Lust Exchange System
48 Dual Control
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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48 Dual Control

Now that things became even more daring than before, Aster lied directly on the sofa and had his dick pointed upwards perpendicular to his body. Given his great erections full of unparalleled stiffness, angling his penis would be very hard but it is easily solved with his mastery over his body.

"Alright, girls. Choose whether you will ride or be licked?" Aster really let go of his inhibitions and decided on full pervert mode. He was still in his calm demeanor when he said that but his grin and the lecherous glint in his eyes told the duo a different story.

'What a handsome faker?' That was what they thought as Eve decided to take the cock while Plum would be headed towards his face.

Eve's feet were right by his stomach's side as she squatted down gently to ease the entrance of the big penis. Before she could let it slide inside her, warm juices that her pussy was producing had already been falling towards his penis. It may be unnatural but Plum could literally the droplets turn to vapor.

Like so, Eve masterfully took the cock inside her with full acceptance but not entirely. Her cervix was being kissed and yet the entire rod had not yet been submerged inside of her entirely. She can't imagine what would happen if her leg muscles went weak and mistakenly let it all in. She can't help but ask him. "Aster, what... would happen?"

"You saw how I penetrated Aria, didn't you? Your pussy can still take it but it would truly be entrenched to its limits that it would likely stretch." Aster explained as he really can't help them. He underestimated the growth of his penis' measurements and right now he would not be surprised if it grew even more. He also consulted the system for clarification. 'System, when will my penis stop growing? It is becoming more and more unnatural that at the rate of its growth, it would most likely be unable to fuck any other women unless they were giants.'

"Host, your Unrivaled Penis is called unrivaled because it has the greatest potential to reach capabilities that would overshadow any other penis." The system reintroduced the schematics. "You could simply control its growth with your will but you never took the chance to exhibit your mastery over its growth limits."

'Thankfully, there is that option.' He sighed in relief while he willed his penis to stop its growth process. It was not noticeable for others but he could really feel his penis conforming to his will. Eve decided to throw her question at the back of her mind as she wanted to fuck away. She even let go of her fears as she pounded until she let it all inside her.

Aster was really feeling the pleasure as he can feel his tip bounce to her resisting womb. Each time it bumped into it, Eve would give out a moan of unmatched clarity and haste. "Ahn! Nh! Ah! Hna!"

The rhythm of her moans corresponds to the rhythm that she is moving up and down. She wanted to be slow but the situation would not allow her to.

When his dick would hit her womb, her legs would jerk upward from the intense stimulation and her moans would follow. After her legs would unceremoniously jerk, it would also easily relax and drop down for her womb to be quickly tapped again. Thus, her locked cycle of quick excitement and pleasure.

Her boobs jiggled around from the fast swaying of her beautiful bod. Aster turned to the spectating Plum, who was entranced by her sister's unnatural movement and said to her. "Plum, you're still not closing in and letting me taste your pussy's sweetness."

"Yeah!" Plum wanted to see her sister ride him and so he had herself face Eve's direction. Aster's view of Eve was then replaced by Plum's beautiful butt whose cheeks reflected the light of this room's chandelier. He steeled his tongues straight as she positioned her pussy to fit the thing that would please her from this point in time.

Aster had his dick experiencing pleasure from Eve while he tasted Plum's sweet nectar. His lips reformed her labia as he stretched it with his strengthened tongue.

'So... good...' Plum thought while the sounds of her moans exited her mouth. "Ahn! Aaah! Ah!"

Her hands were roaming his chest as she tried to finds something to hold on to somewhat share the sensations she is sensing. That was when she looked towards Eve that bounced methodically from her state of continuous pleasure.

They exchange glances with one another and with their somewhat telepathic connection from sharing their mother's womb made them understand what they wanted to do.

"Eve... ahn!" Plum was practically impatient as she grabbed hold of her sister's boobs to grope and release some of the excitement that she is having. Eve also helped herself as she grabbed the boobs of Plum to slow down and release herself from the state of near-eternal elevation and regression that her body was in.

They could have gone for the backrest of the sofa but the urge to share their sexual excitement made them subconsciously grope each other. They sometimes compared each other's small breasts during their shared baths but to truly try and feel it up and deform their sister's countering body part was new and exciting activity.

It did not take long for their excitement to peak and splurged in their orgasms. It had not even been a minute and it just goes to show the siblings' unusual sensitivity.

They knew that Aster still had a long way to go and proceeded with their special threesome. To make things exciting between themselves, the duo leaned in towards each other and kiss.

At this moment, Aster felt three sources of water dripped in his body. Eve and her pussy's hot liquids on his genitalia. Plum and her sweet flow of nectar. The last would be the unceremonious saliva that escaped from their unstable sisterly kisses.

Their lips just can't get properly connected as they moved around in different tempos. Even their grip on each other's boobs was compromised as they slipped from the sweat it produced and from having nothing much to hold on to.

"Mnnnnh!" They muffled a moan together as they experienced another major orgasm while their lips were smooching. Pain and pleasure combined as they unceremoniously tighten their grip on each other's breasts. Slippery sweat did not become a hindrance as they wanted to lessen the tension that they are feeling at the point of climax.

The entire process repeated itself for an unreasonable six times within an hour. Aster tested his control on Unrivaled Penis to fully control its endurance. Normally, his dick would dictate him and be his guiding point for ejaculation. When his dick wants to release, he releases. Only a few moments happened where he defied the natural calling of his lower body, an example was his suppressed eruption on Kamryn earlier.

With his Unrivaled Penis and the Libido Art, his limits and the sexual drive of the duo that is currently sitting on him was being altered as well.

'Perverts think with their lower body and not with their logical reasoning. The lust skill with my penis essentially lets me be a pervert without the drawback. To control the lower body with the help of the logic of the mind.' Aster marveled while he also felt the need to release himself. His penis twitched vigorously that it even influence Eve's folds. For a long time coming, the semen burst out to freeze Eve's erotic movement.

He essentially bathed himself as the hot and sticky jizz flowed mostly into her, while it was brought back out of her by gravity that was hard to defy.

"Soo! Nhn... many." Eve commented as she felt the continuous flow of his coagulated sperm.

Plum left her pleasure seat as she had her lip lick the ones that were flowing out. She did not know why but the urge to suddenly do it evoked her to do an act that she normally wouldn't do. The fact that she saw her sisters' being fucked and filled by the same cock might have triggered her to do it.

"Uhm! Aster, can I have it in me next?" Plum turned to ask her lover. The way she asked it really excited him as her butt and wet vagina shook left and right enchantingly. "Okay. Help your sister up, first."

Plum just did that and lifted her sister with ease. They were body cultivators and lifting heavy objects become a norm to them. It was only at moments of pleasure and sex that they became weak women that would only wait for Aster's assault.

Kamryn and Aria had long recovered from being drowned in lust and covered Eve with a sleeping robe to warm her up. Kamryn cutely yawned and helped Eve upstairs for her to rest properly.

"Aster, when you're done with your orgasm, just sleep upstairs, and please bring Plum with you." It was already deep in the night and Aria reminded him. The contrast from her leader atmosphere and her previous moaning face was always a great attraction to him.

Kamryn carried Eve on her back but that only let her semen dripped pussy make a mess on the robe and on the floor. Eve jokingly reprimanded. "Hay! Kamryn, you are wasting the precious merchandise that our lover gave to me."

"Come on! You are not the only one having that problem, you know. This young lady is also trying hard to keep it in her pussy." Kamryn rolled her eyes and they just headed to the room directly with ease. Both of them were practically leaking the so-called commodity that they made a mess together. Aria did not know how to react and could only shake her head to not think about it any further. 'I really need to be earlier in waking up in the morning to erase this sensual crime's evidence.'

Aster smiled at the sight because they are already getting along fine. He turned to Plum who would always be the one bearing the brunt of experiencing his weird sexual depravities. "Little Plum, now that we're alone. Let us make the night worth it for the both of us."

Last time, it was collecting nectar in a jar. Now, the disrupted fantasy with Kamryn earlier might just happen without much disturbance from the others. "Hehe! You ready, my sweet Plum?"


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