Lust Exchange System
25 Reaching Initiate
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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25 Reaching Initiate

Another day arrived and Aster was by the bermudagrass filled backyard of his. He did not do much of the activities in bed because he wanted the girls to sleep well as compensation for playing with them a lot yesterday.

They were not women who are crazily addicted to sex. Their view on the matter is how most wives would. They can do it if they want and not be some weirdo who would wet their panties whenever they see him. Although they are easily stimulated and are unrivaled juice producers, they are still able to control themselves like how civilized women should.

Aster has a great sway on their choices due to being conquered but he opted to ask for their opinions first and only then would he proceed with the deed, if they agreed. Yesterday was an exception for him because of his rush to gain points and he had already apologized for it.

'It is another matter, if it is my enemies though.' He thought out loud but pushed the thought at the back of his head. His priority now was to experience the joys and perks of being a lust point tycoon.

[Cultivation: Novice 3(0/3000)]

Seeing the progress he had so far in cultivation, he asked the system for a raise that he really deserved. 'System, advance my cultivation to Novice 4 please.'

The system deducted corresponding numbers from his saved up lust points. It did not take long until his mana reserves received a substantial increase. Along with it, his body cultivation art would advance as well.

Images of the same body movement routines were shown but there was a substantial difference in the strength and flexibility they possessed.

"I guess I should familiarize myself with it first." He proceeded to perform as how the enlightening visions in his head did. Even though he was sure that there would be no drawbacks and cultivation mishaps if he were to jump to higher cultivations, the thought of putting a bit of effort into practicing would somewhat ease his heart that would never get to experience the trauma of long durations of practice.

If other cultivators were to understand his reasoning, they would really be feeling vexed. They would fight for the situation he is in right now but sadly they would never know of such heaven-defying feats.

It took half an hour for Aster to do all of the primary movements that brought in a lot of benefits. An example of the primary movements is testing and mastering the known fundamental capabilities of his arm.

Others would view it as an extremely overrated stretching but if Aster were to attack someone in any of the known angles that could be achieved by the arm, they would find that it is not in any way less powerful than a straight punch or an uppercut.

His finger flick and hand slap would also generate as much firepower as most of the known heavy arsenal of the body.

The same logic would be applied to his leg. Any sort of lunge, high knees, back kick, and even leg stretches would be as powerful as his strongest front kick.

Another perk of the body art is the split. It may be shameful for most men to be able to split and somewhat crush their balls but the Origin Body Art seemed to make him more masculine when doing it. It would however depend on the practitioner's gender. Such as how the triplets have enhanced femininity when performing movements that are supposed to be more suited for men.

Even the awkward pooping stance and horse stance seemed to be able to bring forth a powerful visage.

Any possible angles that his head can be turned would also be an attack to look out for. Even one's bite strength is not saved from its revolutionary effects.

From this, one could already perceive the practitioner as a harbinger of destruction with his every move if he were to reach monstrous levels of body cultivation. However, the body art also offers complete control of the strength that the practitioner can bring out.

If the practitioner had 100 kilograms of strength, he could very much control his output of power. If he wanted to exert about zero kilograms of strength, he could do so. If he wanted for only 99.99 kilograms of strength, he could also will himself or herself to do so.

'Incorporating the basic of all bodily locomotion is the true foundation after all.' Aster can't help himself but feel pride from somewhat co-creating the art.

Most arts and techniques that are formed and created would be somewhat catered to an entire realm. They grade from the most useless Novice Grade Art to the more legendary Saint Grade Art.

Arts, techniques, performances, and crafts are all termed as skills. Skills are meant to be developed but it is a lot harder to do so. The weakest Novice Grade Art may achieve the ranks of a Saint Grade but it takes a long process of trials and errors. Which is why many would consider disregarding their previous cultivation art and find ones with a higher grade.

Fortunately for Aster, the system has a passive growth coupon reward after reaching Initiate. There is also the possibility of improving or evolving any known skills that he could acquire.

[Cultivation: Novice 4(0/4000)]

Aster asked for another bout of a breakthrough from the system. 'System, advance me to Novice 5.'

The same process happened but this time it would seem that Aster's mana reserve in his first inner core at the navel was not the primary target. This time around, the mana gushed from his navel and followed through his numerous meridian channels to reach the second inner core by his heart.

The spirit is the reflection of a person's will and thoughts. They are also bound to influence another person's will if they are powerful enough. The spirit is the true reason behind how cultivators are able to control the ever-present mana.

Its core is found between the chest and near the heart. This is where the expression of having a good or bad heart came from.

If you have a good heart, your mana would tend to be influenced by your good spirit and influence it to be done for good. Some studies also suggest that the inclination of one's spirit is a factorable reason behind the formation of attributes. There are attributes that are pointed towards good while there are also attributed directed towards evil.

A cultivator with an attribute of fire would develop fiery mana that is dependent on their spirit. A person filled with rage would have a violent personality while also having haphazard flames. The opposite would be the calm and charismatic fire cultivator whose flames would tend to have a sensation of warmth to those who are near it. Others would find this light as some sort of guiding flame in despairing times.

The same could also be considered for water cultivators. They are calm and steady as how water in the stream would flow. A disturbed one would have water capabilities that are as impactful and loud as tidal waves and raging rivers.

Another extreme attribute that is related to water is ice and frost. It is cold and unfeeling but also violent and terrifying if pushed past its limits.

Fortunately for Aster, the system's mana distribution is truly pure that he could shape and bend it as he wants. His familial lineage of being attribute with the light of the sun has not stuck with him. He could be considered to have no attributes and the most perfect starting point for unorthodox cultivators who have suited themselves to have a lot of attributes as possible.

This situation is also suited to his skillshare effect. If his women were to have different attributed then he is bound to learn different attributed skills. Coupled with his numerous quantities of knowledge from his time as a bookworm, his harem army is already set without many hitches.

After his advancement, he practiced his sole body cultivation art for a considerable amount of time. His movements now had a trace of spirituality in them that seems to influence the spectators of every underlying testament of power with his every move.

The triplets that were lounging in his balcony could feel it. They were familiar with his movement exercise because what they practice did not have many discrepancies from it. Even with that, they were sure that something different from how Aster is performing his fundamental techniques.

[Cultivation: Novice 5(0/5000)]

[Cultivation: Novice 6(0/6000)]

[Cultivation: Novice 7(0/7000)]

Aster did his process of advancing and familiarizing and burnt out 18,000 from his lust point reserves. This time the mana seemed to have filled the inner core in his chest area and gushed out the extra mana through the meridian channels of his neck and head. The third inner core was the most tricky and most profound compared to the other two.

The mana that is directed towards the soul is one of the underlying reasons for a cultivator's unusually high longevity. The soul could be mortal or immortal and is not much different from the functions of the spirit. Its core location in the head is the true origins of why headless corpses tend to be believed as a tragic form of death.

They are the souls that are cut off from the cyclical belief of reincarnation and transmigrations.

A living entity such as a human being lives by the trinity of body, spirit, and soul. Each of the components is supplied by energy and mana is the one that reinforces and strengthens all four of them.

A weak body could not hold the other three and leads to a lack of vitality or death. Weak souls and spirits would not bring breath and liveliness to the entity. Insufficient energy would eventually cripple the trinity. These are the problems that common mortals struggle in. Thus, mana cultivation came into existence and people strive for the fabled immortality it promises at the end of it all.

Aster performed the Origin Body Art with a reinforced soul and his performance that already holds spirituality seemed to hold a trace of life.

[Cultivation: Novice 8(0/8000)]

[Cultivation: Novice 9(0/9000)]

By spending another bout of 18,000 lust points, he eventually reached the true peak of the Novice realm which is Novice 10. His three inner cores were filled to the brim with the purest and attribute-less mana.

"Haha, breakthrough to Initiate!" Aster somewhat broke his silent conversation with the system as he paid for 10,000 lust points as mana seemed to shroud his entire being.

The siblings who saw the display had marveled at the view of a dark halo that glowed unrivaled darkness with Aster as the center. The white theme of the house was shrouded by the enchanting color as an aura of mana was released by Aster.

It took a while until the magical display was over and he was as ecstatic as he reached the true starting point for his adventure filled with bloody battles and sexual undertakings.


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