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51 To all Other Shitty Sites ○●
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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51 To all Other Shitty Sites ○●

Please tell me the reason for uploading my novel in your sites. I am talking to you and you know who you are.

I, the Author, would like to know why you are posting my novel without end.

Here I am being the quiet guy and chose to not lift the block of this novel. Compromising the collection of power stones and exposure of the novel. My ranking on the site is not being registered because of it. (not anymore since I can get power stones now but this protest chapter still stands)

I don't know if you have connections with WebNovel and all but since I chose to write it here. You should stop your snooping as well.

I am crippling my writing because I chose it. Yet here I am at a disadvantage already and your updating your site with every word I wrote.

I grew a liking to novels from reading on your sites but this may have gone too far.

I am not okay with your updates even if my novel was not banned. Even if it is not lifted, I hope you also stop with your updates.

I grew to love novels from reading in your sight but this had crossed my line. Please don't post. Please. Please. Please. Please. There are plenty of other novels out there and you seem to never bother them. They have long reached 100 chapters and you never seem to bother posting their novels even if they don't have the ban.

It is already quite shameful for me to write a trashy and R-18 novel, so I hope to hide it as possible. Yet here you are with your snooping.

Please don't post. You still haven't posted chapter 49. If you did, I hope you read this note. If I see 49 posted, then this novel ends here.

I am going to have my Author IV badge soon anyways. I can just have this novel be stopped at that time. I can just continue in secret when that happens and keep the content to myself.

I know what your thinking. I am not even a professional who is going with the laws but here I am complaining. Let us just say that I am expressing my opinion on a novel I tried creating.

A lot of people don't like being cockulded. To put it in clearer example, if you have a girlfriend(novel) and without you noticing that another guy(sh*tty site) is actually posing with your girlfriend while saying they are in a relationship. How would you feel by then?

Oh yeah. Not banned anymore and power stones are back to being accepted. I will continue to post this spam chapter to piss these sites' asses off.

Hoping for your kind consideration and understanding.




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