Lust Exchange System
46 Dark Glow
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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46 Dark Glow

"Aster..." Aria had already wiped her tears and was now back to calm. "You promised us to gain power with your ability and we want to gain that now. We want cultivation to get back on those bastards."

The girls were now back to their clarity due to the fact that their silent burden was out in the open and known by their man. Hidden troubles would only continue to eat away inside them and the best solution was to express and face it directly.

Aster smiled and gave the four of them a peck on their foreheads. The girls blushed and were excited about what was about to come next.

Kamryn was feeling anxious about the fact that she was a basic outsider to the trio. She looked towards Aster in a pleading gaze that had hidden meanings. 'Aster, I want to join your empowerment session. I'll behave and not be mean to them.'

He did not have to have the ability to read minds to know what she was trying to convey. He decided to invoke his superiority and said. "How about I do this for the four of you? You will automatically be the adjudicator for my harem and earn the top spot. Given that you are technically my first batch of women, why not go with it?"

"But, what about our sorority plans? We want to gift you our previous kingdom." Plum opposed because she felt like he was abolishing her great idea. They planned for it just earlier so that they can fill the gap for his lax attitude on managing them. Now that he was taking back the lead, everything would be for naught. She also saw the glance that she gave to Kamryn's direction before uttering those words and voiced out. "Are you showing favoritism again?"

"Nope. Not at all." Aster shook his head while he sat them down on one sofa side by side. He decided to come clean with his ideas for his harem. "You see. The reason why I let you continue with your bickering earlier is that I want you to be able to express your discontent with having to become my woman with other women. I was close to abolishing it and truly suppress your dissatisfaction. Before I could truly proceed with the abolishment, it all turned out fine with greater results than I expected. You were strangely motivated by your rivalry that I got to have the greatest benefit. Hehe! Semi-outdoor sex along with your new triplet technique of sex on me. The more surprising part is actually the formation of your sisterhood plan."

"In short, you just didn't want to be a control freak on us women and just decided to let us rampant." Eve gave out her interpretation and criticism. "Well, we don't want to be some over supportive crazed lovers that instantly become friends with every woman we share you with. However, your unstructured ways would just turn us against each other. Even if we love you, you really need to step up before the worse could happen, you know."

"That is why I found your sorority plan quite amazing." Aster said while patting the ecstatic Plum who came up with the idea of an initiation trial. "I just wanted you four to make up earlier for this sisterhood to come into fruition."

"Hmm. It sounds to me Aster that you want this to happen earlier because your thinking of expanding your collection already." Aria was on point with her suspicions and gave him a scary glare. He stood in front of them while he was explaining and now as they sat, their glares were very clear as they judged him as some sort of scum. They love him but he was truly scum in their eyes who was not contented with their beauties.

Kamryn faked as sniffle with her acting skills as she joked. "This young lady thought that she was unfortunate enough to be felled in one day. Who would've guessed that many more unfortunate women would not be able to escape from your wolfish grasp."

Eve and Plum played along as they fake cried while hugging her. He did not know whether to laugh or cry because of their quick transition from enemies to friends. It reminded him of the fickle nature of women towards the same sex. 'If they have a common like or dislike they instantly become allies or rivals in an instant. Do I even need to worry about managing them when they all commonly like me? By this logic, they would instantly become sisters in my bed.'

He decided to scrap that thought because nothing is absolute. Even if their love for him and his influence in their decision was absolute, he had a feeling that it would not be any different than being an emotionless tyrant if he were to abuse those perks. He was a changed man who escaped from his family's tyrannic view on bonds.

"Alright, enough already." He said and the trio erased their fake cries back to their teasing grins. Playing along and teasing him was a fun activity for them.

He had an urge to punish them for their deeds and knew the perfect way to do it. Aria, who was at the right end of the sofa, was his target and gave her all the attention with his kisses and breast fondling. While doing this, his eyes never left their expression of jealousy and his mind was dancing around from the victory. It was not a celebration from being able to punish them but a celebration from the fact that they were being jealous for his sake.

"Mmm. Anm!" Aria and her words of complaint were being muffled as her anticipation of his assault had long flooded her. The way he ruffled through her shirt and showed love to her breasts underneath it was a delightful feeling. She had no care of her sisters' envy as she lost herself in his lust.

Aster did not disappoint as he undressed her pants in a quick manner. He swooped her out of her seat and took her place. She was not wearing panties all along as her previous one was already useless from his previous penetration.

He rested comfortably with his back straight to the foamy backrest. Aria was lifted in a princess carry with her pussy being exposed to the side where her sisters can see them clearly. In a quick manner, he inserted his already exposed penis and fucked her sideways. Aria loved the missionary position but there was something intriguing about this particular positioning.

Aster's lips were on her left cheek and his tongue was tracing all over it. She found it weird but what she found even more weird was seeing Kamryn and her sisters looking at her pussy that was being fucked. His arms were supporting her butt as he guided along how she rode his thickened rod.

"Aaah! Nhho! Ahh... ster! This is... embarrassing." She moaned and uttered in protest of her embarrassing moves. Meanwhile, Kamryn and her sisters were gulping from the fact that they can clearly see her pussy being sheathed on his dick repeatedly.

They were also being fucked by that penis before but to see it in action was different. The triplets were fucked for an entire night together but they had no time to truly burn into their sights how the penetrating process was being done.

"Loook... at... hunh! Meh!" Aria felt herself being a specimen of display and strangely found it fine. She was educating and enlightening her sisters, so what was the harm in that.

Aster had an expression of interest as he looked at her side features while being fucked in front of her sisters. 'It was okay if it was only within her triplet group but I really thought she would protest with Kamryn being added on the mix. It was bound to happen anyway, so let her be the one to first accept being fucked with other women than her siblings.'

He found the spectating trio's expression to be quite funny as well. They would always be drowned in lust and pleasure that they wouldn't notice the act of his moving inside of them. At this moment, even when their pussies were already leaking from being exposed to a sensual display, their lust was still mostly restrained by the shock of truly spectating the process of intercourse.

'So, this how he does it.' The trio said in their heads. All this time, their sex with him was all about the feeling they were getting in their sensitive pussy. With how they saw Aria's pussy opening being stretched opened to an O shape, he can surmise that a mental image of their pussies experiencing the same process would be engraved every time they were going to be fucked by him.

Juices traced the rod as Aria dripped it as she was being excavated with his every push. He can feel her walls trembling a bit as she squirted the fluid continuously from the succeeding minor orgasms that she was having.

Aster turned her face sideways to meet him head-on and she saw her mature bearing already replaced with the lust. Surprisingly for him, he saw her eyes with clarity as it reflected and expressed how she is truly loving the feeling of having sex with him.

"Aaay! Loove... you!!" She tried to say in clarity as she suppressed the moans that she was supposed to let out.

"I love you, too. Sweet Aria." He softly said from the bottom of his heart. Aria's previous lust face was due to an expected reaction from drowning in his pleasurable assaults. This time, he could clearly see that her face of lust was reflecting the face of love. She can't overdo her sideways turn, so she had a hard time reaching in for a kiss. Aster did not have to bother her to lean back as he reached in for himself.

Instead of a normal or passionate kiss, he went for the outside touching of their tongues as saliva was meeting from where they intersected. Eventually he leaned in further to give her the kiss of affection she truly deserves. Her calm bearing returned to her as her lust was being converted to pure love.

Both of them were too lost in their exchange that they failed to notice the mysterious occurrence that was happening. Aria's sweaty shirt lifted slightly upwards as the harem mark glowed in unparalleled black.

Aster had his attention to other things at the moment, so he did not care for it. His penis was already rock hard from this passionate sex and was already ready to reach the climax it long wanted to have. Aria felt herself rubbing his stiff penis as she eventually buckled out and gave the most major orgasm she could give.

"Ahmmm!!!" She broke the kiss quickly and let out a beautiful moan of pure contentment. Her juicing pussy was then submerged by his creamy semen as Aster unloaded just right by her womb. His penis had long stopped but the pressure of his white stuff as it was being released still gave out little nudges to the sensitive organ.

The spectating trio could see the lush escape of sticky fluids from her vaginal canals as it gushed out from the intersection of her pussy lips and his grand penis. The dark glow eventually settled to nothing as if nothing happened at all.

Aster had no time to care for that as he turned to the trio and was trying to choose who he would thrust into.

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    《Lust Exchange System》