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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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"Really!?" Kamryn regained her bearing and stifled her tears. Her actions were understandable given that they were enemies but she became affectionate to him due to the Hate Reversal.

"Its the truth. We have only met for a couple of hours that you should know about my capabilities, right? Why would some trivial spell be problematic to me?" Aster smiled and appeased her. He was originally playing with her body to get some sort of revenge but with the conquering and her unrelenting love that she has for him at the moment, there was no point in continuing the grudge and he showered her with care in return.

She was ecstatic but her voice was silent as she muttered. "You won't blame me for tricking you, then?"

"Hehe! My goal was actually to have sex with you and make you mine, so I knew the risk. It even impresses me that you could have fooled me under all of my assault." Aster grinned as he was truly impressed by her wits and acting. It may have been due to the Hate Reversal or not but it takes a lot of courage for her to jump into losing her virginity to him. It may have just been a fragment of a second when she woke up and realized that she had to turn the tides.

He did not know much about the Love Trap's capabilities but a pig can tell that it would do him no good. Even its plan B was a scary curse than what was expected to happen. Aster asked Kamryn. "By the way, what were to happen if the Love Trap would take effect."

"Uhm. It would make you love me unconditionally that it makes you a slave to my every will. Don't take it the wrong way because I would love you as well." She blushed while explaining while Aster was laughing in his head. 'To think that it would be the same as my ability. My ability doesn't have the drawback of freezing cultivation but now has the freaking reversing of sentiments. Poor Kamryn is actually the one who was trapped by me. She is not some love-driven slave but a love-smitten woman.'

Not that there was much difference between the two. Just the fact that they don't become mindless but retain their individual traits and decisions.

'My goal would either be 100 percent of affection or 100 percent of hate. If a girl hates me then I'll just drag her to my bed and play with her body. The reversal would then happen and she would be conquered if I take it to the next level.' Aster liked the idea of being loved and hated by every womenkind. 'The zone for a no go would be dislike, neutral, and like.'

"Hey!" Kamryn regained her bearing and got back to her haughty attitude that fit a spoiled young mistress. "You always won against me but I know your real name isn't Aster. You better treat this young mistress well or I'll tell on you."

Given that Kamryn was not a Love Trapper but was Love Trapped, her family would be bound to know about it and disown her. She needed to work on her advantage on him as Aster would be her husband that would serve as a pillar of support.

"Hoho! What good would knowing my real name do you? How did you know who I am anyway?" Aster also realized the advantage of the Woman Conquer Ability against the Valentine skill, his conquered woman would have their own personality that gave them their own charm. He detests arrogant people but she did not find her actions to be worth despising at this moment. 'She would be my arrogant missy who would actually be on the receiving end of sex. Docile and serving because of her attraction towards me.'

"I know all of this because we are designated in Skyfire but not quite well-known." Kamryn felt confused. "Shouldn't you be panicking? Your father and the oracle made a great blunder by fooling the entire nation. They sullied the credibility of divination by falsely foretelling that you are some plague but it was actually just a hoax to get rid of you and preserve your father's prestige."

It was his turn to be confused. Not even a week had passed since the day of banishment and the Suns patriarch already has his secret exposed. How was his foolproof plan found out?

"Why should I be panicking with that?" Aster asked while Kamryn continued. "This was a hoax headline on the Skyfire news and was not truly proven. But the silence of the Suns family was enough to increase doubt in the minds of everybody."

"The Skyfire Emperor had issued a decree to find you and that was a way to verify if the accusations were true. They planned to do another divination through your blood to find out if it is true or not." Aster's eyes were practically cold and unfeeling at the moment. Kamryn was at peace though because it was not the terrifying murderous intent he showed during the battle but she still felt guilty because of giving away bad news.

'Tsk. The Emperor clearly knew of the plan already and he must be who that degenerate father of mine approached for things to come into fruition. A third party must have connected the dots and exposed it. If the people knew that their benevolent emperor actually tampered with the much-believed divination, his credibility would be low and he has no choice but to save his hide by painting that the oracle and the Suns family are the ones who orchestrated everything. The divination is bound to be untrue all along and the decree is just to control me silently.' Aster was basically enraged by being played around by the movers of a nation in their political game. 'Those poor blokes like Dimes might have been killed in silence and keep my location a true secret. Since the foolish Suns patriarch was abandoned by the emperor, he had to keep my location a secret to give his dissatisfaction to the dumb emperor. The list just increased for my revenge plan. My father, the oracle, the emperor, and the third party that just used me for their gains.'

'The question now is why was the three of them are so dumb enough and desperate to send me away. It actually lead to major turmoil in the nation.' Aster had to rethink about the connections of his existence and what led him to be thrown away. 'It can't be because of some arranged marriage or something because I never really heard about being arranged to marry someone. Does it have to do with the Moon family? The more I think about it, the more I get perplexed.'

"Aster, I am sorry." Kamryn erased her haughty attitude again because of Aster's silence. "I was just joking around and only wanted for you to not treat me bad."

"Why would I treat you badly?" He asked while he distracted himself with her apologetic beauty of a face. She said. "I am your previous enemy and women who are enemies of a man tend to only be maids or something. Why would I even send you to your doom when I am in love with you?"

"Good answer." It is not like she blames her. Contrary to that, he is thankful for the information. He can't be walking around and collecting women and not knowing that he is actually being hunted. His hesitation for acquiring television was now gone and the news would a great help for him.

"Kamryn, where did you get this news? If I'm not wrong in my assumptions, you were just recently traveling from the Skyfire to get here?" He turned to ask Kamryn who answered while looking around her fingers. "I have a compressible television device that happens to be in my space ring. You seem to have confiscated it."

"I'll give it to you later. First let's maximize our alone time." Aster was in a state of worry and ease. Worried about the reaches of the Skyfire Empire while at ease from having his current capabilities. To release the tension he is having, Kamryn was the perfect person to go to at this moment.

"What are you..." Kamryn was about to ask when she saw him undress his shirt. She can't help but gulp audibly when seeing the perfect muscle configuration on his lean and perfect body.

"Handsome, you can punish me and vent your frustrations on me!" Her eyes shown excitedly when seeing his majesty in full form. While they were having their conversation, she did not notice that his huge penis was still inside her but now she felt it move inside in anticipation for another session of rubbing inside her pussy.

Due to her bountiful education from reading her ancestor's notes on sexual activities, she was open to sex and not some innocent maiden that slowly proceeds with hesitation. She continuously made blunders in front of him and offended him a lot of times and this was the chance to make him forget about it. 'What is the point of correcting myself and gaining my position in his heart through words? Why not just dive ahead and let him play with my body? I, Young Lady Kamryn, shall pledge to become a better woman who would never inconvenience him. He must have used some spell similar the Love Trap on me to feel this way but what about it. A hot husband like him is the perfect match for a hot lady like me.'

Aster would not waste her enthusiasm and moved accordingly. His penis was digging inside her tight pussy and asking for the massage it deserved. He had the feeling that he was penetrating a virgin pussy all over again. Technically, he had not pulled out completely and it would still be her virgin sex.

"Ahhm! Good! Aaah! Hnnh!" Kamryn was in cloud nine as she accommodated the huge dick. Aster was not leaning towards her head by much and was looking towards his penis that was moving inside her. Every push he made would gush out the semen that he placed inside her earlier. Her labia were stretched to full O shape as it bathed in his white stuff.

Kamryn was a sexy mess as he looked towards him seductively. Her perfect body with a tattered suit let Aster's stimulation run rampant that lust flooded his mind. The thought of reconquering the bloody goddess was what became his motivation as he fucked on.

"Aaah! Aster... too good! So amazing!" Kamryn was feeling it all that can't help but praise. She was new to all of it but she knew that she would be addicted to the sensation of his penis inside her. The Mighty Missionary I was in effect as she was being fucked and her entire body was numb from continually seeking the pleasure of his thrust.

She was experiencing the duality of pleasure and pain from the occasional touch of his tip to her sensitive cervix. His deep fucking did not come impeded as the lubricative property of his semen and her love juice was in play.

"Aaah! Aaa! Aym... cumming!" Her time of orgasming was shortened from the inversely proportional effect of orgasm time and intensity of pleasure. Aster heard her beautiful moans and let out an ejaculation of healthy sperms.

Kamryn felt it flood inside her and even in her sexual weakness, she moved up to reach his lips and give him a passionate kiss. A kiss that signifies her enemy turning into her lover.


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