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56 Bloody Dismembering
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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56 Bloody Dismembering

The girls did not have any clue whatsoever with the poor state of the plotting group. They did know about the poor state of the old servant who had his head beheaded with a kick.

First, it was a head that landed quite far from them but within visible range nonetheless. Next, the body followed in a perfect trajectory that it somehow reconnected with the dismembered head. The dreadful tear in the neck was enough to tell that the old man was gone for good.

Anyone who would feel pity for the dead servant who was only following orders would be seen as an enemy in the eyes of Aster. The old man's quick response to action and indifference to his young master's vile thoughts was enough to tell people that he was vile as well.

It was not overboard but a death that the guy deserved. The old guy lived through the years while his other servant peers did not live past their primes. Who knew what dirty dealings that the man went through to survive all the while.

Kamryn was on the borderline of puking but willed herself to stop. The triplets were shocked by the sight of the beheaded corpse but only shocked and not more than that. They were told of the grim consequences of seeing things through, so they had to woman up and not be sissy girls that shriek every time they see a dead body.

It took a while until they saw a group of more than fifty people followed Aster as he walked towards them.

They can clearly see the muscle jacked face of the Grappler and the grim countenance of the young master who was pulling the strings all this while. All the other extras were pretty much mob to the beauties' eyes and their forgettable face was only supplemented to be unregistered in their minds with the fact that all of them were pleading and sweating unnaturally.

Most of them were dripping snot that the girls did not want to commit those ugly looks into memory.

What stood out in their eyes is their lover whose jolly mood was quite the opposite of the downcast aura that the enemy group had. Aster greeted like nothing was going to happen and it would just be a normal day. "Yo! I hope you did not wait that long. It took me a minute to convince these guys to follow me over here."

"Yeah! It took you a while to convince them but it really did not take long for a dead old man to come flying towards this grassy area." Aria replied but her words were laced with praise and blame altogether.

"I had no choice. The man had to showcase his wind attribute and decided to jump over the walls without permission. You know what they say, you can do whatever you want with a guy who trespasses in your property." Aster shrugged and felt little need to explain any further than that.

'The person who said that must be a psychopath.' The enemy group of gang members and servants cursed in their heads. The current part of the meadow they were standing in had grass that did not grow tall, so when they heard the beautiful couple's conversation they had their attention drawn towards the body that was sent flying.

It still had its eyes open but the expression of shock was plastered on the old servant's face. He was frankly attacked in haste without him finding out how his head was thrown off. The shocked expression made them remember the belief that a dismembered head still had moments to live before the brain's eventual shutdown.

In half a second, he was just trying to cross a high wall but in the latter half of the second, his world spun like crazy and shook him beyond belief. Before he could process his death, the pain and concussion reached his brain and ended him forever.

'What the...' Alcor Dren may act tough and bossy but seeing his servant dead made his thoughts incoherent. 'How could he... kill him like... that? It... is inhuman.'

If Aster and the servants would hear his thoughts right now, they would look down on him like weak trash. Moments ago, he was threatening the old man to be killed or punished if he failed but when the punishment was given, the short-tempered young master had his brain short-circuit from seeing the dead body for himself.

"Uhm. Mr. Nobody, we would like to apologize now?" A smart servant asked to break the silence. Their young master was supposed to take the lead in making peace but his silenced and shaking form at the moment was enough to tell them that he was down for the count.

The triplets did not know of much details since they were too far away to snoop with their heightened senses. They had their gaze focus on Aster's eyes to know what is going on.

Eve said in annoyance towards the group. "It can't be that they are actually asking for forgiveness? Aren't they too shameless from trying to bury the grudge like nothing?"

Plum and her timid attitude had a sudden shift as she looked at them with animosity, her angry expression at Kamryn was mild because they knew that they were destined to be friendly in the long run. Her current look was like marking them as someone to kill.

He knew that his little lovers were tormented with fear and despair for a month and any heartless apology to save their own noble skin was truly not enough to erase their grudge on the Unkillable Rats, much so to the mastermind behind their aggression.

They had a lot of pesky suitors and the shaking Alcor who was just average in looks and demeanor was enough for them to be pushed to the limits. Aria had an expression of beseeching towards Aster to do what must be done. "Aster, you promised them a brutal death. Turn the brutality to another level if you can, please. That ugly noble should have it worst."

Aster found it funny for Alcor to be called ugly because any other girls would find the short-tempered noble to be handsome. 'I guess their exposure to the handsome me has made them indifferent to all the other men in the world. Just how I like it, I should be the peak in their eyes while everyone else is ugly masses of mush.'

"Uhm... you see, miss. We are from the Dren family and..." The servant was quick to try and salvage the situation. It was a big foul for them if their young master would die in their watch. Not that they would be spared in any way but the servant felt that their anger was towards Alcor and not them. His only choice to save their skin was the predictable and totally repetitive influence shmuck.

His sales pitch was cut off by Aster's senseless utterance and mockery of family clout. "Listen here, manservant! The general formula with a commoner and the noble feud is always the noble being unable to bear a stain in their powerful record."

"Those noble asses would trouble the unexpectant commoners for as long as they want and as long as it is in their power. When the commoner or an outsider fights back, they crush it like a bug and portray themselves as good." Aster continued with his downright crap talk regarding nobles. "When the outsider or commoner is somewhat able to give back a punch, they would either make peace and ask forgiveness. In their heads, they would pass the fault to the person they troubled in the first place. If that commoner is dumb enough to let the noble go, their stuck-up asses would just regroup and give back petty retaliation."

"In short, a commoner and noble feud would always end with someone oppressing the other. Since my beautiful lovers and myself knows those facts, I am very much obliged to kill you to catalyze a feud that is bound to happen anyway." His Murderous Will burst out unimpeded after he said that. The entire group's view of the world was changed. They felt the blue sky turn red and every other color in the world turn black.

The handsome youth they called as Mr. Nobody had his body enveloped with absolute black but his dark eyes turned deep red as the source of murderous spirit emanated from it.

Of course, it was all in the eyes of those affected while the girls and Aster were seeing everything just the way one should. The entire group had no way to get rid of the feeling that they were prey and the youth was the predator.

"No point in negotiating! We were just led here to be killed!" The techy servant reached to his device to let out a signal of distress but he was dismayed from the fact the feeling in his hands was gone.

"Aaaahhh!!!" The man screamed as the blood inside his hand gushed out uncontrollably and torn through the skin and flesh that held it inside him. They reformed into sharp and pointy claws made up of liquid blood.

Most of the thugs had greater willpower and were able to run albeit staggeringly. The red and black and dystopia was gone but the killing intent was still there. It was fearful to see someone's hands turn into bloody claws and not everyone wanted to experience that.

"You guys won't get away." Aster smiled while the blood-clawed servant felt the blood inside him become alive and unnaturally move his own body.

'What the hell... is this?' The servant said in his mind while his mouth was still preoccupied with a horrendous shout. "Aaaaah!"

Grappler was pretty much locked in place like a stone while Aster used Blood Bend to control the poor servant. Frankly, he could control everybody's blood in their circulatory system since they were weaker in cultivation but he shut down the idea because there was no fun in that.

'I'll just have one of them slash through their limbs and render the runners unable to run.' He felt that the horrific factor in his scheme was over the top with that, so he decided to go with it.

Like a true puppet, the blood bendable servant slashed the sharp claws towards the knees of the person nearest to him. To have one's leg shredded with find sharp objects is painful, so the inanimate shriek was issued. "Eeeeekkk!"

The leg dropped on the ground with blood splashing all around the grass. Most of the servants, who had powerful cultivation, had run far already, so he used the blood from the leg to form sharp spikes.

He did not have to be a marksman to masterfully control the bloody spikes and impale the poor chaps through the back of their knees.

"Noooo!!! It... hurts!!!" The three Initiate rank servants yelled as the spike anchored to the ground. They were in a running position and to suddenly pause while being impaled through a feebled joints made one of them snap his lower leg entirely.

The blood claws did not stop its shredding hunt as it dismembered four other rats. Aster wanted variety, so he had one be dismembered with his left foot, right foot with the other, booth foot on the other, while he had one have his arms be torn. 'Well, he won't be able to run fast with all the pain he is feeling. Mission accomplished, I guess.'

The dismembering did not stop and a few delinquents even fought back.

"You piece of shit! I am no genius but we should knock out this blood claw guy." The thug with his signature metal rod yelled as he slapped the controlled servant in the head. Aster could easily have the man puppet dodge but he wanted to portray despair.

The man puppet was knocked out from having hit in the head with a pole but the blood would still be controlled whether the man was conscious or not.

"Eh!" The wannabe detective gangster was unprepared from the revelation and had his metal pole be sliced to pieces. "My pole..."

He wanted to express his dismay but it was hindered by the pained scream he gave out from having his legs torn off in a brutal fashion by the blood claws. "Eeeeeh!!!"

The rampage ensued while the recently dismembered man had a reminiscent memory playing in his head. He mourned and remembered the fun times he had with the metal pole. 'To think that we would meet our end with being torn to pieces, good buddy. I wanted to give you out to my criminal protege but alas, you went ahead and died earlier than me. I am no believer but I hope you have fun in metal hell.'


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