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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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39 Blood


Total Lust Points Gained: 4,251

• Boob Fondling: 100

• Ass Fondling: 100x2

• Vaginal Sex: 1,000x3

• Others: 951


What overlapped his sight of the aftermath of his sex with Kamryn was the pointing system. All in all, he now had 7,970 lust points and Kamryn has 7,251 lust points.

'That reminds me of reading her status on the Harem Member section.' Aster wanted to know about her corresponding skills. He did just that and opened the section that he needed to look for it.






○Kamryn Valentine


Seeing their names listed there was quite an accomplishment for him. He really thought that everything about collecting women and stuff would take a long time and yet here he is, having bagged four women in just a matter of days.

Aster focused his intent on Kamryn and find out about her status.


Name: Kamryn Valentine (cursed)

Age: 16

Cultivation: Initiate 1 (0/10,000)

Lust Points: 7,251

Skills: [...]

•Origin Body Art (passive growth)

•Grand Energy Art (passive growth)

•Love Trap (mastered)


He toggled the skillshare to come into effect at this moment and gave her the same skills as the triplets. Kamryn was seen to have the two shareable skills in his arsenal and Aster even gained the full description and learned the Love Trap spell.

Love Trap. Bound to the blood of the Valentines. By giving the virginity of the cultivator to their chosen partner, both of them are entrapped to love one another. The chosen partner would be akin to a love slave. Rebound: When the skill is dispersed and not used by the Valentine cultivator when virginity is taken, the cultivator and the partner are cursed to be trapped in the stagnation of cultivation and lineage.

'There is no point in mastery insights because Kamryn already mastered it and in turn, let me mastered it as well.' Aster said as he was in the receiving end of the skillshare where he gained mastery insights from her experience. 'Quite the blessing or a curse it is, the stagnation of lineage would basically mean that both of us are in birth control.'

Aster did not even need to complete a secret mission or something to toggle the possibility of impregnating his harem member. 'It is not like I don't like the idea of siring my own children but life is still long, I guess.'

He looked at his abundant and healthy semen and can't help but wonder how the curse did it. 'System, do you have knowledge of why the curse is able to do this? Even when I know the mantra and how to do it, the underlying principles of the spell and how it works is not explained. It can't be that it is killing potential babies. That is quite creepy.'

"First of all, host. You are not affected by the curse and you can impregnate fertile women as you want because the curse has long been rendered useless by you. Your skills had long washed away the effects, however, your newest harem member is cursed because the Love Trap is catered and designated for people with their blood. The spell just renders her egg cells infertile and as such no continuation of her lineage." The system explained while he asked again. 'Would the curse be dispelled then when I make her learn the skills I have? If not, what would be the best solution for it?'

"She can learn your skills but it would not dispel it due to the latch of Love Trap in their bloodline. The solution is for her to reach the Expert rank which would overpower the spell that caters to her Initiate rank." The system answered again and Aster can't help but be happy that the solution was quite simple.

He inquired a bit more. 'Is there a reward that lets me toggle my tendency to impregnate?'

"No comment." When he heard that, he knew he would be lead onto a dead end. He turned back to Kamryn's Status and look at her unmastered skills. Below her skills were things that she had mastered but what she is currently learning or has not completely mastered yet is found right beside the Skill tag which is the [...]. This is also where he finds his plethora of unlearnt skills, only at this time, he is looking at her skill collection.



• Blood Drain Art

• Red Mist

• Blood Bend

• Blood Creation


The things he saw really dumbfounded him. 'I really thought that she was just a normal mage. To think that the Valentines dabble in blood arts that they borderline in two of the known classifications, a witch and a vampire.'

The witch is the designation for a female wizard or female mage in most parts of the world. Other regions use the term of a witch as someone who dabbles in evil magic and the practice of blood is among them. These are somewhat on the positive and neutral side of the witch title.

The truly negative side is the witches which are a designation for a race of creatures that feed on children and have the ugliest face of a hag.

Vampires are more or less equal in popularity as the witch because they are the race that is said to have reached immortality through the embodiment of death. As a side effect for their weird immortality, they have drawbacks such as being stuck to feeding on blood and the disintegration by exposure to the sun. The sunscreen on the system's Shop section is a great treasure for them.

Some people say that vampires have fake immortality because they still could not escape their fate of being rotten to ashes. They are still cultivators with an extremely long lifespan.

'Since Kamryn is not anywhere near a vampire or an ugly hag. She must be a female wizard who just happens to dabble and specializing in blood arts.' Aster was not far from being wrong because the Valentine family is truly known for its personification of the profession with the matters of the heart. The heart happens to be an important conductor of blood in terms of one's physiology and the organ most connected to the formation of love.

'She must also have the blood attribute of mana. Quite a rare one that corresponds to vitality and wounds at the same time.' Aster was really fascinated by the discovery. Kamryn was back to sleeping at the moment and Aster wanted to surprise her with mastery insights of numerous skills when she wakes up.

Blood Drain Art. It allows the cultivator to attract and collect blood from a target. The more blood drained the more powerful the cultivator gets. It is dependent on the cultivator's cultivation level. 1,000 lust points for mastery insights.

Aster marveled at the skill because it is quite deadly to single targets because they would be sucked dry of their blood from Kamryn's touch. She would also be extremely powerful when she is at the center of a bloody battlefield. He did not have much lust points for Passive Growth Coupons and it could only stagnate in the Initiate Grade at the moment.

Red Mist. The blood controlled by the cultivator would turn into a blood mist that enshrouds their surrounding. Blood-related spells are enhanced in this area. 1,000 points for mastery insights.

He did not find any point for making a mist but it was still a great strategy. The particulate blood must be on Kamryn's complete control and her blood magic would be more fearsome.

Blood Bend. Lets the cultivator bend and flow blood as she wants. The shape and form are dependent on the cultivator's mastery of the skill. 1,000 points for mastery.

Blood Creation. It allows the cultivator to reproduce blood from nothing via the conversion of blood-attributed mana. 1,000 points for mastery.

'All four skills are sadly bound to the Initiate Grade and might be the reason for the Valentine family's decline or I could be wrong and higher graded versions exist on their collection of manuals. Whatever the case, Kamryn would become pretty powerful with the help of the capabilities of the system.' Aster had a smile as he contemplated while looking at his newly conquered Blood Witch or Blood Mage. 'Blood Mage sounds better but who cares.'

'System, use my lust points to buy mastery insights of all four skills.' As he bought it, he also learned the skill himself and would become proficient in using it. With the ability of skillshare, Kamryn's resting mind was filled with insights that he recently bought. The process took quite a bit of time and both of them can choose to practice it or not. The mastery is bound to happen after all even if they did not allocate time on it.

'Well, I have to give her a skill from my collection as well for my gift.' He thought while redirecting his focus to his skill collection.

Blood Enhancer. A skill that lets cultivators cultivate their blood to match their cultivation level. 1,000 points for mastery.

The blood that Kamryn would use and collect would either be weak or strong given the multitude of enemies she might face. Why not get rid of that inconsistency by giving her the ability to strengthen the blood to the same level that she has.

The skill was another flop in the eyes of the family that disowned him. The creator of the skill was jealous of the fables regarding the legendary dragon's blood or any other godly beast at that level, so he created something that was supposed to let him reach the level of miraculous blood.

'I am sure that other versions of this skill are available but it is the best for now. Buy mastery insights for it as well, system.' He did not really mind because the skill was useful to him as well. His prized creation the Origin Body Art speaks of the body and its capabilities for moving and strength, it was not great enough to change the blood. Thus, it was the first on his list to be partnered with passive growth if he had some. He also did not forget to share it with all of his harem members for an increment in their blood's vitality.

Aster looked again to Kamryn and can't wait for the future that awaits her as she shows her full potential that her skills would enable her to.

To grow by draining blood. To attack by either stealing blood from others or making blood out of nothing. Coupled with a mist domain of blood that is as powerful as she is, her future is bound to be bright.

The woman who is buck naked while smiling in her sleep after their session of sex would come to be known as a fearsome existence in the eyes of many.

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    《Lust Exchange System》