the rest of the night. A frenzy of sex was happening and they had fun as they could. Plum and Aria were not forgotten by the wake duo as they gently traced their pussies with every extra movement that they could while having fun with each other.


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