Lust Exchange System
24 New Missions
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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24 New Missions

It took quite a while and sessions of sex until Aster heard the system in his head. "Host, the 2x multiplier from having sex with triplets have now expired."

Just before the announcement, he had released his penis inside of Plum's pussy while using his Bitch Pounder skill. He was also fingering the other two while he was at it.

It was night and roughly the same time as when they started yesterday. 'That was a whole twenty-four hours. Good thing that the Libido Art got me through it."

A pointing screen was then showcased to him and the results really shocked him.


Total Lust Points Gained: 121,250

• Ass Fondling: 50x9

• Boob Fondling: 50x10

• Oral Sex: 400x5

• Finger Fuck: 300x17

• Tit Fuck: 400x8

• Vaginal Sex: 500x20

• Cherry Popping: 500

• Others: 2,500

• Bonus: 5x Multiplier


'Dang, I really outdid myself here. System, did you just add more numbers and statistics to the screen where you first explained to me about multipliers?' He asked seeing that the Cherry Popping was still there. The system eventually replied. "Yes, host. This is your entire point system from the start of the activation of the 2x multiplier."

'Luckily, I like to chat with you, system. If not, this loads of lust points would totally be non-existent right now.' Aster praised his long dialogues with the system from seeing the great numbers on the screen. He reckoned that he could reach the middle levels of the Initiate ranks in his cultivation if he were to use this much.

If his stuck up cousins and siblings were to find out, they would flip out and spurt blood from envy. Mana accumulation needs great talent and pronounced in the Novice categories. The Initiate realm is an even greater burden due to considering another factor other than mana accumulation and that is mana control. Years of repetition and gaining proficiency is needed for considerable advancement. Yet, Aster could advance without much hassle.

An Initiate healer at the first level could heal cuts and bruises. The process of healing a wounded person would need grueling mental imaging and willing the healer's mana to speed up the natural process of the body. Even more complicated complications such as broken bones and crushed organs would take even greater amounts of control and mana.

Despite the system's ranking of the levels from 1 to 10, the whole world could only differentiate who has greater cultivation than the other with the use of mana stones and by virtue of their mana accumulation.

To put it in example, water inside a ten-gallon container would be considered as the mana of an Initiate 10 by the mana stone. However, a little amount of water in a complicated water gun could only be considered as Initiate 1 cultivator's mana.

If water was mana and the object holding the water was the cultivator and his skills. The container is pretty much a 10 in quantity but pretty much useless if it not utilized. The water gun, on the other hand, is still useless but it could squirt the water forward.

From these circumstances, a person at the lower end of the realm would still be able to beat a person at the higher end of the realm spectrum. There are also circumstances of being a total non-combatant but still be higher realmed in cultivation. It is rare in greater cultivation realms but it is still bound to happen. Examples of such are the truly popular Weakest Saint and the Unsaint.

There are circumstances of rich good-for-nothings who consumed a lot of pills and products that increase the accumulation of mana. They reach great cultivation levels but is basically a useless hoarder at best. There were even times where they burst to blood and bits from the mana inside their bodies going berserk. Lifespans could easily be increased by this method but they are considered as fake cultivators by society. They are the walking time bombs who put in no effort whatsoever in true cultivation that uses skills and effort. The Weakest Saint belonged in this category.

The opposite of the time bombs are those that are likened to the water gun simile. They are lacking in resources and talent in terms of mana accumulation but their control of mana is mighty and complex that they could be considered as true unrivaled masters in mana mastery. Others would call them part of the true mana cultivators but they are better termed as a frugal master. This is the category for the Unsaint, who has abysmal mana accumulation compared to true Saint realm cultivators but is in the top of them in terms of power and capability.

True talent and those who succeed in the world are those who balance themselves in between being walking time bombs and frugal masters.

This whole stigma of harsh labels is basically powered through by Aster due to the system. By exchanging lust points, his mana would be enough to breeze through the ranks and become a walking time bomb. It would then be balanced with his frugal mastery via exchanging lust points to ease his way in mastering skills.

'Talent, hard work, perseverance, resources, and such and such are to be rendered insignificant by me.' Aster smiled while feeling his vent up frustrations against his previous oppressors being turned to nothing but crap.

'If my math us right, I still stocked about 8,769 lust points and with the 121,250 lust points I have now, it would be 130,019 lust points all in all.' He was about to order another exchange with the system but was interrupted by its voice in his head. "Host, new missions have been posted. Please recheck your Missions section for further details."

Aster stopped himself from asking for a cultivation raise it and read the contents of the new missions. Focusing his intent on what he wanted, the awaited screen appeared in his view.



Mission 1: Take the virginity of 5 women. Reward: Lust-Inducing Aura. (3/5)

Mission 2: Reach the Initiate realm. Reward: Being able to purchase passive growth coupons.

Mission 3: Let ten women who are bound to be common mortals gain cultivation. Reward: Talent Awakener. (0/10)

Mission 4: Have twenty Harem Members within 9 months. Reward: Lust Point Control. Remaining Time: 9 months. Punishment for Failure: 1 Year Freezing of Lust Points. (3/20)


'Okay, system. First question. What is with this Talent Awakener stuff?' He decided to go straight to the point while the system straightforwardly answered as well. "Talent Awakener enables your mortal fated harem members to be able to cultivate and have a talent in cultivation."

"They would not be bound by acquiring lust points from you and accumulate mana in a normal manner. The lust points would be a supporting matter for them. Please check your harem members and corresponding lust points through the Harem Member section." Aster did as he was told and was shocked by the minimal number of lust points they have garnered.

Aria had about 6,640 lust points and Plum had about 5,994. Eve was slightly higher with 8,054.

'System, how come they are receiving a lower remuneration and shouldn't their lust points be just about as high as mine?' His doubts did not stay long as the system voiced out the technicalities. "The multiplier bonus is only applicable to you, host. The lust points that they are gathering are just normal and corresponding to what you would receive without multipliers."

"Through this logic, you could assume that you have the harem multiplier because you are the one having sex with the harem. You are the one with the triplet multiplier because you are the one having sex with triplets, host." Aster now found out the downside of the system for now and that would be the smart usage of lust points. 'If we go by Mission 3, wouldn't it have a 3 out of 10 by now because I have advanced the triplets from their mortal bound fate that is courtesy of their inability to sense mana?'

"The counting of cultivating mortal fated women would start after the posting of the mission." The system explained while Aster questioned again. 'How come you did not recount on Mission 4? Does that have to do with the wording of the mission?'

"Yes, host. Have twenty harem members would be dependent on the count of the harem member section, so the progress is already 3 out of twenty." Aster figured it out by now and knew the underlying reasons for the last two missions.

'System, what is this Lust Point Control?' Aster decided to try out his luck and find out if the system would spill some beans regarding the reward.

"Lust Point Control is an upgrade on your authority with the Lust Exchange System. It enables the host to be able to manipulate and account for the lust points that you have gained. It means that you not only have full discretion on your lust points but the lust point control also lets you be able to master the lust points within members of your harem." Aster asked again. 'How is that any different than the authority I had before?'

"It means that you could collect your harem members points as your own and also designated your lust points to your harem members." This time, Aster was sure about his conjecture regarding the new missions. They are all meant to let him truly become a harem builder of powerful and talented women.

By assigning all of their accumulated points, he could advance Plum to great levels despite her having the shorter end of sexual sessions. The Talent Awakener also lessens the burden of developing harem members and not just be lust point dependent.

Aster felt the need for another questioned and voiced out again in his head. 'System, how come you are open in disclosing the descriptions of rewards I have not even gained yet?'

"Host, you simply have not asked regarding the descriptions when it is not disclosed as you think. Only reward descriptions from secret missions are not to be told to you." The system's words felt like mockery to Aster who only found out about the loophole now. Still, he calmed himself with the great advantages that it gave him. 'If only, system. If only...'

Putting aside his fantasy of choking the system's non-existent neck, Aster had to arrange plans for completing the timed Mission 4.

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    《Lust Exchange System》