Lust Exchange System
45 Clarification
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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45 Clarification

All in all, the dinner meeting between the girls ended on a high note. The triplets had the little girls sleep while Aster was on the sofa and was turning on what Kamryn said was a compressible television device. He facepalmed at the sight of the jolly beauty. "Kamryn, this isn't a compressible television. This is just a laptop. A laptop is not television that only displays shows, it is technically a computer that lets you do a lot of things."

"Eh! Really. I didn't know that. The servant who handed it to me didn't explain. I only use it to watch drama shows." Kamryn played with her long and red hair as she answered. She was resting on the sofa with her feet dangling in the soft armrest.

Aster paid no attention to the spoiled beauty. He didn't blame her because there are a few regions that really did not bother with the use of technology. The Valentine family must have lived in a more traditional setting. The only advantage of technology in this world is the long-distance communication, entertainment, and knowledge of the news.

People were free to approach technology however they want to and a lot choose to stay away from it. Especially the effort and hard work that cultivation needed, cultivators frowned upon it as a tool of indulgence and weakness.

The only people who get to enjoy these devices are the weak or spent normies and the ever-talented people that never really needed to put effort into cultivation. Aster sighed and indulged in self-praise. 'Talented people like me really have a lot of time in our hands.'

The laptop was just a shiny foldable rectangle with no other designs other than it being colored red. Kamryn's preference for the crimson color was observed as even her background screen was dark red.

'The Valentine family really adored love and blood so much that even their genes made their hair red. I wonder what made the Greene family have their hair colored green.' Aster made his hunch as the looks of the family tend to symbolize what they specialize in. 'The triplets must have some sort of connection with elves given that I could already tell their nature attribute of mana. This must be the reason for their late cycle, I guess. Elves have long lives and the triplets are just as slow as the nature elves development process. I can just find out later.'

Aster used the touchpad to control the cursor. He found a news application and had it play. The news in this world was widely dependent on their location and the range of the computer or television. Green Silk City was a border city, so he can still get the news that was coming from the nation of Skyfire. Relay towers were a great help to transmit and receive the transcript of data that travels through the smart application of various mana mediums. Computers and laptops have their built-in transponders to collect the magical images while television needed attachments such as a disk to bypass the signal.

Various headlines popped out with corresponding videos attached to them. They were all basically grim or depressing outcomes being explained in detail by avid reporters who took their career seriously since they can't make a name through cultivation.

The news about his complicated banishment was taken down by the virtue of propaganda. Not even a trace could be seen. Aster shared his findings with Kamryn. "There is literally no updates to see or even traces of that news you saw. I guess I have to trust that my foolish old man keeps his vow of silence. It is not like their influence in this nation is that great anyway."

He temporarily put that problem in the back of his head. The triplets have long arrived and eavesdropped on his statement. Aria was smiling but not entirely smiling at the same time. "Aster, you are quite open to your past with Kamryn and you never really told us at all."

"Sorry. It can't be helped since the fast transition of things within these three days that we met." Aster did a quick calculation of the time now was exactly three days from when he met the green-haired siblings.

Kamryn was surprised. She looked towards him like some sort of love monster and became sympathetic to the trio. "You only met in three days. Did he also force himself onto you and gave you a massage while you were passed out?"

"No. It was due to lucky circumstances, I guess." Aria replied while they took a seat on the sofa that was being used by Aster.

"Now that we're huddled up. I can say that welcome to my harem and I guess it is time to truly introduce myself to you." Aster closed the laptop and let it rest in the coffee table. Kamryn was still in her lazy position on the sofa while Plum and Aria pinched his sides when they heard him say 'harem.'

"Go on." Eve found another spot and that was on the sofa opposite of Kamryn's. The leisure room was basically had an incomplete square formation of sofas.

Not feeling the pain from the light pinches, Aster continued on and said. "Five or six days ago, I am the shameful young master of the Suns clan from the Skyfire Nation. I was hated by my family because they believed that I never had talent in cultivation despite my status as the rightful next patriarch."

"My inability to become a true talent was known to the upper echelons of the empire. To the constituents and commoners, I was the young master who delve in books and wasted his good opportunities." He narrated it with ease but the triplets somewhat felt sympathetic despite his calm recounting. "The citizens believed their lies of me wasting my gifts though because they also knew that some sort of miracle happened during my birth."

Kamryn was a Skyfire citizen and knew the truth regarding an outstanding change in the heavens during the day of his birth. The rumors of his indulgence seem to be quite a metamorphic change from what he is now. She can't help but blurt out. "How come you didn't showcase your talent earlier and prove them wrong? You could have used all of the Suns clan resources at your disposal. Yet, here you are. Left alone to fend for yourself and decided to blossom in the wrong moment."

In her point of view, he was being lazy in his days as a young master but when he was disowned that was when he decided to take cultivation seriously. A pretty dumb move to do. Kamryn loved him but she has the right to criticize his foolish mistakes.

"Well, it has something to do with that special miracle that happened during my birth. Something in my body was sucking-up the mana that I was using for cultivation." Aster decided to hide tell most of the truth while withholding the existence of the system. "I knew that it was set to awaken on my birthday but they already decided to disown me before it had time to showcase. It is not a bad thing though because staying in that family was toxic. It's not a bad thing because the circumstances made me lucky enough to meet all of you."

What his family did not know was that the miracle of the skies that day must have been due to the creator gifting him his system.

The four beauties blushed and felt their heartstrings being tugged by the hands of fate. There are a lot of ifs in the world and it just events just happened to align itself for them to meet their handsome lover.

"What is that miracle in your body, anyway? Does that have something to do with the images that I saw after we did those sensual things?" Kamryn still did not have her cultivation miraculously boosted by Aster, so her view of the system's capabilities was limited. Aster nodded in the correctness of most of her words. "I become more powerful, the more I engage in sex. The women that I proceed to tag with my harem mark would also experience the same benefit. You could say that I was chosen by the heavens to be talented in bed."

"So, in short. You're a sexual devil with cheat abilities that you acquire by having sex. We are the victims that would be tied to your growth and be a part of your collection of pretty and powerful beauties." Eve summed it all up. "Wow! Our guess was correct. This means that you can eventually make us all-powerful. Hehe! Not a bad deal for dropping our panties to you in a matter of days."

"That makes me wonder by the way, how come you are truly fast to be claimed as my woman, Aria? Kamryn was somewhat influenced by me with trickery. I know that Eve and Plum gave themselves to me because they knew of my capabilities to let them gain cultivation." He took this chance to get their true side of things.

"However, Aria never knew about it and even chose to share this house's ownership from just having met. I get that you are being pressured by the city lord but I have a feeling that you are not disclosing some valuable information to me." Aster voiced out the insecurities that the previous princesses never told him. "You guys were panicking when Kamryn arrived on our gates and was somewhat expecting trouble to come."

Aria sighed and told him the truth he was asking for. "It was true that the city lord was pressuring us but his plans of plunging us in despair was a long process. If we triplets are meticulous strategists, he is the patient planner that sticks to his schedule. He would only make his move when we beg him down on our knees."

"The reason why Aria chose you because she believed that you can solve another problem that would truly plunge us in despair before the city lord would enact his plan. Heck, this might even be a part of his plans all along." Eve was truly fuming from talking about the city lord that was supposed to be their relative. Plum picked up her unfinished narration and said. "Truth to be told, Aster. We were given a deadline by infamous thugs in this city. They call themselves as Unkillable Rats."

"Within one month, if we don't give them protection money worth a thousand gold coins, they would do unspeakable things to us to reciprocate their useless protection program." The triplets were in tears at this point as Plum recounted their words. "We had to scrounge up money and the entire city is known to be against us. Even Esmeralda had her influence being tied down, our gold earnings from slowly buying this house were not refundable at all because of some lousy excuse. Even if we were able to miraculously gain one thousand in a month, it was not a guarantee that they would not lay their hands on us weak and helpless siblings."

Aster's dark and warm pupils just turned darker and bordering abysmal depths as his anger was truly peaked from hearing their story. Kamryn was also in sympathy as she wept along from their supposed fate.

"As you said, the circumstances of everything made us lucky enough to meet you. A beggar-looking traveler that had the money that could potentially save us from despair. It was a long shot but I gave my body and virginity for you to care for us and I would use the gold-digger method to earn us those needed gold. If that wouldn't work, we would have to go to extreme lengths other than my seduction. Even then, those scummy people might have just neglected our gold payment to do those evil deeds. Good thing that you came along and did those deeds with us in a more gentle approach." Aria was smiling with tears in her eyes. Aster could not interpret it as tears of joy from meeting him, tears of sadness from their cruel life, or tears of guilt from thinking of using him for his money.

"It's alright. He appeased them in his arms as the trio drenched his shirt from their tears. Kamryn even hugged along as she felt herself closer to her supposed rivals.

Clarifications and truths were exposed in this little group huddle. Aster would not be their man if the so-called Unkillable Rats would not know the true meaning of being killed.


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