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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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50 Message

Aria woke a bit earlier than usual from their sister huddle. With careful deliberation, she eased through their pile of barely naked bodies and from the blanket that kept them warm throughout the night.

'What a guy!' She remarked in her mind as she looked at Aster who was still sleeping in his recliner seat. It was baffling how he got it from the balcony but she knew of his strength. She gave him a peck on the forehead to show her love but that only served to disturb him.

Aster opened his eyes and look at Aria in her sleeping robes. They gave each other winks and body language to keep quiet while they exited the room.

Aria nudged her head towards the exit while he carried her like a princess. She was surprised and was about to yelp, only to be stopped by his morning kiss. Her thoughts were filled with monologues at that moment. 'This guy... how come he is being a romantic? Whatever, Aria? It is not like you hate it. Contrary to that, you love it.'

Aster quickly got out of the room and had their passionate kiss with the seductive sounds of tongues and mouths bumping each other. Aria had to stop him there and said. "Aster, I have to clean up. The little girls would notice how dirtied up the leisure room would be. They mostly play over there."

"It is okay. You do know that this house has automatized spells that make the floor clean and tidy. You were even the one trying to sell it to me." He said while he continued to carry her to the place in question. His cum droppings from his women's travel towards the room had long been clean and spotless. The function was quite unique and highly practical that only a few could have it in their homes.

Creed Academy went full throttle that they hired a formation master whose great work was actually downgraded to leisure life in the day to day life of their possible guests.

"I know that dummy. The problem would most likely be the spots that would not be cleaned along. The spell is not a product of perfection, you know." She rolled her eyes at him. 'He can't possibly miss that given his thought processes and I am sure he only doing this to keep me in bay. He might possibly be trying to satisfy his vanity by deluding the innocence of the girls.'

Aria sighed from the fact that she had to let in and choose a lustful guy like Aster. 'If only he wasn't a beggar turned to handsome and rich at that time. Well, fate might run our lives differently than how it is now.'

She can't begin to fathom the dark ending they would be in if she did not have the guts to lure him towards her. She was trying to use him but now, everything became reversed and strangely she was fine with it. The more her love grew, the more accomodating she became for him. Even the idea of sharing him with other women and her little siblings became a lighter topic to her compared to how it was yesterday.

If Aster knew of her thoughts and the consequences of his conquering ability, he wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Firstly, he really did not know the imperfect formation because his previous household also implemented the same sort of cleaning formation. He may have not just taken into account the difference in levels of the formations that are present here and there. Secondly, he had fantasies about the little girls but his thoughts were not occupied at that weirdness at the moment. Maybe in the future but not at present.

Not knowing of each other's misunderstandings, they broke their kiss and proceeded to clean up. Aria mostly did the work as he became occupied with Kamryn's laptop after seeing that it was blinking at its side. He shook his head in resignation and said. "How obsessed is Kamryn with red? Even the blinking light of her laptop is the same color only differing in shade."

"Tsk!" Aria smirked at his remark and pointed at his outfit. "You should go look at yourself in the mirror, Aster. Black is essentially your go-to color. Even your mark at my skin is a beautiful black."

He coughed in embarrassment. "Sorry, my little Aria. Your lover is too much of a hypocrite. You never know, I may have just been testing your reaction and see if you defend your new red-haired sister."

Aria rolled her eyes at him and minded her own business. It was quite an easy job as she just had to scrape up most of the sticky puddle that has strangely not gone dry from too much exposure into the room. The sofas also had the cleaning function as it easily dried up in tip-top shape after the press of a button on its underside. She had to spray the room with perfume to cover up the sensual smell that dominated its fabrics.

Aster got to open the laptop and found the reasons for its unceasing blinking. Messages were being spammed and were directed towards its owner who was Kamryn.

Instead of a usual message that is prompted in his views by the system, the message was displayed in the red background of the laptop. A lot of messages were being given in a new form of window that one could tell the progression of the sender's thoughts


From: Big Brother

Little sis! I got the wrong information. The arrogant scions are not in that house. Anyways, when you get this. Message me back.


It was sent most likely before or after his beating up of the guards and bedding Kamryn. The next message was all about Glenn's worry for Kamryn's late return.


From: Big Brother

Kamryn, where are you? Are you okay? Why haven't you returned yet?



From: Big Brother

Sissy! I just got the feedback from home that your love stone broke. Don't worry I'll get the bastard that made you stuck in your cultivation! He will pay for what he did. I can undo the Love Trap spell, so sit tight. I'm coming over.


He weirded out by the spamming of messages and uncoordinated sending sequence. 'Why not use a phone which is much easier and more organized than sending random mails on a laptop? Maybe he considered Kamryn's only means of communication is with this laptop or every Valentine member is just too backward regarding practical communications and devices brought by technology.'

Even if people of high status and higher grade settlements irk the presence of technology, it cannot be denied that they still use it. Long-distance communication usually needs higher cultivation that lets cultivators talk with only the help of their minds. The previous overpowered and envied skill became available to all and acquired through having the money available.

"It looks like he is still coming after all." Aster sighed and had to rethink his options. 'This Glenn could actually break the rebound of the spell. From the looks of it, Kamryn and most of the Valentine people don't even know how to undo it. Kamryn is even so sure that she would be a disgrace and not be bothered by them anymore. How come this dude is acting differently?'

Aster hoped that this Glenn Valentine does not have a sister complex. Whether it is the good kind or bad kind, the way he interacts would certainly dictate how he would deal with the acclaimed Romance Tyrant.

'I hope that it is just some sister complex that involves spoiling the already spoiled Kamryn. If it was the bad kind, he needs to learn a lesson for weird incestual feelings on my woman.' He vowed while deciding to get ready for battle or have Kamryn appease their connection.

Aster also received a late prompt of the total lust point gained and found it to be quite unimportant. Basically he earned 45,530 lust points and the pointing system is a bit of a mess since the multipliers and his sex with the girls were a bit separated. It was especially so for Plum and Aria who was soloed. It was a total of 118,500 lust points at this moment and he could stack up a lot of skills and passive growth options with that.

Aria also read and knew of the trouble coming and had herself wake the girls upstairs. In the master bedroom, Aria shook each of them awake.

Eve gave out a stretch and asked her sister with the laze. "What is the matter, sis? I thought that it was your turn to make breakfast on this day."

Plum was still half dozing and half awake. She was the one up late and wanted to have the privilege of being the one late to wake up.

Kamryn was not any better as she wanted to ignore the wake-up call like it was just a passing ringing of an alarm clock.

"Kamryn, you should really wake up because your brother is coming this way. Aster and I read his messages." Aria was really urging them in a hurry but strangely enough, she was not worried given the capabilities that Aster was showing to them. It may have been blind confidence brought about by her love and devotion. Part of her confidence also stems from the fact of the red-haired girl's nonchalance and ease regarding her brother

The spoiled Valentine was startled awake and complained. "Is Big Brother trying to make me ugly? This young lady needs her beauty sleep to entice Aster even more."

Aria shook her head in resignation on seeing her lackadaisical attitude. She remembered what she read on the laptop and gave her a recounting of the words. "Not that! He threatened to give the bastard who broke your love stone a beating. I don't know about some love stone but that bastard should be Aster."

Kamryn was shocked and stormed out of the room in haste. Her speed was greatly enhanced that her movement speed was not any different than how Aster trashed her bodyguards. While heading out, she yelled. "I'll choke the brother of mine for doing that!"

"Hay! Kamryn is already nearing the completion of her trial and the grand goal of bringing our status back is still a big project that needs a great undertaking." Eve shook her head and shrugged in knowing that their ambition is too grand but necessary.

They would have been contented to live normal lives but their connection with Aster made them bold enough to regain what they lost and somewhat give meaning to themselves. To forget about reigning in their dissatisfaction with the unfairness of life and let it burst out in the form of revenge.

The triplets shook their aspirations from their heads and had to bath and prepare for the upcoming visitor. They knew that it would either go peaceful or messy and presenting themselves formally in the confrontation would be the best way to go at it.


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