Lust Exchange System
33 Dispelling
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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33 Dispelling

Aster was a bit stupefied by the contents of what he read. It sounded completely overpowered that it even promised to have gained eternity.

'System, mind explaining things for me?' His inquiry was quickly prompted by the system. "Host, Eternal Physique has been automatically added to your existence the moment you have gotten the reward."

Aster twitched his brow in annoyance. 'I know that but how come I don't feel much different and somewhat eternal or something.'

"Host, you should either be dumb or blind to not have read or understood the tag that it is incomplete." The system's words choked him due to its blatant undermining of his reading capabilities. He felt like a person who reads the concept that was given to him but later asks questions that are clearly explained in what he read. They would critique and ask the author or their lecturer of the scripture they have read because they are either dumb or blind to not notice the facts that have been clearly given to them.

He also felt that he was a bit dumb on asking a question with an obvious answer and could only reiterate his question to something that really suited what he wanted to convey. 'What I meant was why is the result not too obvious and legendary enough? Shouldn't I be like in a comatose state for three days or even more? Where is the tribulation lightning that would judge my feat that defied the heavens?'

He read novels that whenever they get something crazy like immortality or other stuff, unusual phenomenons are bound to happen. There is also punishment from the heavens that would rain down that they call as a tribulation on those who defy mortal fate. Although he thought that these things are a bit over the top, he did not want to be left out and wanted to experience some sort of mysterious occurrences.

"Host, the answer is the same. Your Eternal Physique is incomplete and would not possibly create a disturbance. The creator was the one who rewarded this to you. He would be quite contradictory if he were to give you a reward that is bound to have you face some heavenly fight for your life." The system's words made sense because even with the Eternal Physique, the process of endlessness was still present when combining the five skills that he has learned.

This would signify that the new physique is independent of the skills and not depend on the quintuple arts that made it possible. Aster wondered if his immortal-esque physique would overlap with the five skills or would they support each other, but the answer was what he was given.

He also had a feeling that physique was no different than the body but he decided to not ask the system because he was sure that it would give some condescending stuff as an answer.

Eventually he decided on asking something from it. 'System, what are additional features when obtaining the physique?'

"Since the process was a bit instantaneous, the host has not noticed that your looks have changed and have improved." The aspect of having his looks improved was great and all but he already had that as a package when he was born. Still, he did not want to be a narcissist in front of the computer-like system and be cool about it but he was a bit happy with the additional perk. Looks were a bit on the high side of the priority for women and in the virtue of equality, men also find it of importance.

'Society runs on a lot of things to come into existence and I find that beauty is a bit on par with money and power. Money and power tend to outshine and suppress beauty but one can never deny the importance of aesthetics.' Aster thought in his head while thinking of the ease of making women fall in love with him. The system burst his bubbles and said. "Host, you are not truly handsome that it defies common sense. Your looks only changed due to the trace of eternity it has, so it is a charm factor not a face surgery."

'Crap! I messed up.' He did not think that the narcissism was oozing from him and gave the system a chance to give a beating on his vanity.

The system continued with another information it withheld. "Eternal Physique has also been toggled to have a feature in the Lust Exchange System. Since you have used killing oriented arts in two of your aspects such as the Sour Devourer and Murderous Will, every time you devour a soul or absorb a spirit would yield discounts on your lust point-dependent cultivation progress."

'System, isn't that just you giving out discounts for every time I kill?' Aster asked while the system said. "Yes, host. But taking in the souls and spirits of objects such as weapons and stuff would yield the same result."

He had a hunch that this feature should be in the Killing Exchange System but somehow it made its way in the Lust Exchange System instead.

'Was your reprogramming botched, system?' To answer his doubts, the system said. "You are dead wrong, host."

Even with that answer, he felt that the creator became lazy in making the new schematics of the system. He has a sex-oriented system and so the discounts would involve killing people or other forms of existence. If he was given the system meant for him to become a killing machine, he was sure that the discounts would come in the form of having sex.

The discount plays an integral role in advancing cultivation and his alone. Thus, the lust points importance came into play with building an army of women. Whatever the case, it is still a great support for Aster.

"Haha, time to deal dual damage to the so-called Romance Tyrant. With the power play in place, I can add his sister to my harem and he would truly experience despair for making me waste a ton of lust points." Aster grinned as he looked towards the passed out Kamryn. She wore clothes belonging to a high-class man but the looks of his man-face were truly mediocre, so much so that it would be considered a mob type and easily blend in the crowd if people don't know him.

'Good thing that the triplets are mastering both the Grand Energy Art and Origin Body Art and the girls are lounging by the pool.' He smiled deviously as he carried the fainted woman to an unused room.

It was not far from the master bedroom though and the pieces of furniture inside were still spotless and on the luxurious end. 'This house is literally bought on with jackpot money. Low pay and high rewards are the package deal it gave.'

He had Kamryn lay on the bed while snooping around her left wrist. Using his mastery over mana, he formed a needlepoint to prick her finger that was disguised as a man's. Any other cultivator can shape their mana into any other shape if they will it to be, it is just special techniques that tend to be better because they form mana weapons that are much sturdier and versatile.

Aster had no time to care for that because he rubbed he had to rub his right hand's index finger with the tiny blood that she produced from his needle prick. The blood accentuated his thumb mark and he drew a straight line across her left wrist.

The line of blood danced and reformed into a bracelet of blood that spewed out light in the shade of deep red. It was designed with intricate red curvings and a more prominent shape of a heart was visible. The pointy part of the heart pointed towards her palms while the two curves were directed up into her arms.

"Diaskorpizo!" Aster uttered a little word as the expected transformation occurred. The treasure bracelet did not reform her bone structure and body, instead, it tricked the eyes by enshrouding the wearer with illusory mana that never failed its job to deceive every onlooker that would see her in their view.

The bracelet was even more complex though because of the extreme deceptive capability of tricking one's sense of touch. Even when Aster was carrying Kamryn and touched her true feminine body, what he felt was the rough and stiff outline of a man.

"Where in the heck did they get such a treasure?" Aster asked towards nothingness while he became distracted when the disguise was being dispelled.

From her toes to head, the structured trickery mana became destructured as it converged inside the engraved bracelet. The noble clothing was taken off as it was also formed from the mana but Aster was disappointed that she wore stunning and red fitting clothes underneath all of the disguises. It made sense though because if everything she had externally was a disguise then it would not be right for her to be walking around naked, even if other people saw her as wearing something.

'Her situation was completely different than an invisible man but followed the same principle.' Aster thought. The invisible man would totally need to be naked for his ability to be in use. Kamryn's case is the same as invisibility that conceals her true looks but it still enables her to wear clothes.

'It was a good thing that my mastery of Soul Devourer acted up or I would have never known the proper method of dispelling the treasure.' Some might be wondering how Aster undid the treasure and it was when he somewhat affected Kamryn's soul via Soul Devouring. The skill essentially made Aster's soul enshroud over him and become a glutton of souls.

Her soul was exposed to his soul and given the skill's extra ability to pry on the souls it devoured or in this case, almost devoured, Aster came to know of her bracelet's tricks. The process was also made possible due to chance. His primary goal was to know how to deal with her treasure and his soul unconsciously pried on the information the instant it connected a bit with Kamryn's.

What came into his eyes right now is the product of the coincidences?

An enchanting red-haired beauty with busty mounds and curvy hips. Aster saw the outline of her body that was no different from seeing her naked due to the truly tight red suit she is wearing.

It was like she was wearing something to perform a bloody dance with a pretty diamond face and killer beauty that was no less than the goddess-like triplets.

'It is still not clear whether she will perform her bloody dance or dance with me in this bed though.' Aster was grinning with his devilish smile and looked at her like some sort of sacrificial prey. 'We can never know what happens in life but I sure know what is bound to happen in this bed.'


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