Lust Exchange System
52 Clownish Scums
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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52 Clownish Scums

When breakfast was done and the table was back to its tip-top shape, Aster took this chance to leave and look at what these so-called Unkillable Rats are made of.

He arrived by another empty room that had a more peripheral view compared to Jade and Monet's room. It was the very corner and had the perfect watching distance to look at what was going on with the previous house that the siblings stay in.

"Aster, what are you going to do?" Aria asked. Together with her siblings and Kamryn, they followed him to watch along to whatever disturbance that the bunch of thugs are doing.

"I'll observe for now. Let us see what they are trying to do." Aster replied while leaning on the window. It was tinted black when seen on the outside and what onlookers could only see is white walls and glass that are colored black.

A gang of people could be seen crowding the streets just directly in front of the old house. Like how thugs and delinquents generally look, they sported open buttoned jackets and weird applications of their handkerchiefs. Most of them had dyed up hair given how unnatural their color scheme was. They were pretty much normies in Aster's eyes and could bully commoners with the use of their metal poles.

'These dudes lack originality and are clearly pawns by some sort of powerhouse in this city.' Aster surmised in his thoughts. 'Given that they only border on the Novice rank, it would either be that their boss is an Expert or they are under a partnership of mutual benefits with some family in Green Silk.'

It was at this moment that he knew why they were dubbed as such. The majority of people hate rats but they can never really get rid of it. A lot of other animals get extinct even if a lot of people don't want those species to die, yet the species that almost everybody loathes seem to thrive.

It could either be the rat's high efficiency on multiplication and survival or a secret conspiracy to keep them surviving than they ought to.

The little girls found the secret spy game boring because they can't hear a thing. It was enough for them to know that their big sisters were not troubled by the thugs, so they left the room and made up activities for them to pass the time.

It was different for the five people left in the room because they had a heightened and controllable sense of hearing and sight to know what was truly going on.

Another practical application of their current skills. People who have heightened sensibility with their five senses are bound to have greater weaknesses if they don't have the ability to control it. Like how a person who can hear a cricket's sound from a mile away would become deaf when a shout would be released by their ears. A person with a great sense of touch would feel the pain that is exponentially greater compared to how a normal person would feel.

Like professionals, the five of them attuned their senses to what was most optimal to the situation they are in within an instant.

"So, what are we going to do over here again? If we can't touch those beauties, why the need to have fifty of us here?" Asked a goon that was nearest to the luxury house. The others were having chatters of their own, so the best one to eavesdrop on is the one nearest and farthest from the incoherent noises.

"For the show, of course. I still can't accept being beaten up just to make someone look like a hero but orders are orders." Answered another goon that was close friends to the goon that asked earlier. "Good thing that we only have to fake a faint and vice Grappler would do the rest and fight of that young master."

Hearing their conversation just made Aster and girls intrigued by all this scenario. He looked to the triplets and said what he deduced from it. "Girls, it seems that these unkillable pests are actually puppets in a string."

"Tsk! What a shitty method to do things! It looks like someone wants to become some sort of savior in your eyes." Kamryn remarked while the triplets in question only observed in silence while rethinking about the possibilities.

"A shitty plan." Aster mocked but things were different in his head. 'If I wasn't here, these girls would really fall for the damsel in distress and knight in shining armor act. It was a nice plan but I get the greatest benefit from it.'

The one they called as Grappler was incessantly knocking on the feeble door. From afar, Aster could see that the man was really buffed and tall. Within the crowd of outlandish gangsters, he would stand out as the muscle guy.

'Heck! His triceps and biceps are three times bigger than his little thug companions.' Aster remarked while focusing his view to see if there are sickly veins protruding out. With his observant eyes, it did not take long for him to look down on the so-called Grappler. 'This dude clearly overdid it. If he were to exert true force with his muscles, those greenish lines would appear like unnatural snakes.'

It was frankly getting boring for the fifty thugs to knock and have no one answering. The triplets were even subconsciously giving out a smirk due to the fact that their feared enemies are actually clowning around in front of an empty house.

"Haaaaaaaahhh!" The dumb Grappler also felt irritated and gave out a scream while he punched out to tear down the weak door. The poor door broke to smithereens while the muscle bloke who punched out was bleeding from the sharp splinters.

"Search the place!" He said while gritting through the pain. His right fist was bleeding and punctured with wood but he maintained his boss aura to his subordinate gang members.

"Yes, vice!!!" The group said in unison while they stormed the house like the rats they were supposed to be.

One guy stayed behind because he was some sort of caretaker for Grappler. The guy with his baggy black clothing praised. "Vice Grappler, you are really an embodiment of body cultivators. A lot of gang members doubt you but I can really tell that you did not use any mana or sophisticated skill when you punched out."

"Hahaha! Of course I did not use it. A body cultivator has got to use his body to fight. I can confidently say that any other body cultivator would have their arms broken after they would punch out like me." Grappler boasted while showcasing the wounded fist he has but his dumb thoughts were actually shouting out in pain. 'Shitty door! I thought you were old and feeble but you were actually god darn hard as cement. Fuck you, door! Be fucked in your woody afterlife!'

The lackey guy had his eyes shine like how one would look at an idol and said to Grappler. "You are an inspiration to us in the Unkillable Rat community. If those toymakers we harassed are done with your action figure, I'll be the certified Grappler collector."

"Haha! You flatter me, kid. My muscles would blush from your praise." The muscle bloke called Grappler had his ego inflated and even flexed his ugly muscles to flaunt.

All the other Unkillable Rat members who heard their exchange can't help but twitch their eyebrows from not knowing whether to cry or laugh. They call Grappler as a vice but old-timers in the gang can tell that the muscle bloke is just a joke in their entire gang hood.

He had a special position because he practiced body cultivation to the level of Initiate but that was all he was. Any other Initiate cultivator could break down doors without a sweat yet Grappler was dumb enough to punch an old door that could easily break but also ease in the formation of sharp breaks.

A skilled lockpicker in the group had disdain in his thoughts while he picked up the doorknob that was thrown away. 'This guy had to bleed himself to look cool to the newbies while I could open this lock within seconds and not be injured at all.'

The certified body cultivators who were watching and eavesdropping from the second floor had a little laugh of their own

'There is bound to be a greater wall than the one you have at present. This Grappler guy is drowned in accomplishment that he failed to realize that others could also do the same as him and potentially even better.' Aster smirked from his stress while he looked towards the buff clown. It made him wonder if any other body cultivation would lead to unnatural bodybuilder physique. "This guy overdid it for too much that his muscles just makes him look fat in my eyes. The action figure that would be made would surely be called as Grappler the Muscle Pig."

"Pfft!" Kamryn and the triplets let out their stifled laugh from hearing his degrading words. It was supposed to be solemn but the overconfident Grappler just made their mood lighten up than before.

The other Unkillable Rats did their duties well and scoured the house down to its every corner.

A gang member rhythmically patted his right palm with a metal pole that he held on his left hand and said. "I am no detective or genius here but I am sure that they ran away."

"No shit, detective! Here I am thinking that they were abducted by ghosts." Another gang member said with sarcasm. He may be a scum of society but he refuses to stoop so low and dumb down to the level of his gang mates.

To prove his dumbness, the guy with a pole did not notice the sarcasm in those words and said. "I am no ghostbuster but the only possibility of the girls being kidnapped by ghosts is when slimy goop is left behind on the crime scene."

The dumb gang mates nodded along while the intellectuals palmed their faces due to their stupidity.

"Fuck this!!!" Grappler was exasperated with the finding and knocked his hand towards the wooden wall of the house. The entire second floor shook from his actions while he ordered. "Find those girls or all of us would be toast in the eyes of the boss."

The clownish scums were really panicking because they did not consider the possibility of their targets running away without their notice.

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    《Lust Exchange System》