Lust Exchange System
54 Corpsical Intervention
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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54 Corpsical Intervention

"Aster, where are you going?" Kamryn was intrigued as the fun outside was just getting started. The Unkillable Rats was going to have a fight with their supposed employers.

Any third person can already tell how their plan is crumbling by just observing the progression from afar.

"I guess I am going to have my first time killing." He said in truth because murder and crimes was an acceptable concept. People would eventually mature and see the world of how vicious it truly is. Aster read of novels that are based in a world of irrevocable laws and constitutions and felt that those formed laws were equally practical and dumb.

They formed judges and governments just like current empires and kingdoms, however, their approach was a little less brutal and stricter which only opted for punishments like imprisonment and fines.

He can never really differentiate Tellus and that world but a given fact is that they are as shitty and unfair. The best option in either of the worlds is to gain power that lets one transcend those societal norms that constrict.

"I will go with you!" Kamryn was excited and felt that having the fools fighting each other was not as fun as having to fight them instead.

The triplets were not one to be left out and followed him out of the door. This was originally their problem, so it was appropriate for them to see through the entire process in which the problem is solved.

Aster sighed and reminded them. "Are you sure you guys want to follow? There would be people dying in front of you. Worst than that is the fact that they will have their last breaths in a fashion which is more gruesome than the average death."

"You are exaggerating things. We already saw a lot of people die." Eve shrugged due to the fact that they survived the massacre of their entire royal household. They escaped safely but they were able to see how a lot of people sacrificed lives just for them to survive.

A past that could induce trauma to any child that had to go through the same thing. The triplets had mostly gotten over it and moved on. Any other person who would dwell in such a blood-filled nightmare would have gone insane to either craziness or psychotic.

Aster had more or less understanding of the triplets' past while he looked towards the vibrant Kamryn. "I get that your entire array of skills is related to blood but I have to make sure that you are okay with people dying in your eyes. Your too much of a spoiled beauty to have seen people die in front of you."

"Eh! If you are going to stop me because I have not seen death, you are truly wrong. This young lady has seen death her entire life and processed it when I have gone to comprehend it when I knew how death worked." Kamryn pledged in confidence but Aster was not convinced with her big words.

"Then give me some examples of the times you have seen death." He said with a smile.

"Uhm!" Kamryn answered while a bit unsure herself. "I have seen a doctor fail in performing a complicated surgery and the patient died."

"That is clearly from the shows you have watched. It is all fake and utilizes props." Plum smiled and saw through her lies. Kamryn was not to be beaten yet as she said. "You poor soul. I have even seen how dead people continue to haunt the living world as ghosts. A ghost girl would fall in love with a spiritually talented guy who can see ghosts and is helping her solve the mystery of her death. Only to tragically end their love with the girl truly passing away in the afterlife."

Eve made an X sign with her hands and said. "We never had a television but a genius like me can clearly tell that your ghost story is some sort of overused plot on a horror and romance television show."

'Tsk! I thought that would work.' Kamryn said in her mind while she was not done yet. "Haha! You triplets have only seen death but I have had a realization that all of us had always been a practitioner of killing all along."

Aria guessed what her realization was and burst Kamryn's bubble with her words. "Oh! Could it be that all of us have seen death and are killers because we eat eggs and meat?"

"You... win." Kamryn gave up after accepting the truth. 'These triplet princesses are unusually smart or my servants are just plain gullible. Whenever I would use my smart words in an argument, they would all give up. Maybe those servants were just playing with me all along. Such a sad childhood of deceit I have lived.'

"Alright. Everybody gets to see but someone has got to keep the little girls in a safe location where any unwanted circumstances would happen to them. It would be okay for us since we are all considered adults but not them and their dreams of rainbows and unicorns." Aster said while Aria took up the task first.

When Jade and Plum were told to play in a room that was far from hearing the noises of fighting, the five of them went outside through the backdoor.

With a leap, Kamryn easily reached the open meadow on the side of the house. Aster had to carry the triplets one by one since they were not yet capable of jumping over high walls.

They had to take this route to not portray their connection with the luxurious house.

"Why don't you girls wait over there in the meadows while I call them? It would be quite the problem to the neighborhood if the infamous gang just get slaughtered in their street." Aster advised while he walked towards the old house. He did not know why his overconfidence was acting up but there is no denying that his current power would make this encounter a breeze for him. 'I hate arrogant people but I guess I like it when I am the one acting arrogant.'

He shrugged his hypocrisy aside and saw that all fifty members of the Unkillable Rats were having a stand-off with those servants that was following the one they addressed as young master Alcor.

He also saw poor old Garth in his bird form while only eight of the guards were left behind. 'It must have been Number 2 and Number 3 that woke up to get some help. I guess Garth pulled some punches when he knocked them out. To think that they are still lying there in the cold ground for over a day now.'

His thoughts were disrupted by the back and forth banter of the supposed partners in crime.

"You are the one they call as Grappler, right? You better give me some explanation right now or the beatings we agreed on with your boss would really happen without me having to hold back. I might have just stepped into the realm of Initiate but you pieces of scum are enough for me to consider as punching bags." Alcor sternly said while looking towards the abused Grappler.

The poor guy was quite downcast all this time and did not have his strong vibe with him.

"Sorry, bub. We are in a pickle ourselves. The girls were already gone when we got here." A gang member they appointed as spokesperson was the one to give a reply. "We were arguing amongst ourselves on where they went but we are not professionals in the means of tracking and stuff."

"Tsk! I never considered that they would actually run away. You scums should have been more discreet with your job and never let them get away by having some lookout watching over this house." Alcor admonished the gang while turning to his servants for some answers. "What does it say in the records?"

A servant that knew his way with technology checked up on his phone and found that the girls really did move out and the house was put out for sale. "Sorry, young master. It seems that the girls left days ago but it is suspicious that the house they were meant to buy was under the name of someone else. Some person named Aster owns the place at the same time that they sold this old house."

Alcor knew of the city lord's arrangements with the girls and looked towards the white and luxurious house not far from where they were standing on. He smiled and said. "It looks like my nice guy approach to woo you are rendered to nothing."

Alcor was like a crazy person as he shouted towards the luxury house. "DID YOU GIRLS THINK IT WAS FUNNY?! To foil my plans and just watch from the side. I know you are watching along and you better come out unless you want some violent things to happen!"

"Come OUT!"

"You can hide but you can't run!"

The Unkillable Rats along with his servants could not help but think that he was a fool. Alcor was even using some sort of used-up line from a horror movie but nobody seemed to answer him. He was like some sort of crazy man screaming at nothing. It went on for about two minutes until the Alcor felt his throat begin to sore and issued a command on all the goons he paid for, specifically his servants and the gang. "What... are you fools... standing around... for? Get inside!"

The group got their attention back from their stupor and proceeded to surge the house through the gates. Some of the Unkillable Rat members noticed a pile of beaten up men while they saw a handsome youth with a completely black outfit.

"Young master, I will be heading forward first." The old servant could not see Aster from where he stood and proceeded with his job by taking a shortcut. He was a wind cultivator so he could just will a bit of wind to make him ease through the high walls.

"Go..." Alcor nodded while rubbing his throat from the soreness. He looked as the old servant jump with a gust of wind but halfway in mid-air. 'Man, this dude has wind powers. I'll eventually overcome him with my skills. Hehe! A servant would never surpass the master after all.'

The black-clothed Aster suddenly appeared via teleportation, he was a bit higher than the old servant and made it easy for him to do what he wanted to do next by facing himself towards the wide space near the training forest.

"Oh no, you don't." Aster said while he gave out a simple kick. The old servant's head was treated like a ball and with a simple nudge it snapped from the neck. The violently dismembered head flew towards the open meadow and miraculously not leaking blood.

The headless body dropped down but before it could hit the ground, Aster teleported again to wallop it with perfection to have the poor corpse follow its thrown head.

Everything happened within seconds but the spectating people saw it quite clear that it became somewhat replayed in their minds in slow motion.

Aster skipped through space and was back to his previous position in the ground like it never happened.

Alcor was so frenzied that he had to bump through the crowd of gang members to see whatever person just killed that servant of his. When he got a clear view of the nonchalantly smiling youth, he felt shivers run through his spine.

"Who... the fuck... are you?" It was unknown whether he was having a hard time speaking due to his fear of sore throat but apprehension was laced with his every word.

They were practically doing their own thing but this youth suddenly intervened and treated them as nothing while he did so.

"I am..." Aster purposely slowed his words because he felt like it. The crowd was already feeling fear from those two words he mentioned and was quite dreading of what was at the end of his sentence.


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