Lust Exchange System
35 Love Trap
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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35 Love Trap

Aster's blood flow gave out a sudden surge and he can't help but think about placing his penis into her pretty vagina.

"Please." Kamryn said again in a low and enticing voice while her right hand's fingers slowly arrived in her pussy lips to make it partly open. "I can't take the wait anymore. Please do it."

He grinned as he saw her seductive display. Her legs parted from its resting position and made the letter M to bring a higher elevation to her request.

"Oho! When did the naughty miss wake up from her slumber then? If you tell me, I will insert it to your pink gates." Aster smiled with a playful tone in his voice. 'This girl is a straight-up actress that I did not even notice when she woke up.'

"Come closer then" The index finger of her free hand made a gesture to come closer. Aster found her come hither hand sign hilarious because it was like treating him as a pet. Still, he played along and leaned into her head with his ear close to her mouth.

"Mmm!" She muffled a moan that he could hear directly due to his current position. His tip touched the opening of her pussy for her to issue the silent moan of surprise.

"Go on then, supposed sleeping beauty. I was about to get into the good parts and then you suddenly woke up. Was my kiss actually meant to be a gesture of true love?" He asked again while stimulating her cunt with his huge tip. It was a mystery for her to wake up quite early given that her soul experienced an attack.

"Well, it... is because of your... mana." Kamryn gave her conjecture while suppressing the urge to moan from his movements. She was in all reality having a deep state of sleep. It was only when she felt mana submerge her battered soul that she regained clarity and woke up. The mana was nothing that she ever knew before as it had the feeling of grandeur and is never-ending.

'That proves it. It must have been my grand energy and inexhaustible mana that sped up the process of her soul's recuperation. The only mystery now is the unreasonableness of her desire to have sex with me.' Aster could tell that she was playing with him because of the 90% hate that she has for him with the Sentiment Meter. 'Even if you are lustful to experience sex, it shouldn't be with a person you hate from nearly the bottom of your heart.'

'What she wants is for me to have vaginal sex with her? There must be some sort of trap.' He labeled her as a good actress from keeping her enticing beauty to continue playing with her act. Others may not notice but years of Aster's life made him a master of reading the arrogant expression of people. She must have formed devious plans the moment she woke up and realized the situation she is in.

Kamryn's face at this moment was akin to someone who has truly submitted to his sexual advances. Her eyes, however, reflect a conflicted expression with an arrogance that was mixed with it. He could already deduce that she would achieve a win when he places his penis inside her pussy.

Inside Kamryn's thoughts, curses had long been raining towards him. 'Stupid lecher, who is like any other man. Succumb and fuck me. Even if you take my virginity, it will be worth it as long as you become my slave and get back this humiliation. Who cares if your powerful and extremely handsome? I, the Young Lady Kamryn, will have you dancing in the palm of my hands.'

She woke up and saw that he was playing with her body. Strangely enough, she did not find it repulsive and even had an urge to take it to the next level. She knew that she was no match for Aster and the best way for her in this situation is to play along. Her plan was just suited for a tradition that had long been practice for people in her family.

'Our ancestor's trapping curse should be enough for you to buckle.' Kamryn was thinking of using a one-time spell that had long been passed down in their family. The pride of the Valentine nobles is the integrity of their love. What society doesn't know is the miraculous love magic that formed the core of their heritage.

Through giving away their first time and consummate with their chosen partner, the partner would become the most loyal person to serve those with Valentine blood. It was a low-key form of slavery that ensures the progression of talent in their lineage. Heroes and heaven-defying talents were taken into their net of sensuality.

It was a thing of the past though because they have long experienced a decline. Their family depended on the siblings for them to regain their previous prestige.

'Now that I think about it, this guy should totally be a space cultivator and a powerful body cultivator. He is the perfect guy to be my eternal partner. Seeing him up close got me to remember why I feel that he is familiar. The disowned son of the Suns patriarch is actually sleeping with me.' Kamryn spun her thoughts quickly while Aster returned to kissing and groping her. 'This guy just needs to take the bait and he would be what propels me to greater heights. If that prophecy is true or not as they say, this supposed genius would be mine.'

'Erastis Pagida!' She uttered in her mind as mana converged by her genitals. Lover Trap was a double-sided spell that binds both of them to love each other. Although Aster would be the degraded into a serving slave man, Kamryn would also be trapped in loving him despite the difference in their situation.

'Hehe! Got you. So, this is how it is.' Aster did not need to know a mind-reading technique or devouring her soul to read what she is thinking. 'Clever girl but not clever enough.'

His Grand Energy Art lets him be the master of grand energy. He can observe the flow of energy-derived mana towards her vagina. Even aspects of the soul and spirit are bound to be present in the spell she is performing. Legends of old may have fallen for this trick but not him with ultra-sensitivity to all of those aspects.

Whilst kissing her and observing the strangely hidden spell, he thought in enlightenment. 'This Valentine family should be connected to that Saint rank family and this must be the secret to their century of stealing geniuses and story of true love. Even the title of Romance Tyrant is a clear connection to that.'

His time in books came into play again as he read about fables regarding famous families in their region.

'So, this is how they did it.' Aster wanted to test the Lover Trap spell with his Woman Conquer Ability but the criteria of full devotion is not yet met. 'Seeing that she chose me as a target would mean that she has chosen me to be her fabled true love. To think that their rumored legendary tales are actually laced with this dark secret.'

"Haha! Are you having fun Kamryn?" Aster stopped his kissing and asked the faking beauty in his arms. She is fighting him with part logic and part lust and he can't help but praise.

"Yess! When are you... going to do it!?" Although her family's secret art was what propelled her to do this, it can't be denied that playing with Aster is exciting for her. The art is a slave technique but also a curse to their family. Even if their targets are high profile personas and a result of various manipulation, they still center their belief in love and it was a pain to have their chosen partners to become mindless lovers. 'Sorry, Aster. I hate you now but I'll eventually love you. Even if I want you to pay for your lecherous actions to my body, it can't be denied that I will fall for you. It is a curse of love and hate that would bind us forever...'

Before she could continue with the speech in her head, Aster voiced out again. "So, should we continue with this battle in bed? Or should you tell me how your love spell works?"

The seductive mask that she wore was broken down as she stared at him in shock. "How did you... know?"

Aster loved to see her dumbfounded expression. She was really experiencing a barrage of shocks from just meeting him. Her guards were beaten in an instant, an Expert ranker of her family was badly battered, the belief of her talents was taken down, her impeccable disguise was seen through and even torn down by him, and now, the secret technique of their family was read by him.

"I have no obligation whatsoever to tell you." Aster grinned back and made him look like a devil in her eyes. Kamryn stuttered after hearing his eased reply and said. "You... you... are a monster!"

"Hehe! As much as I am thrilled to play this secret war with you in bed, keep in mind that you are my hostage. Hostages need to be tortured for information." Aster laughed and grinned. "Then tell me, what were you planning on doing with that mana in your vagina? Mana in your vagina really rhymes, so I am the funny guy in a good guy bad guy routine. If your answer does not satisfy me, the bad guy is bound to come out."

Kamryn was really scared of his inexplicable capabilities but she was somewhat calmed down by the gentle groping he is giving to her breasts. She is being molested by her captor but she is strangely at ease with it.

'Hmmph! Acting like a devil and yet you are so gentle with my body. This is a hypocrite. There is no other choice to take.' She hates him with every bone ìn her body but she does not repel his actions. Even Aster was surprised as her hate percentage actually spiked to 100 percent. He expected her to be crazy by now and lash out but she was extremely docile beneath him.

"What bullshit good guy bad guy routine? I won't tell you anything." Her eyes were reflecting out a challenge and she even took the initiative to wrap her hands around his neck to hug him closer. Truthfully enough, she can just push his penis inside of her and the Love Trap would be in effect.

Aster knew of this possibility and prepared countermeasures but she was quick in her actions.

"Hnhhh!!" Kamryn moaned as she took the initiative to push his large penis inside of her. Her virginity was broken as droplets of red blood trailed her red suit. Aster also grunted by the surprise of entering her tight vaginal folds but unexpected again to him was the absence of the spell.

He was ecstatic from penetrating a virgin beauty but he can't help but doubt the entire turn of events. "Why?"

Kamryn smiled in her haughty expression. "I realized that your one step ahead of me all the time. If I can't beat you, then I'll join you. As simple as that and this young lady would have to depend on you from now on."

Aster was really disconcerted with how quick he is getting girls so easily. Her hate bar actually turned to full affection bar in an instant and sex is the only thing left for another harem member to be added in his collection. 'Who the heck is there to judge? It should just be a fact that I am unrivaled in bed and taking the hearts of women.'

Be it, Kamryn's strange situation or the triplets quick acceptance of him. All of them were truly unreasonable but this series of coincidences played on his favor so he did not mind being the most unreasonable guy in existence. Even the fabled love trap stood no chance due to his unreasonableness.

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    《Lust Exchange System》