Lust Exchange System
38 On Top
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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38 On Top

Kamryn and Aster relished in the feeling of each other's lips. He was somewhat seated while she was hugging him by the neck while their genitals are still in place.

They eventually broke the kiss but a thread of their saliva was still seen connecting their mouths.

"Aster, your still big inside me." Kamryn said as she felt the cock that perfectly fitted her entire pussy. While in this position, the kissing of his tip and her womb was unimpeded so she felt it more than ever. Semen and her juices dripped down with ease and traced Aster's balls in the process.

She looked too cute in his eyes when she said those words. Her inquiring gaze was extremely sexy that Aster felt that his desire for sex with her was over the baseline he normally has. It was quite a big difference to see her now from when she would arrogantly act for herself.

"Hehe. Kamryn, can you help me out here?" Aster said with a pleading look that she can't help but find it hard to resist. 'Your lover needs your body, Kamryn. Woman up and help him. You already know he is just acting for sex but it can't be denied because he just looks so damn handsome.'

"Okay." She replied while having a pep talk in her head. 'Yep, we will be doing this for a long time. My body is too sexy and different from that trio of women that he has. It can't be helped but I guess we will be locked in a state of pleasure forever. With how sexy Young Lady Kamryn is, his dick would be erect for an entire week. Fight on and solve the problem that your sexy body caused.'

She positioned her leg and moved her hips up and down. His penis was what she was tracing and she used her arms for support while holding his firm shoulders. Her sensation was blocked out by the thick semen that somewhat hindered the connection of their genitalia and she moved to push it out of the way.

It did not take long for them to feel pleasure. Kamryn may not know this but Aster was excited and anticipating of having to have experience in a new position of sex.

"Hnnnh! Aaah! Good!" Her moaning face was clear to see while she pleasured herself by pleasuring him. It was the entire point of sex but somehow Aster felt that she was doing all of this to give himself a maximum level of pleasure.

Her height is relatively smaller than him so her boobs were rubbing only his chest despite him wanting it to rub in his face. The nipples of hers were tracing out his prominent pectorals. The smooth breast of hers would rub against it and Aster never felt more excited in his life.

"Mmm! Mmnm!" He muffled her heavenly moans by reaching out and kissing her again. She did not stop her motion of riding him despited the minor climax she just released. Her twitching vaginal folds was just a delightful experience to take in. It would unnaturally rub his big dick and give it the best massage it could ever feel.

It did not take long for her to get tired and Aster had to help her with it. His hands groped her beautiful and bubbly butt. It was as elastic and soft as her perky breasts.

He would lift her up and lift her down in the same velocity as how he normally fucked her in missionary. His hands and fingers formed depressions as he grabbed the bountiful meat.

"Hnmm!!!" Kamryn could not moan out loud due to their kiss but she let out a huge orgasm with Aster touching all of her sensitive spots. The white semen that was flowing down of Aster's rod was washed away by the creamy fluids she just let out.

'He is still... fucking me. It is... so good!" Kamryn thought in her head when she deduced that they would rest and that was when she realized that Aster has not cummed yet. Even her internal monologue was having lapses from the methodical thrust of his penis inside of her.

Aster had not done much masturbation in his life but he felt that he was having the best masturbation ever. Instead of using his hand to rub himself, he is using his hand to move a pretty lady that would in turn rub him with her sexual hole.

'I am... cumming... again!!!' She can't express herself in words of the mouth and she could only do another muffled moan of ecstasy. "Mmmm!!"

This time, her creamy fluids were partnered with Aster's sticky semen. The gushing sound as it exited her vagina was so lewd that she felt a bout of shame. 'My... pussy needs to be... quiet.'

They broke their passionate kiss to give each other time to regain their breath. It was not cold in the surroundings but they could somehow see hot steam forming as they breathe. Kamryn's sweat was all over her body that her red hair became a bit damp. Even Aster, who has a strong body, could not help but sweat from opening up his pores during their acts of excitation.

He could already feel a puddle of their sexual fluids forming right below them. The sheer quantity of it was staggering from the point of view of the sexually disabled.

"Uhm. Aster, you are... still hard... down there." Kamryn pointed out the obvious while aftershocks still lingered in her sensations. She had read that it was extremely satisfying but the truth is somewhat laced with deceit. 'Those books from my... ancestors never lie. Pity... for most of them because they... had to train their love... slaves. My lover... doesn't need it because... he is a sexual beast in human form.'

Aster did not know of the praise that happened in her head but he answered her restatement of the obvious. "My penis can't get enough of you, so help me out and let it find the release of lust it deserves."

"I just... can't help my... overflowing sexiness that it seduced... your penis." Kamryn was back to her haughty narcissism but somehow Aster saw it all as a facade to maintain her image as a strong woman in his eyes. She was blushing red when she said. "I can't help... myself either... because you seduced me with your... handsome looks."

Her docile appearance and the redding of her face stunned him silly. She looked like the most beautiful tomato that was too good to eat. Her red hair, eyes, and lips just further enforced the image in his mind.

Aster felt mesmerized by her looks and his lust would only be increased, so he wanted to go for another position that would not let him see her stunning and beautiful face. He also did not want to compromise her position of being on top of him.

"Bear with me on this, Kamryn." He licked his lips from the anticipation and advised the blushing girl. Without breaking the connection of their genitals, Aster turned her whole body to face him backward.

"Oohh!" Kamryn had another minor orgasm as she felt his dick drill her hole with a twist. Thankfully, she was flexible enough to accommodate the sudden stretch of her legs while he turned her.

By now, her butt was what was rubbing his abdomen while he saw the full view of the riveting curves of her backside. Kamryn can't see his face now but she knew of his excitement as his penis twitched inside of her and his left hand reached out to grope her left boob.

"Aaah!!" Another round of sex with her on top happened as Aster's right hand was by her butt and moving her up and down.

The slaps that her butt gave him as she dropped down was quite blissful. Every time her butt slapped him, his penis would reach deeper inside her. Not that there was something to go further because his dick was the perfect fit for her pussy. The sensual illusion of thrusting deep inside must have been due to the position they were fucking in.

Kamryn was also in the same sensation but her attention was focused on the right boob that dangled all around as he moved her. She saw her left boob being molded by his hand in its place while her right boob was just dancing to the rhythm of her moans.

'My... boob should be... ashamed at how... it is acting.' She berated her left breast in a joke while thanking that Aster was not able to see the shameful display.

Kamryn was wrong though because Aster saw the entire display. It was not because of some omnipotent skill to look at any angle but due to a mirror that was by the side of the room. She failed to see it due to her focus on looking forward and Aster was not stupid enough to spoil his delighting secret. He relished in the view for about half an hour.

The jiggling boob excited him so much that he sped up the pace of her motion. The intensity of their genitals rubbing each other was too immersive that Kamryn had to buckle and give out another orgasm.

"Ahnnn!!!" Her voice was heavenly as it reached his ear. He did not want to disappoint her and gave out a release of his semen as well to match her. Kamryn leaned forward to rest face down on the bed. She was tired of the sexual exercise that Aster exposed her to.

As usual, the lewd noise of the gushing fluids was heard but Kamryn was too tired to care. 'Aster... did not complain... anyway... so he must... like the sound.'

The truth was that she was right and Aster enjoyed the noise along with the view of her sweaty back. The elegant depression that houses her spinal column enchanted him and he can't help himself but give a little stop to his ejaculation in her pussy to pull out.

He continued his release by her butt and the creamy semen flowed to trace the enchanting depression that was now a canal that held his semen. Kamryn found it weird to have that sticky juice flow on her but she allowed to satisfy her lover. Her pussy by now was letting out a flow of unhindered semen and juices.

Aster was extremely satisfied with the view that he can't help himself and think of wanting to keep it in his memory forever.


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