Lust Exchange System
49 Romancing
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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49 Romancing

He carried Plum in his arms like a baby and kissed wherever he could kiss. He never really pegged her to be the jealous type, so why not enforce that attitude with a rain of kisses to spoil her. 'She might get even more jealous-oriented or quite the opposite after this but who in the world cares? The way one treats his women is his own business and not for the snooping nose of other men who just don't have what he has.'

Aster, later on, would be labeled as a hypocrite because he would literally snoop in the business of other men. If they would treat them badly, then he could just be a good guy that coincidentally helps them and win their hearts by trashing their already trashy men.

For the moment, he is enjoying his alone time with Plum as he sucked her nipples to drink whatever imaginary liquid he could think of. His will to control himself had long been mastered and controlled from his threesome earlier. Instead of directly fucking them because his lust said so, why not shower them with love and affection?

Weakling twats were the ones who follow the kiss first and sex later rule. Why not be weakling twat from time to time just to satisfy his curiosity and make his women love him even more? It was working as Plum's love meter was growing at a pace that was not fast but not too slow either.

'Sex and romance really do go hand in hand.' Aster made the realization as he would rise in ranks and increase the number of his women in the future. Kinks and fetishes are bound to be complex and insightful from this point of his life and forward.

Plum could hear her heartbeat faster than ever as she was being spoiled like a baby and being sucked like a mother. It makes one wonder what situation they are in. Should she ask for more kisses or should she be caring and compassionate to let him have all the fun he could have with her breasts?

"Ah! Hnnh! Nhhh!" Without reservation, Plum moaned to let him hear the feeling of euphoria that she is in at this moment. Aster wanted to show equality and move to the other nipple he hadn't sucked yet. Biting and stretching was being done as the pink and pretty nipple surrendered to his every whim.

He didn't let the springy breast unattended as he twirled his tongue around it as if to draw a swirling line. The tongue would depress wherever it drew in but it would just bounce back to full glory to showcase its prominent youth.

"Mhnnm! Thank... you! Aster." Plum said in joy and delight because she knew that he was doing it for her to get over her insecurities. She now felt that her boobs were the best she ever has.

Her worries were long misplaced because a lot of women with bigger bust sizes would think that her boobs are perfect as it should be. Not everyone could be like Kamryn whose big breast stays in tip-top shape all the time.

A lot of other big breasted women suffer the fate of being too saggy that they really need brassieres to help them stay up to look pretty.

In reality, they would look like lifeless and deflated balloons without the support of the bra and really turn off their partner's attention and affection towards them. It only gets worst for them as they age because it gets wrinklier and saggier than it already was. This was among the dread that women have towards age and exposing their age to others.

Plum did not have to hear the praise of other women as what she truly needed was the praise of her man. There was no need for fancy words as his actions could already tell her what he thinks about her boobs.

"Mhnaaah!" Her special fluids had long been sprayed out as she had a major orgasm from all the attention she was getting. She originally wanted to suppress it but her moans were not something she could control at the moment when her lust is at peak.

"Alright, now for the fun part." Aster smiled while he had her lie on the sofa with her back. He likes doing her in the back but it is also better to practice variety. Plum could see the aura of domination that Aster is oozing at the moment.

His abs and handsome face filled with care towards her made the fluids of her pussy go full throttle in production. It was a myth for many regarding having orgasms from just looking at the guy but that is only because the requirements are too high that it became the rarer than it could ever be.

There is only a limited possibility of finding a pair who loves one another without care and has enchanting and unparalleled looks to back it up. Plum could only involuntarily yelp as she felt herself unload for another time. Aster found her reaction too cute as it reinforces her personality. It was like how a young and innocent maiden felt a sense of lust for the very first time.

With his dick in the perfect angle for a missionary, he thrust to rub her vaginal folds and feel pleasure all over again. The sensation of fucking women had long been addicting and warped his sense of self but not entirely.

Addiction to killing makes one a homicidal maniac. Addiction to being a bully warps your mentality to violence. Addiction to being bullied makes you a wimp. Therapies and self-healing are to fight against unhealthy mental development.

For Aster's case, his mind was warped to be filled with lust but his controllable array of skills makes him immune to depravity while enjoying the right amount of addiction.

He fucked Plum that her shapely breasts moved along. Her moans pervaded the whole leisure room as she had her hands grab hold of his face to let him only focus on her loving face and only that alone. She didn't feel that it was enough, so she wrapped her legs around her hip to fully be one with him. It was like an invitation to let him fuck her deeper despite the fact that she is already penetrated deeper than she could ever be.

His load was already ready to erupt after an hour of pounding her but his mental fortitude wanted him to test his limits. Unfortunately, Plum would really be on the negative end if he continued fucking her without cumming for a bit. She was used to having her pussy cummed on earlier and the delay made her feel a bit disconcerted. She was really trying hard to make him feel good inside her.

Her face of lust was waiting for the moment of his orgasm inside her. Who was he to not give her what she wants? So, he gave her the gush of sticky fluids that she was waiting for. His little hole was perfectly lined with her cervix's opening. Her uterus was being filled up that her sensation was not any different than how Kamryn felt.

'So... many... it is all... moving inside... me.' Her moans were not heard as she lost herself in the sensation of having her baby chamber filled viscous sperm. Aster reigned himself this time and disconnected the perfect alignment to fill her pussy with the remaining cum. She did not have the bulge but she felt herself truly full with all the white stuff that filled her.

Their previous sessions also let her feel the semen creep inside of her but that was minimal due to the gush and blowback of his every ejaculation. Only a little amount would be sunken in and a lot would be juiced out of her like a cream.

Aster felt his dick bath in the double lubrication of his own semen and Plum's juices. Plum was lost in happiness but regained clarity as her pussy was being rubbed again. Sloshing sounds could be heard as Aster's movement was faster than before due to the lubrication. She thought inwardly while her body was following his intensity. 'No... way... He is still... going at it...'

Her doubts were erased as she lost her clarity to pleasure. She kissed him along just to show her acceptance of the matter. Her juices slowly expelled the white stuff as Aster felt the warmly envelop it gave to his penis.

Without caring for the consequences and control, he came and moved all over her. Plum's moans were all over the place as the sound and smell of lewd became apparent in their surrounding.

"Ahh! Ahhh! Hhhaan! Aaah! Nhn!" She would always lose count on the number of her orgasms but she was sure that her current session with him has made her total count of orgasm from beforehand sessions look inconsequential.

"I'm cumming." Aster groaned as he really connected with her little hole and dispersed his thick semen into the chamber that it guards. Plum took it in as it also let out the old one from having another major orgasm.

Out with old and in with the new. Warm semen mixed with the hot and newly dispersed semen. Aster felt his ejaculation's strength being decreased as it was being inhibited by the semen already inside of her. Plum's bulge was now seen but Aster knew that it would not grow any more than that. It also has no structural integrity that when he would pull out, the pressure of her uterus going to its relaxed state would easily turn it back to normal.

'What... a weird... feeling...' Plum said while she caressed the little bump. When Aster truly pulled out, the bulge decreased to make her abdomen back to its beautiful state of femininity.

Aster kissed her all over and disregarded the sweat. Plum forgot about her semi-impregnation and kiss him in the same intensity. She was tired but motivated to give back the love that she was being showered with.

"Thank you, little Plum!" Aster said as he carried her like a princess while he sat. Plum felt the cum drip into her butthole and enticed her while being in her current position. She was enjoying the sensation while answering to him. "Thank you as well, Aster. I love you!"

"I love you too." Like that, he carried her to his room while giving out cheesy lines of romance. In the bed, three other beauties were sleeping deeply as they cuddle each other while in their dreams. He laid down Plum with them and let her rest.

They were too tired that the soft bed made them slumber directly without care. Aster brought out a blanket to cover them from the cold while he watched them on his recliner seat. His worries for Kamryn's integration was gone because of the friendly hugs they are having in their sleep.

'I'm such a lucky guy!' He grinned while sleeping soundly in his sleep while keeping the mental image of his peaceful harem members in his mind.

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