Lust Exchange System
43 Triple Fun
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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43 Triple Fun

Kamryn was stunned by his order. Not because of his commanding tone but because of tasking her to cook. "But I never really learned how to cook."

She was about to give an explanation but Aster was already dishing up a new sex session with the triplets. Kamryn sighed. "This young lady just needs to learn something new. Good thing I have a cookbook bought just for the occasion."

Life at the Valentine household was too spoiled for her that she developed the haughty attitude she has now. When she was told to learn magic in another nation, she was thrilled from the fact that she would no longer be tied down by her seniors' orders and pampering. Learning something new to make herself feel independent was the first step she wanted to take. Thus, her journey in the kitchen happened as she pulled out a book from her space ring.

Back in Aster's master bedroom, he lied down on his back while his dick was standing tall. The four of them were completely naked as Aster took the liberty of undressing the girls. His penis's measurement grew a little bit since his continuous fun with the girls. If he were to penetrate the girls at this moment, a tiny centimeter of it wouldn't fit while its current girth would stretch their pussies a little more than before.

His great rod was wet from the sensation of three tongues pleasuring it. His heat and their saliva would produce tiny formations of steam. This was a method for him to get a triple pointing for oral sex in one ejaculation. He wasn't sure if it would work but it was worth the try.

Eve was the one brave enough to put the tip inside her mouth and give it the sensation of being inside a pussy. Her twisting tongue would whirl around the naked head and lick the precum that was being produced. Her pussy was directly showcased to his face as both of them are technically in the sixty-nine position.

Seeing their sister taking in most of the rod, Plum was designated to lick the part that was not taken in while Aria was bold to go for his balls. Three women and three locations to play with.

Having three women pleasure his cock was among the many fantasies he had. To think that it was being achieved during this moment. Aster was not able to reward all of them but he was sure to use his skill of the tongue within Eve's sweet tasting pussy.

He licked her labia which sent the serene licking woman shivers in her entire body. His tongue tip would skillfully tap her clitoris to give it some love. Every time that Aster would tap it, Eve felt like his tap would travel to all parts of her body. Her juices were practically being sprayed all over his face but he did not mind due to its clean and sweet characteristics.

"Mnnm!!" Eve's moans of happiness were muffled by his dick inside her mouth, she was having orgasms every once in a while. To reciprocate his acts, she bobbed her head up and down even more to satisfy his little brother. Her sisters also followed along as their tongues tingled all the pleasurable nerves in his reproductive organ. He made a light grunt during his quick climax as his semen flood her mouth.

'This is too much!' Eve thought in surprise because she was used to being able to swallow his release. Now, she only got most of it in her throat but a bit was still overflowing as Plum and Aria got their fair share of the white stuff. The difference in the volume of his unloaded seminal fluids was really different than before.

Aria and Eve were also stunned to see his semen flow from the mouth of Eve. She was struggling to take inside her, so they decided to help and licked it clean. Aster's Oral Delighter skill and his Unrivaled Penis was the reason for their enthusiasm on pleasuring him through their mouth.

The grand-looking penis and its enticing feeling when being pleasured with their tongue and mouth was astonishing. A combination that a lot of people would find amazing. Men would envy while women would describe it as a treasure.

Eve climaxed twice while in their exhibitionistic sixty-nine position. Keep in mind that oral sex in which they make him cum would only yield limited points, however, the reverse form of oral sex, wherein he pleasures the woman, would earn him many more due to their tendency to climax a lot.

If he were to make her a woman cum thrice with his mouth, the pointing system would also count oral sex with a times three. The same could be said for finger fucking as both methods would yield greater quantities because they count when how many times the women would orgasm.

It was Plum's turn to take over Eve's place and served her pussy to his face. Her hand played with his big dick like a lever but was surprised by the rock hard immovability it is locked in. 'This was actually grinding inside me all this time.'

She poked it for fun and repeated what Eve did with it, placing it inside her mouth while giving it a whirl with her pretty tongue. Eve was on top of Aster's right leg and licking his balls while Aria moves along to be on top of his left leg and licking the unswallowable part just as Plum previously did.

It was the same sense of pleasure for Aster but with a different configuration of the triplet's positioning. They were triplets but essentially different people and they had their own style of doing things that correspond to their personalities.

His penis was the center while the girls would turn over like a wheel have their pussy be licked by him.

He was reminded of his women's variety and gave them pleasure according to their preference as well. Plum had her love juices flowing in full maximum as Aster cherished the taste he is getting from it. Her insides must also be moving from the excitement brought by his tongue as he can clearly see it giving out steam. Her butt was an additional view to him as it occasionally gets plastered by the fluids she lets out. It would also shake along as she gave out an orgasm from her excitement.

She was clumsy with her technique and only used her cute tongue not her throat, however, it did not dampen much of Aster's enthusiasm as he burst out another load of semen.

"Mmm!" She was shocked by the reaction that she had no time to swallow as it all burst out from her lips. Her sisters saw her red luscious lips become tainted with the creamy white. Aster's rod bathed in its own white fluids as Plum reluctantly left from her position.

They shifted as Aria replaced her position and Eve moved along to lick the part of his rod that would not be placed in Aria's throat. Plum with leftover semen on her mouth proceeded to lick his balls and color it white as well.

'This is getting boring.' Aster thought while he licked Aria pussy and cleaned it from its dripping juices. She was more active than Plum as she really moved her head and let in whatever part she could take in. It helped her movement as Plum made a mess from the lubricative semen which aided in pushing the dick in her throat deeper. No urge to gag and difficulty in breathing was realized as the expression of lust and delight was seen on her face.

To give some sort of change, Aster raised his hand and slapped her butt in moderation. It really rippled as the sound submerged the siblings' ears.

"Uhmm! Uhmm!" Aria let out a lustful whimper in protest but could not do anything about it. Her butt cheeks were slapped left and right in a pattern as Aster's cock became more robust and active in her mouth. Precum from the exciting activity was flowing into her as she gulped it inside of her.

"Mmnn!" She gave out another sound as thick and luscious semen burst out from Aster's little opening. It unloaded in a timed manner by her throat and is headed to her stomach in a one-way tunnel. Her love juices were also evaporated as she buckled from an orgasm brought about by his tongue's technique.

"Aster, your penis is still so hard even though it already came six times from our time in the balcony." Plum smiled while poking his rod to test its hardness. Eve gripped it tight and gave a teasing remark. "Us sisters are just too amazing for it to vent its frustrations. Aster in his prime time as his stamina would truly be limitless."

She was wrong because this is not its prime at all and it still has a long way to go to truly achieve its full potential but Aster kept the information for himself and would let them discover the change in the future.

The triplets were truly triggered by the new arrival of Kamryn and can't wait to turn the tides on her with a great rise in their cultivation. They don't know the secret behind Aster's mystery but they knew that the more they indulge in sex, the more they become powerful.

The trio exchanged glances with one another and somewhat understood their intent, they pressed their boobs against one another in a three-way convergence of breasts. Aster was not able to see it in his state but he felt six hard points rubbing his dick. The next thing he felt was the smooth and soft bounciness of six buns.

"Aster, we are giving you a super amazing titfuck." Eve confidently explained while liking the idea of turning their weakness into an unsurpassable strength. 'Hehe! The big-breasted Kamryn would never compare to this combination that is brought about by the power of open-minded triplets.'

It was not as pleasurable as they thought because there were gaps as they rubbed up and down in his penis. His pleasure was however due to the idea of his rod being sandwich in three beautiful buns.

The triplets synchronized in their movements as they perfectly position themselves as they moved their chests. They were indirectly pleasuring each other as well, this is due to the nipples that involuntarily rub in their siblings' bouncy boobs.

'How is he not cumming yet?' They complained after a few repetitions. It took quite a while as the trio felt tired from their complicated movements. Aster did not want to waste their efforts as he let out a great ejaculation that sprayed and spread the cum all over their naked body.

Their beautiful, green hair was now completely soaked from sweat along with the sticky jizz that he just released. Aster marveled in the aftermath of truly enjoying the capabilities of the triplets.

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