Lust Exchange System
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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34 Play Sui

With Kamryn deep in sleep, Aster looked at her pretty face intently. She was a blood-red goddess laying in the middle of a pure white bed. The size was relatively smaller than the one in the master bedroom but the impacting view it formed was not in any way worse.

'Now, how do I go about punishing this haughty lady?' He debated with himself and formulated options. 'Since the plan is to make her fall in love with me to somewhat vex and annoy her big brother, the best way would be to conquer her with my ability.'

'Just that...' He was stumped with the statistics that the Sentiment Meter showed him. It is on the far negative of the neutral bar that Aster had to toggle it down to the hate bar to see a positive percentage. '89 percent of hate. This is going to be tough to raise to the level of affection.'

Keep in mind that neutral would be the base point of sentiment to a person and it is especially to how you feel about a person you don't know in the first place. The percentage would be dependent if it were going to the love bar or the hate bar. Which means, a 110% dislike would constitute a 10% hate. The percentage would then be opposite on the like bar where 110% like would be 10% affection.

'I really need to step up my game here and somewhat jump her sentiment of me to 100% affection or this plan won't work.' Seeing that she was totally in deep sleep due to the slight disarray of her soul, Aster can surmise that she would be in suspended animation for quite some time. 'The trick would be to conquer her in her dreams, then.'

"Hehe! Here comes the fun." He laughed while proceeding to form a sharpened edge of mana at the tip of his index finger. Similar to how doctors skillfully use a scalpel, his incision was directed to her skin-tight suit. It was onesie and could be opened by using the zipper on her backside but where was the fun in that. It would only be an awkward unzipping when compare to using this method.

A cut was issued in between her bountiful breasts. Like bouncy balls that found their release, pressure was applied by the milk bags and ripped the chest portion of the suit apart. Her perfect and smooth skin was what further increased the aesthetics of her D cup breast that would let other women develop jealousy while let men crave. It also helped that she did not wear bras underneath all of it.

"This is heaven-sent." Aster said subconsciously as he likened it to two grand mountains that emerged from a land of blood. He did not know if Kamryn would also feel this in her deep sleep but Aster wanted to make sure to expose her to his manly ways. Be it pheromones or his touch, a woman is bound to fall attracted to it, given that the distracting logic of thoughts was out of her way.

She would not have to form aversion due to their early fight. She would not have to think of the consequences. She would not have to develop repulsion or feud from getting to know of his traits. It would purely be based on the instinct of her maiden body that gets exposed to his advances.

Aster could just shower her with kisses and caress her with simple touches and theoretically, love and attraction would be formed. He just did the boob opening part for fun and excitement of playing with the biggest naked breast he ever saw in his life. Not to disparage the triplets but it was a true fact that he can't deny.

A round of arousal through sleep would be bound to happen as sexual desire overcame Aster's thoughts. The Libido Art was not as strong as the unattained Lust-Inducing Aura but it is still bound to evoke a desire for sex in Kamryn's body.

'Hay, I have to admit it is quite weird to be somewhat doing everything alone.' Not technically alone but his partner would be truly passive the whole time. 'Whatever, it is not like I am truly in it for sex with her. The main priority I am going for is kisses and touches. Hopefully the theory works but I doubt it would work well for others because they can call out for libido for the sleeping lady.'

If the theory was actually plausible and absolute, then every being in comatose would fall in love with every nurse or doctor that served them. Every person who is a heavy sleeper would become the easiest person to fall prey to love.

'I guess it is a thank you for the system again.' He monologued while he lay on top of her and supported himself with his arms. A sleeping beauty who would wake up and fall in love with the person who put her the sleeping affliction to her in the first place. Not with a kiss of true love but with a barrage of passion as she rests. A fairy tale that is warped of the classics.

He dove his lips straight ahead to her unnaturally red lips and took what he assumed to be her first kiss. Her lips were like the best apples he ever tasted as he pried it open with the help of his tongue. His saliva was mixed with hers as he played with her tongue.

The sleeping Kamryn's breathing had now considerably gone heavier with the experience she is feeling. Her body was instinctively feeling the excitement and joy of experiencing a French kiss. Aster never knew why it was called this way but he read that it was from a bunch of people who lived in a certain region where love is said to run rampant.

With the support of his lips in her mouth, his hands were now free of their duties and headed to the great stress balls by Kamryn's chest area. His happiness surged as he kneaded it like dough and pressed the pink tip that had long hardened from his activities. 'Who cares about her falling in love? This is another sort of fun altogether.'

He happily bounced them against each other and relished in the sensation of rippling it produced. Despite the comical sound of 'boing' never being heard, it was replaced by another sound that would be produced when skins come in contact, the sound of a slap. It was a bit indistinct but those with S and M fetishes are bound to be lost in their own weird euphoria from hearing it.

His dick was feeling left out that it had long stood erect and passed through the gaps of his pants. The future Unrivalled Penis is already showing its potential as its measurements were considerably greater than what it had been.

Aster was busy with pleasuring Kamryn's mouth and breast, so he could only let his tip play with the prominent V curvature of her suit. This was where her nether region was at or more specifically her vagina. His tip was stabbing the red clothing that it made squishing sounds.

As previously mentioned, she was in a onesie suit and might not be wearing her underwear. The influence of his actions and Libido Art must have long wetted up her pussy that juices were being stirred up. The juices that were leaked would be displaced by his dick's methodical press and had traced the depression of her suit's pant parts. The suit must also be resistant to liquids, so her juices exited like tunnel water by the opening right by her perfect feet.

Her butt portion must have also been a container that had long been filled up by her own juices. It would not take long until her entire suit's backside would be filled by her own liquids. It is quite unlikely but the possibility excited Aster and his dick tip's interaction with her suit had long been increased in intensity.

'It would be up to the integrity of her suit if she is destined to be penetrated. When it could not hold on for much longer, it would not impede my penis' mastered movements.' Aster decided on a fun interactive game that involved Kamryn's clothing. 'I could have sex with her as long as I will it but where is the fun in that.'

Half an hour passed but his lust was exponentially rising. His dick that was destined to be unrivaled did not disappoint and had torn most of the clothing that obstructed it. It had fun interacting with her pussy and Aster felt that his penis was playing with the most satisfying button over and over again.

Her boobs were not spared as it was being mended and reformed to its possibilities. With his extensive background on the subject of human body limits by the virtue of the Origin Body Art, the D cup breasts came to meet the greatest potential moldings it could ever achieve.

Aster could even attest that his harem member's boobs can easily crush cultivators that are at the same level of cultivation as them. He would forbid them to use it especially on men but the thought of the triplets smacking lustful succubi with their powerful boobs would be hilarious.

The flow of Kamryn's cervical fluids towards her feet had long been stopped because her pussy was already exposed to the outside world and it was courtesy of his penis tip that loosened the carefully designed threads. He stopped his kiss and breast fondling as he viewed the wet lips that hid behind a jumble of red strings.

His made-up game that would warrant him to enter immediately after the cloth has been broken did not happen. His curiosity about how his captive's pink pussy would look like is what lead him to stop.

"What a beautiful sight!" He was in a bit of a trance as his plans for sex were delayed as he strayed by teasing her privates with his finger. Kamryn's pussy opening twitched from the stimulation it was getting from the touch.

Aster was a bit distracted but he was stopped by a cute cough that was followed by seductive words. "Uhm... you're Aster, right?"

The voice was melodious but it had a trace of impatience and longing. The supposed sleeping beauty was actually awake and her slightly red iris was looking at him intently. Her blush was apparent as her torn-up red suit and red hair improved her seductiveness. His excitement peaked up when she straightforwardly said. "You can do whatever you want?"


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