Lust Exchange System
42 Balcony
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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42 Balcony

The triplets charged towards his room to get answers from him and put Kamryn in her place. Eve had her hands rested in her hips as she surveyed his face for answers. "Aster, what is this all about? Why did you not defend us when we are being bullied?"

"Eh! You were not being bullied at all. You were bullying each other." Aster gave his answer with a nonchalant smile. Aria and Plum were pretty silent but their pretty face showed dissatisfaction. "You were clearly enjoying all of it especially when we were beaten."

"You know that we love you, Aster. We were only doing it to take a place in your hearts. Isn't it every man's dream to sleep with three women at the same time. What is even better is the fact that we are triplets and goddess-like in beauty." Eve said in a disappointed tone and clear sadness. "You could have had fun with us for years and be satisfied but here you are, giving out your special halo to some girl you met just this morning. Is it because you did not have sex much last night? We are ready enough to give ourselves to you and yet you have to bring a girl who is much more talented than us in cultivation."

Aster thought that his method of developing his harem would not lead to regrets and yet the situation eventually landed itself at this moment. The triplets incredibly sad while he was feeling remorse from his actions. It can't be helped because harems always follow this formula.

"Do you want to be as powerful as Kamryn, then?" He offered the solution and the triplets were intrigued. It was really vexing to embarrass themselves in the supposed newbie. They can regain face if they become as powerful as her.

The whole point of their hastened falling in love with him is due to the fact that they wanted to have the greatest benefits they could have and the greatest positions in his future collection of women. All those aspirations would be put to nothing with an already talented Kamryn arriving earlier than scheduled.

"Okay. Your solution should better get us to reach Kamryn's level or you would be forced to vent your sexual frustrations on her for a week." Eve relented and agreed. Aster was confused and asked. "Why only a week and not a month?"

"You have to love us as well. If we extend the punishment for more than a week, that Kamryn would only be the one to benefit." Aria explained like it was just the perfect logic. He smiled from seeing how they opened up to him and forgot about his previous offense.

"What are we going to do to catch up to that second placer of a milkwoman?" Plum was unusually motivated that her eyes were laced with passion. Kamryn really hurt her weak spot from being called as a 'Meatless Dumpling' during their meeting.

"Hehe! It is quite simple. We will just do what we usually do." Aster grinned but did not see the expected blushes of embarrassment on their faces. They were calm and collected as they prepared to face him in another wave of battle. 'I guess my harem method is not wrong after all. My women are unexpectedly motivated to have sex now. I don't have to resort to tricks like magically influencing them. All I need is to fuel their rivalry.'

The triplets quickly undressed their sweated up tight pants and positioned themselves by the edge of the balcony. The metal railing was where they gripped their hands as they posed seductively with their perky butts raised to his direction. They were still wearing their green panties as they wanted him to have sex with a bit of clothing.

He gulped from the synchronized act seduction. Aria was at the center of the three and that was where his sexual assault would focus. They were out in the open but only Kamryn was there to see the enticing display.

She knew that she might have triggered some emotional spots on her rivals and let them have their time. 'This young lady Kamryn is not some villainess that would go against you. Our battles would just be a moment of fun and folly as we serve that handsome beast. I will conform as another sister to you along the way.'

'We would really all the help to tame that monstrous little brother of his. I'll observe for now and see how they hold up.' Kamryn said while she more or less familiarized with her complementary skills. Mages focus on imagery and control, so it did not need much time for her to absorb the mastery insights.

She moved her beautiful right hand forward as her blood-attributed mana transformed into real blood. Blood Creation essentially makes her recreate and copy the blood inside of her. With Blood Bend, she fashioned the blood into a chair. It was still in bloody liquid but she sat at it without care for its integrity. It was made of her own magic, so she did not find it weird. Instead of her clothes being wet, the blood still maintained its chair form and somewhat repelled her like plastic.

The trio saw her magical display and was immensely jealous of her capabilities. They can't help but urge Aster faster. "Aster, she is taunting us."

He didn't really care anymore and pulled his pants down to expose his big penis. Foreplay was not needed for the unusual nectar-producing pussy of the girls.

"Yaaahh!" Aria screamed in delight as Aster penetrated her pussy to the brim. He did not even bother to slip her panties aside as he punctured it as well. He did not make a hole, so the clothes stretch along with his thrust. It was the perfect repulsive force that helps whenever he pulled out

"Aanh! Hnnh!! Hhhn!" Aria exposed her lust face as his penis and her own panties were being shoved back and forth inside her. Her moans were stifled as she did not want her voice to echo back to the house.

"Magnificent!" Aster praised her panties as it stretched along with his movement. He did not have to caress her butt because the garter of the panties was already tracing it as he moves. It was a bit of a let down to have her shirt on her top but he can't do anything about it. Wearing their upper clothing meant that they had reservations in doing sex in an open area.

"Aster... you're neglecting us!" Plum said as her juices were tracing her slender legs. Eve was not any different as she fingered herself as she saw Aria's enviable position.

"Come closer." While pounding Aria so much that her legs were getting weak, he had them scooch closer as his finger slipped through the gaps of their panties. Both of them thought that it would just be the ordinary fingering but they were extremely wrong. Instead of going for their sensitive clitoris, he went to the opposite side as he had his index finger rub and occasionally enter deep. His thumb was tracing the opening of their butthole that he had yet touch until this moment.

Aster and his thumbs were circling their dirty hole. As much as they hate the idea of having his clean thumb trace their dirty area, they can't do any protest as pleasure had already overtaken their thoughts and their words were muffled by their moans. "Nhhn! Hnnh! Mnnh!!"

They were the ones who situated themselves in the balcony but they were extremely shy to hear their moans reverberate in the whole backyard. Kamryn was subconsciously licking her lips from seeing their licentious acts. She just had her fill earlier and can't help but ask for more.

Normally, women would be weak just after having their virginities taken, however, Aster applied some of the Deflowered Lady Cream on her and is making her pussy more than ready for another round.

She eventually sighed and regretted her display of fierceness towards the triplets. 'If I was more discreet and hid my dislike towards sharing Aster with them, I would have joined the fun by now.'

If Aster knew what she was thinking, he would be ecstatic from the great success of his strategy to turn them against each other. Even if they bicker against each other, it is already a fact in place that their fate was tied to him.

They could be unruly against each other but in the face of his presence, they become docile and want the best for him.

Minutes later, he eventually tore the panties that was on his cock's way. Aria may suffer some complications if he continued with the exhibitionistic display. His movements became better inside her as he pushed through to touch her womb. She can't wrap her head around the great difference when his penis took her cherry and now.

Aster's hope to fill the gap of her pussy was solved within a day and her squirting pussy was more than happy to be massaged all the way. When he could feel her pussy walls slowly twitch, he knew that it was time to climax and he ejaculated along.

He perfectly timed it with his fingering and the duo on their side was more than ready to cum along.

"Aaahh!!!" The triplets did not have to care about their simultaneous moans because what is bound to happen would really happen, so they just let it all out without inhibition. Aster's improved semen count was clearly observed as it flowed in great volumes from Aria's hole. The abundant love juices she had were now flooded over by the creamy white product of his ejaculation. It produced slushing sounds as it dropped slowly right beneath their genitals' intersection point. Other two puddles were formed as the sweet juices of Eve and Plum dropped without inhibition.

"Girls, switch places now." He hummed while Aria slowly unsheathed his dick from her pussy. More of the white stuff dropped but it was unimportant now that they had more sessions of receiving and unloading to go for.

Plum was now in the center as he pounded away. He practiced equality as he pushed the panties inside of her as well. His right hand was pleasuring the cum-filled and half-naked Aria. His left hand was covered by Eve's still present panties as a new round of dual fingering of her holes was happening again.

Plum's leg strength was more resilient on taking it from behind because she prided herself in losing her virginity to him by fucking her in the backside. Her pussy was also more suited for nectar production as her juices massaged his throbbing dick.

Treating her womb as a plushy toy brought great satisfaction for his penis' tip and his body, making his climax was already nearing. He moved inside her for an indistinct amount of time as they enjoyed the session of pleasuring.

"Mnnnnhh!!!" Like a chain reaction, when he climaxed away inside of her and their triplet resonance came into play. Eve burst out juices like a dam in her panties while Aria washed away leftover semen with her hot and sweet nectar. He even forgot to tear the panties inside Plum and when he pulled out, it catapulted the white juices out in an instant, good thing that her pussy was fine from taking the rough fabric.

"Eve, your turn." Plum and Eve switched places as Aster pushed the panties to plunge Eve's depths. Her sisters were in for another session of finger fucking while it was her time for semen to stuff her insides. He skillfully tore a hole in Eve's panties as he thrust to two overlapping figures, which are her holed panties and the pussy.

He became a bit intense at this moment as Eve felt herself being raised as he thrust forward. Her grip on the metal railing was tested as her pleasure was put into greater heights. Plum and Aria were not exempted from the greater pleasure as his fingers jerked their pussies at great speed. Even when they are not in true orgasm, the juices that flowed was not in any way lesser than one.

"Aaaah!!" It did not take long for them to reach the point of ejaculation. The triplets' tongues were out as saliva dripped from it to reach the cement right below the balcony. Leftover semen flowed from all three pussies as Aster let them rest in the railing.

His huge penis was visibly pulsating and steaming as its heat evaporated the nectar that drenched it. He turned to the spectating Kamryn and sternly ordered with a shout to reach her ear. "Kamryn, prepare for dinner. We still have other business to attend to."

The sex in the balcony was fun but more things could still be done on the bed. He princess-carried the tired triplets one by one as another session of sex is about to ensue.

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    《Lust Exchange System》