Lust Exchange System
52 Discontent and Hiatus
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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52 Discontent and Hiatus

Expression of Discontent.

Please tell me if I am in the wrong or write. This conversation through the comments is how I explain my opinions to those who don't like my form of protest. To Serb, since you like to have somebody else do something to what you own without permission, then I'll use your name and words.

The conversation goes like this:


♤♧Serb (Level 4):

Why ****ty sites? ,you say that you read on them, and you can also say that they advertise you. webnovel has problems: unstable pages and stones, it seems to me that everyone is obsessed with them.


Serb here is a genius!

I posted my novel in WN because it is easy and has no hassle. This is a platform where you can write and interact with your readers in real time.

Power stones, comments, paragraph comments, and even viewership is counted so that an author knows how much they progress. Even if WN has problems, then why is your account on an already higher level and you seem to be reading on it?

For me WN lets you explore other forms of media even if they are incomplete novels, fanfics, and so on. I don't patronize them but I think their medium is cool.

I read from those sites but it is 'read' in a past tense. It is not advertisement that they are giving the novel but straight-disregard for the one who wrote their novels.

What would you feel if you have your girlfriend(novel) and another person(s***ty site) is actually posing around with your girlfriend ans saying that they are in a relationship?

If you're okay with that, then you just got fucking cockulded and your okay iwth that like some sort of wimp.

Are you actually from those sites and felt the need to defend them?

♤♧Serb (Level 4):

I don't understand why you're being cruel about sites. They put your name in the author, so its not theft. Stones are interersting but paid chapters are too much: pay 50 or more stones a day. I just like to read on one site.


I'm not being cruel to them and I never said that it was theft. I just don't want this novel to be bothered. I posted this on this site for a reason and this novel even experienced a period of being banned(having no power stones and ranking) yet they still posted it. Since I posted in here, why would others want to post it in their's.

It is not like I told them to post it on their sites. Are you someone who liked it when someone uses your stuff without permission? Your phone has your name on it but I am surecthat you don't want strangers to snoop in it.

If you don't mind strangers snooping in it, then that would be hell weird. So what if I have my author name there, I still have the opinion to protest.

Do you think that authors also deserve their own right in their own creations? It is not like you wrote their books for you to judge that it should be read for free.

People rack up brain cells and allot time to make their own work come to fruition. If you find me a bit overreacting then that is your choice. If you're apathetic to that and want to leech on their work, then you do you

You are expressing your opinion and I am expressing mine by replying to your comment.

♤♧Serb (Level 4):

You do realize that these sites are just public libraries.


I do but I can still try to minimize its publicity to only one site.

Like I said, 'try', 'opinion', 'protest'. Just trying to defend what I could defend.

So, what is your answers to my previous questions then.

Do you like being cuckolded?

Do you like having your stuff used without your permission?

Are you actually a spy from those sites?

♤♧Serb (Level 4): ...(no reply at the moment)


I would like to announce that due to this, I would like to formally announce the hiatus of the novel.

This would maybe take 5 weeks or more of no posting as I contemplate whether Serb and the sites are right all along.

If they are right and they can just post my writings, then I'll stop posting the novel entirely and keep it for myself.

Also, the sites have long posted chapter 49 and 50. This means goodbye to all of you. Maybe this is the end or I'll post my continuation in never.

Thank you for all of you that have supported the novel. It is quite accomplishment for me to post 100,000 words within two weeks or maybe even more.

This is not the end of the novel for me but it may be for you. It made me laugh so hard to see them post the chapter entitled 'To All the Shitty Sites'.

Since they posted chapter 49, I stayed true to my word and discontinue the novel. Hope they are happy for what they have done and even Serb would be glad to see an author's end. The trashy novel of mine would now be subjected to mean comments and reviews.

Thank you again.

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