Lust Exchange System
23 The Awaited Rewards
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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23 The Awaited Rewards

Dawn of the next day had arrived and Eve's moans could still be heard. The sleeping duo with their special dream had been woken up by her melodious moaning.

"Were you guys doing this all night?" Plum asked while blushing as she felt Aster and Eve's finger playing with her pussy's lips. Aria was not spared by the action as her pussy was being played with as well.

"Aaah! Aaah!" Eve had no time to answer as she clenched her fingers at her sisters' pussy to not get pushed too far from Aster's constant thrusting at her. They were having sex at a missionary position for Aster to not compromise the high reward bonus from fucking the three of them.

"We took long breaks too, you know. It is quite the record if we did this for a whole night." As much as he was reluctant to do, he needed to rest and his sexual partner needed one too. He finally got his much-awaited reward by the time he came for about more than ten times and he was practically overflowing with his strong libido and increased penis measurements.

Eve is practically bathed with his cream on her upper torso while a puddle of his semen was forming right near her pussy. Every time he wanted to rest he would just lay on top of her and sleep. Both of them loved the feeling of indulging in their desires and did it a couple of times throughout the long night.

The others now knew why they felt good in their sleep and it must have been from Eve and Aster's fingering. To show gratitude, they each took one of Eve's breasts and played with it while also looking seductively towards Aster. Eve's breasts were akin to the soft bun that was sprinkled with condensed white milk from all of his fun with it.

Both of them came again for the last time with Eve taking the full brunt of the force of his ejaculation.

"Girls... let us take a break for now and prepare breakfast, okay." He said in shortened breathe due to his excessive workout session. They complied because there was still other stuff left to do for the day.

"Hay. You really did a number on my sister there, Aster." Aria sighed and reprimanded him for being to excessive while also feeling weirded out with Eve's unmatched endurance. 'How come Eve was able to survive the night with this beast without passing out?'

She saw Eve was smiling as she rested like experiencing the best relaxing sleep she ever had. 'Did they really rest? Even if they did, wouldn't they feel sore from the activity? I am still tired myself from having sex with him in the earlier part of the night.'

Aria eventually erased her doubts because she was sure that she would find out soon anyway. Aster was a mysterious lover for her with unknown capabilities. Given that they were already linked with him, they already accepted who he is and what he might be.

The duo prepared for breakfast while giving a much-deserved break to the horny night partners. Aster did not know of Aria's curiosity but what he did know was that Eve would be assaulted by a wave of exhaustion by now that they stopped having sex.

Aster went to ask the trusty system in his head. 'System, is this influx of sexual desires between the both of us a virtue of the reward you unconsciously gave to me?'

"Yes, host." The system proceeded with its congratulatory prompt. "Congratulations on completing an assigned mission, host!"

He focused his intent on the missions section and found joy in his progress.



Mission 1: Take the virginity of 5 women. Reward: Lust-Inducing Aura. (3/5)

Mission 2: Have sex 20 times. Reward: Libido Art and Unrivalled Penis (20/20). Cleared


"As host has observed, the Libido Art and Unrivalled Penis has unconsciously been added into your arsenal of Lust Skills." The system then popped out a succession of screens.


Libido Art I. An art that would increase one's sexual desire or libido. A lust skill that is legendary in itself and sought for by men of all races. The practitioner of such art would have an enviable ability to have sex as much as one wants.


'System, this won't turn me into some sort of sexual demon and cloud my rational judgment, right?' He asked with worry. The thought of being addicted to sex does not sound well for him. Even if his life right now is oriented to sex, having his own conscious thought on his actions is still better than a mindless person who thinks with only his lower body.

"You do not have to worry about that, host. The Libido Art would not only increase your libido but it would also increase your control on your sexual desire." The system's words appeased him of his troubles. He had thrown his doubts to the drain while he was back to being awed by the fact that he has the potential to do great things in bed.

The Libido Art was still in development and was far from the advertised as it is. It would eventually reach those enviable heights that were advertised as he would progress and grow.

'System, does this lust skill also have an effect on my women?' His question would undoubtedly answer to Aria's doubts as well. He realized that even though Eve was with him for most of the night and was the most open to having sex among the triplets, she would have long been tired from his assaults even if they had taken breaks.

"The Libido Art also has a tendency to have an effect on your sexual partners, host. Your harem members would have to take the brunt of your sexual drive and this little effect would be helpful in your future activities." Those words were like music to his ears but he also felt the downside.

'If all of my future women would have infinite sexual drive as me, wouldn't it be quite harder for me to please my harem?' The downside did not dwell in his mind for long due to the system's answer. "As previously explained to you. Libido Art is for unceasing sexual desire and the ability to control it. You, the host, would have full control over how your libido affects you and how it affects your harem member. If you want to have sex with them for days, you could do it. If you want to have sex with them for weeks, you could do it."

'Which means I could also have sex with them in their natural sexual capabilities by inhibiting the effect my libido has on women.' His eyes brightened up from the realization. The fact of having the capability to be infinitely tied to his women with sex was great but it would be unfair to other members of his harem. Despite their grand devotion to him after they are conquered, he would still want for them to not have regrets on their choice to be with him. Also, the variety would be better than sticking to only one flavor.

If one were to get used to the taste of chocolate every day and you developed your taste buds so that it eventually tastes bland and boring to you. It would be best to move on to milk or coffee for a while. Eventually you will miss the taste of chocolate and find that it returned to its usual goodness in your tongue again.

Many would say that doing something you love is not tiring even if its the most grueling office job because it is driven by passion. What many don't know is that the formula of changing up the rhythm is also a reason for passionate people to be driven in what they do.

'Repeating something you love would eventually become boring in itself and change is an essential component to make it even more interesting than before.' Aster nodded subconsciously in pride from having another great quote that he muttered in his head. 'That's another one that should go in literary books as a legend.'

A while later, he had gotten over his stupor and asked for the explanation of the other reward. It did not take long for another screen filled with text to pop up.


Unrivaled Penis. It is technically a better version of Eased Puberty but it would let the host's penis to reach unrivaled potentials. It could also be considered a lust skill because it needs sexperience to be improved.


The explanation was straightforward and Aster could not help but look down towards his penis. His measurements from before were mediocre at best because of the improvement it had at the moment. He did not notice much while he had sex but he was sure that Eve could really tell the difference as it was being enlarged while rubbing inside her.

Aster could not help but smile on his possibilities in the future. He did not check any further because he had to take a bath himself and eat breakfast with the girls. Eve had long gotten her energy back while only feeling a bit exhausted.

She was officially in Novice 1 and could already practice the Origin Body Art, so she asked for a training session with her sisters.

After most of their activities were done, their leisure time in between eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner was basically having sex with Aster in his master bedroom. Fortunately for them, the house came with a set of seven mattresses and was easily washed with washing machines. There were only four left though because the girls were overtaken by their sentimental sides and had to store up their virgin stains.


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