Lust Exchange System
41 Rival Exercise
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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41 Rival Exercise

The four of them glared at Aster for having fun at their expense. Aria was giving out the scariest smirk that he ever saw in his life. "Is it that funny, Aster? Why aren't we laughing at the joke"

"Uhm. Don't mind me." He just straightforwardly got out of their way and be a full-on spectator. Even though he has a major influence in their decisions and could easily have them makeup and be friends, he stopped himself to enjoy the drama.

What every two-timer wants is peace and harmony to be present in their partners. However, what every man prides to have is for the women to fight over him.

'Who will win?' Aster labeled himself as crazy but he wanted some sort of drama in his harem. It would be quite bland for them to instantly be close friends immediately without expressing their true desire to be the best. 'Don't worry girls. This is for you to train your schemes and alliances.'

'They have already been robbed of the chance to be solely loved by one man. The best way to deal with it is to let them vent their romantic frustrations and not suppress it with false excuses of friendship among their fellow harem peers.' During his talk with the system regarding harems, Aster made realizations of his own.

He did not want to be some guilty dude that always regrets taking another woman but actually does it over and over. The women that would be head over heels for him would only suffer in silence. Aster wanted something different than that. 'I want them to express their dissatisfaction and have the freedom to do what they want and how they proceed with the complicated relationship. It is not like they will leave me or truly hurt their harem sisters. My harem would be about rivalries and camaraderies that would happen as they interact.'

His thoughts were excited from the prospect of having a threesome with two harem members who don't see eye to eye with one another. They somewhat hate each other's guts but would still relent due to their great love for him.

While he was adjusting his plans for his harem, Kamryn sat without care near his seat by the left. Aster's was on the best seat, which was at the center and the shorter side of a rectangular huge table. The triplets changed their positions and sat at his right with Aria directly opposite to the red-haired Kamryn.

He really thought that he would be spared from their fight but kicks were continuously be showered to his foot. It did not hurt him but they were blaming him through this method for taking a neutral stance at the situation. They also believed that he would mediate their fight and forcibly make them friends.

Since they were going to go live with each other for quite a long time. He is expected to ease their tensions and let them peacefully talk with each other. The opposite was happening as their rage for having another woman to share Aster was unstoppable. It was okay for the triplets to share their love with one person because they mutually agreed on it and truly planned for it. Their animosity is directed to the newcomer who would ruin their sweet plans of suppressing it between the three of them.

'What a weird guy he is, isn't men with multiple women supposed to be the one panicking and enforcing his rule to make us friends.' Aria had her thoughts wrapped up in Aster blatant disregard of harem rules that are found in the novels they have read. The same thoughts are also running on Plum and Eve. 'Even if more women are bound to come, we triplets should be the main wives while everyone else should be lowly concubines.'

Kamryn, on the other hand, was thinking as well. 'He can force us to be friends and yet he is here silent. This is way too disconcerting. Must be a weird fetish for him. It would be a challenge to face off against three but the thrill of suppressing them would be fascinating. I have to secure my top position here and now.'

The group decided to not mind him anymore and got back to enjoying the food on the table. The triplets were considerate enough to prepare extra utensils for Kamryn and they dug in. Normally during eating, the group would be having light discussions but the awkward atmosphere just made them incredibly silent.

Kamryn sighed and leashed her arrogant missy demeanor. "I am Kamryn Valentine by the way. Aster's new lover and the reason for this awkward lunch."

"Hmmph! Glad you know your faults. My name is Aria, together with Plum and Eve to make triplets. Those little ones are Monet and Jade." Aria had to lead as the mother figure of the siblings again and faced the stranger.

Small talks were happening here and there, which made the situation more redeemable. Aster can still see the challenge in their eyes and they were only waiting for the right time to let it all out.

They were quick to clean their plates because of the stifling aura of the table. Coincidentally, the four of them headed to the backyard to conform with the recent influx of information in their heads.

Kamryn got her space ring back and wore her red work out attire. The triplets were not that far as they wore green tops with black and tight-fitting jogging pants.

The triplets wanted to ask Aster about the Grand Energy Art and Blood Enhancer before they practiced it. Kamryn also had inquiries of her own regarding the miraculous images in their head. However, they all stopped themselves given that their confrontation would aggravate if they put Aster on the mix.

'That idiot would just turn to silence if we ask him away and ask for favoritism. He really must rethink his methods of forming a harem. He must be planning to resolve the main wife problem within ourselves, what a coward!' This was what the girls more or less blurted out in their heads to curse Aster. If he knew that his unique take in harem building was being labeled as irrational by his own harem members, he wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry.

When the girls were headed to the poolside for their practice session, the true person at fault was by his balcony. Aster was in his VIP booth where he could have the best view on the possible catfight that would happen. 'I know this is weird for them but this is entertainment for me. Would they be friends or would they be enemies?'

Kamryn stretched herself for warm-up. It was a bit cloudy outside and the mood became a bit somber. Only lightning was missing to set the best scene for an epic fight.

The triplets never really had guidance in practicing because they easily learned a body cultivation art that needed no warm-up. However, they also did a warm-up to look professional in front of the enemy.

'Hmmph! Amateurs, they look like they never did this in their lives.' Kamryn criticized in her head but outwardly. "Nice form you have there! You must really work out a lot."

They were acting like women who saw each other for the first time in the gym. Eve was too absorbed in her acting that she said. "Well, this is how we beauties keep our figure fit. Regular exercise."

Eve was technically just new to the stuff because she was only exposed to it this morning. She had even lifted up her green shirt to showcase her beautified torso and a part of her dark halo. "Hmm! I'm sure you don't have one of these."

"I also have one of those, you know." Kamryn took this as a challenge and lifted up her red shirt to showcase her newly acquired harem mark. The triplets who saw the enchanting design had a spike of anger. Even Aster that was seated far away experienced a shiver from their resonating anger.

The three of them now knew that this woman would never really go away because of that mark. They were exchanging glances to put the newbie in her place.

Kamryn was envious of their power-inducing bodies and decided to start first with the Origin Body Art. She was sure that this art was the reason for the triplets' enviable curves. She followed the aesthetic movements and actions that called out the true potential of the human body.

"We also know that." Aria found the chance to act as a senior harem member and performed a masterful display of the body art. Eve and Plum grinned and followed suit while saying. "Our little junior, this is how you do it."

Kamryn was angry from being treated like a noob but can't help but feel thankful because the process became significantly easier with someone to follow. 'You win this round!'

They repeated the forms for one hour and the miraculous passive growth instantly conformed the art to Kamryn's Initiate 1 cultivation. "Haha! I was actually the winner of this round. Thank you for your help, seniors."

Kamryn sexy body configuration was now improved as power surged from her curve's movements. The enviable advantage that her seniors had, was now broken as her muscles became firmer to accentuate her latent femininity. 'Body cultivation is actually this powerful.'

"No problem." The triplets grit their teeth because her Origin Body Art was clearly powerful than theirs. In their heads, they said. 'Insufferable newbies should know their place!'

"There are still two rounds for us to get back on her." Aria whispered while turning their focus on the Grand Energy Art and Blood Enhancer. Eve and Plum followed her plans and boldly mastered both arts at the same time.

Kamryn, who was sensitive to matters regarding the blood, can sense that their blood churned and miraculously improved. Their energy quantity did not change much but the grandness it had was not any less than Aster. An unmatched energy quality was what she could sense as it emanated from the triplets.

"Hehe! The four of us can play at that game." She turned to two arts that fit the description of what she saw them perform and practiced as well. Her change was quite noticeable as blood-red mana was being exuded by her body. The quality was the same was the sheer quantity was despairing given that she could control her mana very well.

The triplets were greatly triggered as they look towards the balcony in blame and tears. Plum even shouted at Aster. "Aster, you're incredibly biased."

"Haha! The formalities are now gone, my seniors. I will now take the helm as the main women of the group." Kamryn knew how to hit a person when they are down and posed a victory pose with her index and middle fingers forming a V. This would normally be translated as peace but the triplets were not thinking that way. "We will get you back for this, red bitch!"

Aster was seriously rethinking his choice for a competitive harem. 'They are already this boisterous with only four. What would happen if I had many more?'

Maybe those novel characters who never really cared about the will of their women were right on their approach and he was on the wrong. Maybe harem members should just conform to the best wishes of their talented and powerful husband while burying their frustrations in their hearts.

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    《Lust Exchange System》