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47 Bulge Fantasy
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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47 Bulge Fantasy

Aster wanted for Kamryn to blend in among the strong-bonded triplets, so he picked her up from the middle of Plum and Eve. Sitting in her position, he said to them. "Undress for me, my little ladies."

What else could they do other than comply? Seeing Aria with her sexy display of obscenity with Aster made them want to experience that sort of stimulation as well.

The triplets' newly worn clothes were discarded easily as they only wore shirts and pants, nothing underneath. They did not care where they place them as long as it was out of their way. Kamryn was not any different as she directly undressed her tight-fitting clothes to showcase her heavenly curves.

It would always be an attention-getter for him when he sees the shade of her nipples and pussy. Crimson red that reflects blood along with her red bush but only those two remain in their glossy pink.

"Beautiful!" He blurted out only to be pinch by the duo at his sides. Eve and Plum leaned their chest closer in his face to make their boobs look more magnified than it originally is. They were going all out to showcase their strong points and exhibit rivalry even if they are already in a peace agreement with Kamryn.

"Haha! Of course, these little buns are beautiful, too." Aster can't help but laugh at their antics and proceeded to bite on the pointy nipple of Plum. She was the one most triggered by having little breast compared to Kamryn's, so he decided to give her the satisfaction of having her boobs receiving love. His tongue move the hard nipple of her left breast and commanded where it would point. Fingers were already entrenching their depths as the flooding juices drenched the sofa to wetness.

Eve was satisfied with the arrangement because her boobs were already used as for a tit fuck by him. She just wanted for him to remember its glory by feeling it up to his face.

"I'm inserting it in." Without waiting for his permission, Kamryn inserted his dick to fill her pussy. The dick was a bit bigger now albeit only slightly, she was fucked earlier in the day and she could really tell the difference from how she was being pierced then and being pierced now.

Her relatively bigger breasts were at the usual spot during her riding and that was on his chest. Rubbing it while she heaved up and down to give him the full satisfaction he wanted.

He simply sat while three beauties were either being pleasured by him or he is the one pleasuring them. Kamryn was kissing his neck in her position while the green-haired duo was being fingered as they brushed their petite breast on his handsome face.

Aria regained her bearing and found herself jealous of being left out. To be included, she stood up and moved behind Kamryn. It was her time to see the display of having another woman being pierced by Aster's big dick. She squatted down without care of the semen that gushed out of her pussy opening that was opened up by her spreading legs.

Every time Kamryn moved up, her bubbly butt move along and Aria could see the juiced-up rod that was drenched in a woman's juice. Sloshing sounds could be heard as more and more of the thrust became deeper into Kamryn's. Aria somewhat knew of Aster's predicament with enjoining the red-haired beauty into a group of triplets, so he wanted his job to be easier.

To do that, she had to pleasure Kamryn along with him. She reached into the semen dripping from her own pussy and bathed her index finger with it. Feeling satisfied with the sticky jizz being laced in her pretty finger, she reached out and poked it to her moving butt hole.

"Noo! Aaah...! She... is... ahhn... trying to... take... my butt... virginity!!!" Kamryn was alarmed by the sticky finger that was messing with her other hole's entrance. He smiled and appeased her by saying words of caution to the open-minded Aria. "Aria... just tease her butthole while I fuck her alright! I want to be the one to take it after fucking all of your sisters and filling them up."

This was among the rare occasions where Aster gave out lewd words but he did not mind. They were all his women anyway and it was not a problem to use a perverted language in front of them. He also can't wait to hear them open up even more and truly answer Aria's slut question that other time they had sex.

"Hmmn!!! Ahhn!! Aaah!" The dual pleasuring that Kamryn was experiencing was enough for her to climax in succession. Her wet juices also blasted out three times to show how authentic the levels of orgasm she is experiencing. Despite that, Aster had no care for it as he maintained his penis calm and continued to rub her vaginal folds without ejaculating. Kamryn took this as a challenge and really kicked it up a notch with her movements.

"Cum... for!! Aahh! Me!! Cum!!" She chanted with mixed moans as she enticed her while giving his penis the rubbing of its life. Even his dick was protesting from his will of dormancy as it twitched hard inside of Kamryn to really let out the delight it is experiencing.

Kamryn's toes were tucked together as she is feeling the greater pleasure and the shaking she is feeling from all the movement. She felt herself numb and wanting the pleasure of his semen exploding inside of her.

Aster looked at her lovingly as her expression was the pleading of cumming inside her. "Alright... you win..."

Like a volcano erupting from its long dormancy, semen straight-up shot into her womb. It began to be filled up as he disrupted their sexual formations just to unload all of it inside of her.

The triplets saw him carefully tilt Kamryn's upper torso downwards to not make his precious semen drip out of her. Aster carried her to another sofa where he had her pussy opening elevate by letting her butt hang on the armrest. He supported his backside with some pillow he could find. Kamryn's tummy experienced a bulge as Aster filled up her baby chamber with all the semen he could unload in one shot.

"Aster, what are you doing? Is she pregnant?" Plum asked from confusion. She didn't even know that it was possible for someone to do that. She caressed her harem mark and tummy because of the curiosity she is having. Kamryn's slight bulge was not noticeable because it would only be interpreted by others as a little fat. However, the triplets thought differently because they knew that she practiced the ultra-slimming Origin Body Art.

"You see, Kamryn is affected by a curse that won't get her pregnant which makes her the perfect candidate for this." Aster explained while he lovingly traced her face. Kamryn felt that it was weird as the sticky stuff was loaded inside her but was strangely enthralled by it.

"What is exactly is she a perfect candidate for?" Aria inquired in a harsh tone because she felt that it was not right to do such activity.

'I can't tell them that there is a weird sexual act like this.' Aster coughed in embarrassment and tried to divert the conversation. "You see! This is an experiment if the curse would really affect her."

"Doesn't that mean that if the curse is in effect, she wouldn't get pregnant, however, if it was the opposite, wouldn't that mean that you are actually going to get her..." Plum asked in worry but she was cut off by Eve who was an avid fan of ero books. She said in a tone of an expert who had seen through all of his tricks. "I can't read minds here but it seems that Aster is trying something weird even in the standards of the ero world. It is either that he likes pregnant women, trying to preserve his semen in a woman, or is trying to test the power of his semen production. Hehe! Aster, you sneaky bastard."

He decided to come clean and nonchalantly shrugged like a boss. "Truth of the matter is that every man has got fantasies and this is somewhat among the fantasies I have."

Aster really felt himself cross the line with what he did and he also felt himself being in the right because he is practicing his freedom. Still, he looked towards Kamryn and said. "I'm sorry about this Kamryn."

"Hehe! It is alright. I've read about this too and I just hope you don't get too engrossed that you are overdoing it." Kamryn and the girls relented. Sometimes even Aster did not know the full extent of his control over them, even if he is worried about them being suppressed but the truth of the matter is that he is truly suppressing them without even knowing it.

Aster smiled and eventually dropped her elevation to let out a surge of release of the semen from her womb. Her entire vagina was literally bursting and filled with semen, it may not be exaggerated as truly filling it but it was really close to that. He gulped from the sheer quantitative volume of what he was producing. 'The Unrivaled Penis is true to its name. If it is at its peak, it may even have me producing semen like a river. Good thing that I am in full control of the output I could release.'

He felt himself being too advanced in his ways and decided to forego those fantasies at a later date. There are still a lot of encounters to come and who knows what weird things the women he would meet have in their sleeves regarding their view on sex.

The five of them eventually got back to their activities and forgot about the minor setback. All of the other two sofas were already plastered and wet from all of their sexual outburst and so, he carried Plum and Eve to the other one.

Aria and Kamryn were on their rest period as Aster already got to give his attention to them. In his hands was the outgoing and sexually extroverted Eve while Plum was the innocent and timid one. They were not identical at all but exhibiting features of beauty that fit their personalities.

As many have said, people develop from being exposed to and influenced by their surroundings. It may even be true to the development of features and personality, features influence personality and vice versa.


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