Lust Exchange System
53 Misunderstanding after Misunderstandings
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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53 Misunderstanding after Misunderstandings

The gang was stumped because they never really had the expertise with tracking and stuff. All they know is that the Unkillable Rats guarantees an easy life for delinquents like them.

Crimes they committed would easily be forgotten by society as long as it does not stray from the will of the boss.

"Vice Grappler, where are we supposed to look?" The fanboy asked Grappler with worry. He was new to the group but it was a known fact that bad things happen to those who failed with their assigned task.

'I don't know as well...' Grappler was also stumped and blurted out in his thoughts. Given his superiority syndrome and years of experience in the gang, he just passed the problem to his subordinates. "Tsk! All of you should know what to do. Do not expect a leader like me to feed the answer in your mouth! Get to work and learn to be independent but always keep the will of the boss on top."

Grappler commended his strong words and his imagination was running wild with praising each other for their genius. His smile was subconsciously showing and gave the senior members the urge to punch him directly

'Why is this guy acting so smug? That was clearly a copy of what the boss says when he is angry.' They secretly admonished in their heads while holding back the urge to punch the guy. The timing was not right and even if they did punch him, they would not have any leverage and would only be beaten up by Grappler afterward.

The entire group was truly stumped with the girls being gone and had an awkward five minutes where they did nothing and just stood in place.

To break the silence, the slightly investigative delinquent with his metal rod said. "I am nor a detective but could it be that the city lord intervened? The man is said to be related to the girls after all. You know, the Greene family has green hair and the five siblings have green hair as well."

'I never even thought about that and this guy figured it out within an instant.' Grappler formed a connection in his head and had a realization. He felt the guy's words to be true and commended. "You are really smart, brother! You should be in our gang's adviser division for how smart you are. Of course, I made that realization earlier and wanted for some of you to have the spine and wit to blurt it out loud."

The muscle bloke also found the chance to increase his intelligent image to the crowd of delinquents. The fanboy's eyes shown like he was looking at a true genius while the intellectual and senior ones felt the urge to puke.

The intellectual dude spoke up and said in sarcasm. "Vice Grappler, it is already known by almost everyone in town that they are relatives. How come your genius mind only made the realization now? Is it because your brain and your muscle were not in sync when the news was being disseminated in the city?"

"Ehm! You... are somewhat... correct! The pain in my arm must have rendered my brainpower to be damaged a bit and made me forgot such crucial information." Grappler made a quick and force rebuttal and flexed his muscles. "Haha! My memory would be powered up if I work out some more. After all, the bigger the muscle, the smarter one becomes."

It was back again to the fanboy's praise and senior member's disdaining thoughts.

Aster did not linger on to spy on their pointless banter and directed his senses to focus on an entourage just a bit farther away from the old house. He smirked while making a comment for the girls to hear. "This must be the mastermind behind this whole play."

They were busy with enjoying the gang show but his words and the direction that he looked at made them realized what he meant. The triplets still had weak cultivation, so they had no idea what the entourage was saying but anyone with eyes could still see the noble entourage and their unnatural pause in the middle of the road. Kamryn was not saved from the problem because her heightened senses were still limited, so her sense of hearing could only allow her to hear inaudible noises.

Since they could not play the spy, they turned their attention back to the Unkillable Rats and their ramblings. Their current capability to listen in but not be notice made them feel empowered. It also made them realize the fearfulness of unknown snoopers.

One can never know when another person knows everything you do and the things they know might just be used against you in the future. Spies and information agencies might have perfected this method and would know what everybody in the world is doing.

Aster was still focused on the noble entourage and what they were saying this entire time.

There were frankly five people wearing expensive silk clothing.

Four of them were clearly servants of a young man. They all stood out because of the dirty white theme that seemed to just make them quite a catch in the eyes of onlookers.

"What is taking those scums so long with their threats?" The young man asked in annoyance while his brows twitched along. "Isn't the plan just to drag the girls out of their home while I beat them all up? Don't tell me they are having fun with those girls already."

Aster, who heard his words from afar, put a death flag on the shitty guy. He was also feeling quite lenient on the Unkillable Rats due to their comedic idiocy but those lines just made them plunge back to his kill list. 'I have never really killed a person in my life and only the Garth bird was close to death but there is always a first time for everything.'

An old servant knew of their young master's short temper and could only take action before things go out of hand. "Don't be angry, young master Alcor! I will head along and check. If they did not go along with the agreement, they would face the wrath of their bosses and our household, the Dren family."

"Are you nuts? If you go there like you own the place, those girls will know what is going on and the young master's plan would mean nothing." Another servant advised against it. He also thought to do so but seeing that one had already come up with it, the alternative would be to become the smarter one.

"He is right. I don't hear any screams, so the girls might just be asleep or something." Alcor found logic in the servant's retort and had to rethink of another way to approach the ordeal.

"How about have my senior act like he saw trouble and as an act of goodwill, he would barge into the house." A third servant said his idea and continued to explain its merits. "The girls would connect the senior servant to young master and the hero act would be just fine. If those scum really did go astray from the agreement, then the senior would reprimand them and call for us."

"Tsk! I'd rather that the second possibility be not true but I'll still get those pretty siblings nonetheless. I can act the hero to defiled bitches while having fun all along." Alcor said in dissatisfaction while also expectant of the rewards. He turned to the old servant and nodded. "Go act along just like how your junior explained. It would be best if you don't fail me or you will face the consequences."

The old servant trembled because he was the one with the clearest idea of the so-called consequences. He lost count how many of his peers failed to met their master's expectations and met their unfortunate demise.

Aster was really fed up with the entire noble routine with servants and masters. 'It would be okay for me when I am the master of beautiful servants. I'll be the most merciful boss that beds them if they make a mistake. These noble families waste a lot of resources with killing their servants. Maybe the generalization that all servants should be treated like dirt is already ingrained in their long and tested traditional belief.'

The old servant acted along while Aster made his comment and arrived at the crowded house.

"What are you scums doing here? You better not be trespassing in another person's house without permission." The old servant voiced out like a wisely sage.

"Who the heck is this old man?" Grappler who was closest to the door was the nearest to the old man's commotion. "We, Unkillable Rats, have some business here and you better not piss us out."

Grappler was already troubled with the siblings being absent in the house and an old meddler was messing out with their pointless discourse. He ordered his goonies with a stern command. "Get rid of this old man will you."

There were about ten newbies in the group and they were the ones most loyal to a leader in the gang. They rushed out with their foldable knives and pointy weapons to surround the old servant.

"Old man, you better move along like the aged bones you are or your already shortened life would just be shortened after we are done with you." The fanboy wanted to stand out to his idol and threatened the old servant with style.

"Hmmph!" The old servant thought that the thugs would realize who he is and inform him of the matters regarding the girls but it just led to further misunderstandings between them. 'These idiots must have failed to keep it in their pants. Better inform the young master before it is too late.'

The old man dashed out like the wind from the ten gangsters. Aster can now tell that the noble entourage's people are mostly Initiates cultivators while the newbies of the Rats had themselves drenched with sweat from the fact that the old man was able to use mana.

The fanboy blurted out in panic. "That old man could have killed me with ease."

"You fucking idiots! That man must be a servant of the Dren family. Why are you threatening our employers now?" The intellectual gangster really had no choice but to blurt out. Everything just happened to fast that the senior members could not see what was really going on. "Why is this man a vice again? He is too dumb to be one!"

"Fucking piece of shit!"


"Muscle Pig!" The other senior members, who were fed up with the dumb oaf, also rained out abuse in unison or in a barrage.

They had just antagonized an Initiate ranker while only the stupid Grappler could defend them because of their Novice level in cultivation.

"You..." Grappler wanted to come out strong but he really had no excuse this time. His muscles deflated from the fact that his subordinates were cursing him. This was the first time that he knew that he was just a joke to the group and was never really respected like the leader figure he should be.

He was supposed to be powerful than them but the mental abuse made the weak-minded guy just buckle. This just proved how an imbalance in any aspect of life could be detrimental. A struggling master of the body and a complete nobody in matters of spirit and soul.

The girls were mostly out of context with the turn of events while Aster was greatly looking down on them with his comment. "These people really need to plan their approach more. In the house is a bunch of disorganized fools while on that entourage is some smartypants group that never really planned for anything. Misunderstanding something and just make everybody else misunderstand some more."

He felt disinterested in letting these morons living in the world any further lest they taint the ever-present mana.

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    《Lust Exchange System》