Lust Exchange System
51 What-Ifs
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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51 What-Ifs

"Aster, what did my brother say?" Kamryn was fuming as she looked towards the object she calls as compressible television. She was also surprised that the television or what Aster calls as a laptop could actually send messages.

If Aster knew what she was surprised about, he would really curse Glenn Valentine for being stupid. He was literally sending a message through the laptop which his sister never got to know deeper.

"Here you go." He handed the red laptop to her and let her see the contents. Frankly, he is confident enough to say that everything would not go downhill. 'Maybe the guy is just really worried about her sister. I should just take some punches to ease his heart. Hehe! When he would go overboard, things would really go awry and he might just not keep his life. Sorry for Kamryn, but his brother has got to face the reality that I am banging his sister."

Kamryn was gritting her teeth from reading those messages. She appeased her lover and said. "It is okay, Aster. Big brother would not go that far and I could just talk him out of it."

"That is not a problem for me, Kamryn." He said while expressing his earlier doubts. "I get that your family would know your love status using that love stone. How come your big brother knows how to get rid of the curse while you seem to be in despair when knowing your situation? Is it a dispelling ability that only higher-ranked elders in your family would know?"

"I don't know about that. I know and read that a lot of people in our family like me are already banned from reconnecting. Big brother is the most secretive person in the family and our elders seem to not want to mess with him. He only talks to me and mom every time he is at the Valentine household." She also expressed her doubts. "Even this bracelet is something from big brother and not from the family. It is powerful and practical that our other relatives want it for themselves but they seem to be afraid of my big brother. My big brother is like another boss in the household, so he must know about the secrets of the Love Trap, I guess."

"Hoho! To think that the great and loving Valentine is rifled with family problems." Aster remarked in enlightenment. His views on families were frankly limited to books and what he is exposed to. He read that family should look out for themselves on scriptures he read but his real situation in life always warps his expectation to cruelty and heartlessness.

Kamryn sighed and explained. "Love Trap is really true to its name. While the ones who truly uses it can have powerful partners to snag and make them slaves, they also view the love slaves as important. They are essentially blind in love that they see other couples as competition. Resources and information became something they fight for. Bonded by Valentine blood but curse to disunity by the Valentine spell."

'I guess those books never lie but also not general either. The Suns and Valentine are dysfunctional while five siblings that lost their noble surname seemed to embody that loving atmosphere and family first view in life.' He thought to himself as he compared their situation to the former princesses. The Valentine family is a bit weird with their distrust while the Suns are a bit martialistic.

The former is love triumphs over all things while the latter regards power over everything. The true mystery to Aster is how they kept their heads afloat despite its negative approach.

"Alright, Kamryn. You should really take a bath for now. Your big brother should see that you are being treated well here to lessen the violent tendency of me being punched in my face." He joked as he looked at Kamryn whose only cloth was the white sleeping robe. 'Haha! That Glenn guy would really flip his sanity when he would see her sister's current state. Being known as Romance Tyrant, he would really know the matters between men and women.'

Despite Aster's reluctance and preparation, he can say that a scuffle with Glenn Valentine would just result in unnecessary sacrifice. Which is why Kamryn was his best option?

"Are you scared about something you started? If you did not beat my guards up and take my virginity, this wouldn't have happened, you know." Kamryn rolled her eyes at him, she joked despite knowing that she was partly to blame for everything. "I'm such a poor young lady who was kidnapped and trapped between the feud of my lover and brother."

This time, it was his time to sigh in frustration. He slapped her perky butt that was swaying near him and said. "You should also know that this would not have happened if you and your guards would have just moved along after knowing that your targets are not here."

"Hmmph!" Kamryn puffed up her cheeks to pout. She was supposed to be sulky about her wrong decisions but somehow, her wrong decisions led to where she is now. She lost everything and her feelings were literally over the moon from being happy with meeting him.

Aster shook his head in annoyance because a series of wrong decisions is what lead them to this turn of events. It was a true who is to blame scenario where everything would just go in a circle if they had to find someone to blame. If he had to point fingers, he would not blame Kamryn or her guards but another person entirely. 'Was I wrong when I defended myself? Was I also wrong when I touched Kamryn? Was I overreacting when I did that because of the feeling that he may unleash his vengeance on me? Nah! The true person to blame is Glenn Valentine.'

Thinking about it, he felt another wave of exasperation. He knew that the Romance Tyrant is strong and would really find fault in those who are weaker than him. It may have been his idea that her sister would challenge Creed students and yet when all comes to downfall. The true victim which was Aster all along would suffer the consequences if he were to remain passive.

'If I were to let the guards walk all over me, the girls in the house would suffer. If I were to disagree peacefully to their demands of taking over, they would use force and the fight would happen nonetheless. If I were to beat them up with just a warning, the spoiled Kamryn who hates me would literally come back again for revenge. If I were to just to take her hostage and not have sex with her at all, that guy would just find me and beat me because I held someone dear to someone like him who is strong. Kamryn would still hate me and would unleash her spoiled revenge plans.' Aster thought to himself and had a deeper understanding of the unfairness of the world.

A cycle of blame and an endless possibility of what-ifs. This was why the best scenario for him was to conquer Kamryn and appease with Glenn. If he did not have the ability to conquer and empower her at all, the whole thing would just go down and his life would not be any different than when he is with the Suns clan.

'Power and ability to make the impossible possible is what helps people have the best if scenario.' Aster calmed himself and made another quote that was impactful in a power-driven world. Since he has the tool to take the shortest path to gain power and ability, it is his life to take the greatest possibilities in life.

Morning truly came and the expected arrival of Kamryn's big brother seemed to have been delayed. Aster even had the time to bath and eat breakfast with the girls.

During their talks, Jade and Monet told them about what they saw from their rooms. The master bedroom was all the way to the back where the pool was located while the little girl's room was on the opposite and far side to not let them hear the lewd sounds coming from Aster's room.

Their room was by the front of the house and their windows were enough to overlook and see what is happening on most of their street. Their old house was not far from their current one and just this morning they heard noises that lead them to see the trouble that was knocking on their old door.

"Big Sis Aria, we saw those bad people again at our old house. Are we going to be okay?" Jade said in worry. Her interaction with thugs and villainous-looking people put an uneasy feeling in her. Every time they knocked on their door, she would always see her sisters being sad and downcast than usual. They would not show their sadness to her but she always had a hunch that something is wrong. She turned to Aster with tears in her pretty and green eyes. "Aster, can you help my sisters? They are always being bullied by those bad people."

Monet was silent the entire time but her look of pleading towards Aster was enough to tell him that she also thought the same as her little sister.

The triplets were shaken by the information but calmed themselves again. They would still be shaking in fear when they would know any sort of information relating the Unkillable Rats but their current standing and view of life had long changed.

Aria calmed her little sisters and said. "It is alright now. You don't have to worry about us. Those people are not much of a bother anymore. Look at your big sisters, they are not scared anymore."

Plum gave out a smile and ate without a sign of worry. Although they still had reservations, they had to put a strong facade in front of their little sisters.

"Come on, you little babies. You read a lot of princess stories to know that us princesses always get the last laugh." Eve played along and tried to calm her little sisters. Their fascination with picture books worked and the two little girls were back to their easy-going outlook in life.

'One trouble is enough and yet these clowns really know to push a man to his breaking point.' Aster nodded along to help in calming the girls while the mana sensitive cultivators in the table could sense the terrifying mana disturbance that whirled around him. It was enough for them to tell that he was really angry.

The triplets did not feel discomfort but felt warm in their hearts while Kamryn was up to her happy thoughts. 'Hehe! This time, I am not on the receiving end of Aster's scary intent. Those poor blokes really have bad luck to disturb him while he is still troubled by big brother. Big brother should also learn from this group and never anger my powerful lover.'

The Unkillable Rats in question still did not know the terrifying fate that had already locked its sight towards them at this moment.

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