Lust Exchange System
44 Sorority Plan
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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44 Sorority Plan

The shaking of the big bed continued on as the triplets wanted to improve as possible. They haven't gained a substantial increase in their cultivation but they sure improved their techniques with him on the bed.

Black had long enshrouded the sky as the cloudy weather lost the light clouds covered the shine of the moon and stars. It was seven in the afternoon until Aster and he triplets stopped.

They were in the previous triple sandwich but this time, no blue balling happened as the smell of sex was apparent in the room.

Eve and Plum snuggled on his left and right while looking at his side feature with a loving gaze. Aria was playing with his chest and traced the lines that clearly differentiate his torso muscle.

'This is the life. System, advance their cultivation to Novice 6.' Aster thought in his head while keeping his end of the bargain. The darl halo marked in their navel regions glowed respondent black that overshadowed the blackness of the sky.

The triplets felt their meridians and second inner core for the spirit become gushed with mana. Aster did not share with any of them his more overpowered skills such as the Endless Mana Wheel or Soul Devourer because he wanted to appropriate them with things that they need.

With the advent of the Talent Awakener reward, it would quite contradictory for them to learn the skill that would make them stagnant. The whole point of the talent awakening is for them to not be entirely dependent on acquiring lust points, and the infinite mana would just be contradictory.

Aster also gained another surge of lust points as he was back to 72,970 lust points in his reserved. He had the 3x multiplier after all. The permanence of doubling the scoring system eased his enhancement of the girls' cultivation and thus the rapid surge to the sixth level of the Novice ranks.

"Hehe! Thank you, darling Aster." Aria was happy with the surge in power. Improvement in all sectors of their skillset was being shown in their minds but it was nothing compared to looking at their lover's handsome face.

"You are very welcome." He smiled to reciprocate their current happy mood. The stress from Kamryn's presence was now gone and they might be able to set aside their differences in a much easier fashion in the future.

'We will master you later and just don't disturb our moments with this handsome guy and his smile.' These were the thought that ran on the triplets' mind as they reprimanded the mastery insights brought about by passive growth.

A knocking sound came from the door of the room and Kamryn voiced out excitedly. "Hello! Aster and triplets, food is ready now. Be amazed at how skilled this young lady is at her cooking. I can attest that it is my first time but it is bound to be super delicious."

"Alright! We will be downstairs after a while." Aria was the one who sounded out and her sisters found clean towels to clean themselves up. Aster expected the shouting of annoyance and a catfight but it did not happen at all. 'What is with this major shift in attitude?'

Eve gave him a knowing look and somewhat read his mind. "Aster, I don't really know what your plan is for making us fight with the newbie but we are not dumb enough to pursue meaningless banter. Our fight earlier is just to exhibit dominance in our territory that is you."

"I guess that our earlier fight is meaningless because you were never our territory to claim in the first place but it is just the other way around. You claimed us as a territory and our period of catfights are just moments of feuds between merging states that have recently been conquered and assimilated." Aria continued on the explanation with the use of the concepts from kingdom conquering.

"What a smart concept! That is exactly what I am going for in my ideal harem. Every..." He praised but stopped himself due to the glares of the pretty siblings. 'Even if they know my plans, it is still a pain to talk to them about adding other women. Saved me a barrage of scolding there.'

That got him thinking back on the territory simile. 'I can expand my territory by conquering other lands or in this case women. There is also an option to be content with the women I have now and develop my society within them. Either way, the system can still help me improve to the top. Whether I have a multitude of women of only a handful of them but why do I not feel satisfied with the latter option.'

Aster could have a happy life with them but his desire for more would not stop him with only four. He was given a mission to expand his harem by raising it to twenty members within the succeeding months. 'This mission might have just been a reflection of my true desires and I would never stop being plagued by the fact that there is a multitude of women that I could claim my own. Greed is bound to increase when one has the ability to take it all.'

He decided to come clean with them and say. "Sorry about this, girls. Kamryn might not be the last woman I'll have and you would have to face a multitude of women that would join me in my life."

"Yeah, yeah! We know that already. It is just fun to be able to interact with them like this." Eve said in understanding like it was nothing to sweat. Plum was even more out of character as she said. "Aster, if you have more women. We triplets would be the ones in charge of their initiation. When they would complete a task, they would be part of our sorority and truly earn the right to wear your dark halo."

"Hehe! Nice idea, Plum. The quiet one would always be the one with big ideas." Eve was impressed at Plum that she can't help but applaud. "Even when we were born in this world on the same day, I never knew that you were truly bold."

"So is it plausible to do, then." Plum was embarrassed but still asked ahead. Aria was supportive of her. "Let's do it. We will start with Kamryn and we will work ahead to establish dominance in Aster's harem."

They were giggling as they formed their devious plans. Their naked butt would bounce along as they jumped in joy from collaborating their creative minds. Aster could only wryly smile. "Don't you need my approval for your sorority stuff? You are not even part of a college and you call your self as a sorority."

"Who cares about your approval? Sorority sounds nice and you will just be the one responsible for recruitment. Bring as many as you want." Eve reprimanded his abrupt disruption of their team huddle. He could only relent and let them have fun. 'Whatever! At least they are open to the idea of having more women added into the mix.'

They eventually dressed themselves up with clothes they prepared in the drawers beforehand and they headed downstairs.

Kamryn was still on a non-aggression mode on the triplets as she excitedly served her dish. "Hehe! This is sure to be your favorite after tonight's meal."

They seated in their previous positions during lunchtime with Kamryn alone on his left and the siblings on his right. On the table was rice that was a bit burnt but the egg soup was smelling delightful.

Aster dug in after having prepared his serving and praised. "Quite a good taste. It is eggy if you ask me."

Disregarding his attempt at comedy, Kamryn exchange glances with her newly found rival, the green-haired triplets. "So, what do you think?"

"It is not that bad. You said that this is your first time cooking, so it is barely passable." Aria gave her judgment while Kamryn pouted in disagreement. "Hmmph! It is not like you were any better on your first time cooking."

"Fair point." Aria shrugged while getting to her point. "Anyways, Kamryn. Things did not start well between us but let us get to know each other along the way."

"I'm fine with that. I'm sorry for my bad attitude as well." Kamryn was already planning to get along with them in the first place but doubts were forming in her thoughts. 'This is really strange. They actually opened up that easily to me. Does Aster have something to do with this?'

"Anyways, seeing that you're out of the loop. Aster here has nothing to do with this but we decided to form a sorority of sorts." Aria explained liked an employer declaring her goals to a potential employee. "Us three together with you would have to pass some trials to truly earn the mark on our navels regions."

Their words were considered as jargon to the young ones in the table. Jade and Monet paid them no mind as they had their own silly conversations about ponies and unicorns.

Kamryn eyes twinkled with the proposal. "Interesting. What is the whole point of this thing though?"

"We just found it as a fun idea to try. As you observed, Aster tends to be a bit lax on us, so why not make this lifetime collaboration of ours to be a bit structured." Aria shrugged while Plum and Eve nodded along. Kamryn was intrigued and agreed. "I'll play along. What is my trial, then? Better yet, what is your trial?"

Plum was the one to answer her on this one. "You will help Aster on repelling or taking down your brother. It was your fault in the first place why we are stressing about stuff in here."

"Our trial would be a bit grand because we will help him in acquiring a kingdom." Eve smugly replied. "We are previous princesses after all. With the quick increase in our cultivation, we can stage a coup to take down those bastards that took our rightful place."

"Oh my! I didn't know that you were princesses." Kamryn was genuinely surprised. "Not that it is great because I am a princess in our household. There is an inequality in the trials though because convincing my big brother is easy. I'll just explain that Aster beat up my guards as well as Uncle Garth. Then, I fell in love with him and is out of the way for his succession. By that point, my connection with the family is already gone and my brother would not bother with my life. It is not like they have time to care about me who did not follow their heritage."

The triplets did not know about the Love Trap and her battle in bed with Aster. Aria was calm and said. "Well, your trial is a bit lax than ours, you can change it to be a bit easier or even harder. However, we won't change our minds because our trial is also our ambition. This is just a formality anyway and just as I said, to make things interesting in our little group."

"You won't have bragging rights in the society for completing an extreme goal. If there is, I'll change mine to be something grander than your gift of a kingdom." Kamryn was a bit worried about the potential bias.

Eve responded to her worries. "There are no bragging rights in completing the trial. The sorority is meant to conform us, his women, as true sisters. If we complete the trial as well as you, we would set aside our differences and truly treat each other like family. If not, we will continue to be in our womanly feud."

Kamryn expressed her doubts again. "What if a future woman's trial would just be throwing a stone at a well. Wouldn't that be quite the easy task."

"Those who want to complete a trial are the ones who are ready to truly accept being part of Aster's harem. They can choose not to do some dumb trial and this would implicitly mean that they don't want to make friends with us when they chose Aster." Aria gave out a sound explanation. "This is a truly easy sorority we are in because the one at fault is truly being easy with managing women. The harder the task they want to accomplish, we can interpret is as greater displeasure in sharing him."

Aster who was now the center of the conversation had no words to say as he ate in silence and listened along. Their sorority was basically a made-up rule to test a woman's goals, aspirations, resolve, and willingness to be part of his harem.

'Glenn was actually an easy problem while the triplets had great plans for choosing me. They don't do things on a whim and are quite strategic in their moves.' He was exposed to the unclouding of truths and plans of his harem members as they formalized their unofficial or official sorority. 'Things became interesting, indeed.'


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