Lust Exchange System
57 Woes and Shrieks
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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57 Woes and Shrieks

The man puppet with his unconscious state from having been slapped by a pole was continuing on with his rampage.

Aster's complete control and mastery over the technique had fully conformed. Making him exempted from doing those unnecessary gestures like dancing his arms weirdly. He did not want to be seen as some weirdo even if Blood Bend was powerful.

He was like a nonchalant person observing the bloody scene and people would not relate him to be the true reason for such unnatural events.

"Ahhh! Fuck you!" A thug willed himself while skillfully juggling his foldable knife. This was his signature move to showcase his capability to his opponents. It was perfect when he is harassing normies and better yet, conscious normies.

Unfortunately for him, the man puppet was neither a normie or conscious. Aster willed the blood claws to unscrupulously tear the thug's hands apart.

"Eeeehh!!!" Just like that, his commendable skill in knife juggling had become naught and became a thing of the past. This led to another emotional moment but not with his knife but with his hand. 'Good farewell to you, my flexible hands.'

The walking puppet was truly quite slow in Aster's opinion, so he decided to take things up a notch.

He was thinking of man flight but scratch the idea out of the possibility. Blood Bend could allow him to do it but he did not want to have another man experience flight with his help.

The option he chose was to drop his puppet to the ground and just use the blood claw instead. He was not flying the man but was technically flying a collection of blood.

Controlling a person like a puppet would be quite taxing to a person's spirit and energy. Willing the blood of the left foot to move it while also willing the blood on the left foot to follow along is hard. Flexing muscles that are not your own is quite hard especially when the said is muscles are triggered to do a succession of harsh movements like slashing down and jumping high.

Kamryn would need even greater cultivation heights than how Aster currently has to perform such feat and in such a manner. This may have been courtesy of Aster's balance and an unlimited amount of mana.

The claw formed from blood deformed to a sphere of red liquid. The volume was still lacking for him, so those torn-up limbs from all the gang members and servants became the ones to increase the density and amount.

Arms and legs withered to visibly as it underwent through something similar to the succession of years. The showy tattoos filled with obscene graphics became deformed to having the skin ragged and dry. Only their non-flesh counterparts were spared from the fearful transformation. Metal rings, bracelets and watches, and even torn up clothes were unaffected.

It did not stay that way for long because the drained up liquid did not move directly towards the central sphere but enveloped the leftovers from where they came from. Those harder things were spared again while the bones and already dried flesh was engulfed.

The blood twisted and twisted as it suspended in the air. A shredding process occurred and only unsalvageable bits of dust-like remains were released from the bloody whirlpool of shredding.

Most thugs were not far from their body parts and saw the whole process directly. Looking at their supposed limbs becoming gutted apart to particles likened to ash made their already pained physical self be assaulted with abuse on their mental stability.

"This... is wrooong!!!"

"You... ahhh! Heaartless bastaard!" Some of them cursed as tears flooded their vision. They had not strength or capability to look and stand directly into Aster's direction, so their only medium of expressing their abuse was through prolonged words mixed with pained shrieks.

Those little accumulations rose up and merged with the blood sphere. From a size comparable to a person's head, it grew three times in volume.

"I guess that would be enough." Aster muttered while he broke the sphere with his will and made it form thick threads of blood that stretched to its stretchable lengths that were allowed by its volume to area ratio. The whole process was relatively slow and allowed a lot of time for most skilled runners to run.

There were a notable number of thugs that was able to run farther ahead than the servant line. Three of them were headliners and true velocity junkies that must have trained themselves in the track and field division of sports.

'They must be frustrated athletes that turn to a life of crime. Sports are not well-known but it is still an acceptable profession in the eyes of society. Pity they had to be delinquents instead of living a life of relatively healthy competition.' Aster said in his head but the pity was fake. They chose to live this brutal way, so their end would most likely be brutal as well.

The threads moved erratically like fast and growing roots. Its edge was truly sharp and the speed was forceful that it made little whistles in the air as it moved.

The three fast-paced runners were grinning wildly from the fact that they escaped the deadly display of blood. They were unaware of the fact that the fearful blood that they thought they escaped was heading towards them.

"Eh!" The trio simultaneously uttered as the sharp treads pierced through their prized legs. It took a moment of delay until the sensation registered in their brains that they involuntarily gave out a shout of denial. "Nooooohh!!!"

Ten or so people were not far behind them and they what really happened with their own eyes. Some knelt down and stopped due to the despairing situation while a few gritted their teeth and carried on.

"Mommy!!! Daddy!!!" A minority was lying on the ground, crying and using their thumbs as a pacifier. Their sorry sites were truly pathetic to register in one's memory. Grown men reverting to big babies due to unreconcilable trauma.

Among the gritting runners was the intellectual gangster. Even in fear, he was still smart enough to slowly recede in the back of the pack during their time when they followed Aster to the meadows.

His smarts were telling him that it was the best place that allowed him to run without any sort of hindrance. In his thoughts, before the man puppet incident occurred he said. 'I will not be dumb baboons like Grappler and that young master who would negotiate with that freak of nature.'

Of course, as he predicted, the slaughter occurred despite it being a bit milder with no apparent killings at all. His running plan was a bit floppy because his body was not cut out to be an athlete. He took the first step in the escape marathon but he was too weak to maintain his lead.

The eventual leaders were then punctured with blood-red liquid but his smarts told his will to carry on. He chose the gangster way from nerdhood to have his way with women who only chose powerful men over him. His vengeance on those that rejected him was still unresolved, so his best bet was to continue on while the blood was distracted by puncturing the top three.

It was later found out that their thoughts of clenching through the delay were wrong the entire time. The thread of blood grew more threads from multiple main threads that punctured their bodies in an instant.

It was thinner and less formidable but it did not make the pain they felt to be any less than that of the thicker ones.

Shoulder joints were punctured to limp most of them. In an instance of fun, Aster even had the thread pierce through their little dongs. He can't see through their pants but the general area to targets was clear. Pretty much that most of them were a miss and most threads had even missed to hit their balls.

'My organ used... for storing my semen used... for reproduction!' Intellectual gangster was the unfortunate one to have one of his balls poked. It leaked whatever it could leak. One could only imagine the leakage as similar to the contents of eggs used for breakfast. His thoughts were geeky and nerdish but his words were interpretable as a shout. "Kaaaaahhhh!!!"

The holes that were made into their bodies may have reached an average of ten per person. Not many but enough for them to be alive and awake from the horrendous pain.

The hopeless bunch was not spared as new threads emerged to puncture through them. Even if the original source was limited, it is easily raised in quantity by sucking from the body of those who were punctured.

Screams were evoked from every single one of them, even the baby men were shouting. It was weird though because of the sound they produce that was similar to how a baby cried. "UWAAAHH!!!"

It was equally horrifying and terrifying. Fortunately, they were relatively far from the neighborhood and the dreadful cacophony of screams remain heard to only them and sensitive beast in the nearby training forest.

The shredded ones and the punctured ones were easily differentiated but it was hard to judge who had it worst. All of them would just say that it is equally painful for all of them. That would be what they would say as painful equality which is a close counterpart of gender equality.

Aster felt like a blood spider with its bloody threads. He wanted all of them to see each other die together, so he needed to move the scattered body of more than fifty men.

He utilized a practical property of blood that hardens when it dries. His perfect control of blood enabled him to make the solid-like liquid into a true crystallized solid. It was solidified inside their bodies to make it easier for him to move them around while most of the blood retained its liquid form for maneuverability.

Those who were dismembered were not spared from punctures as threads embedded themselves to their bodies. A scene of horror happened as littered bodies along with the beheaded corpse dance around to form a circle.

Aster and the girls were outside the circle while at the center of it all was the stunned Grappler and shaking Alcor Dren.

"Please help us! Please..." A forgettable mob weakly pleaded to the unharmed two which only served to terrify the both of them even more.

All of them were seeing each other being brutally handled by their own blood. Those who still had complete limbs were like scarecrows while those that did not have their limbs completely had to make do with what they had. Their arrangement was also disturbing with having different levels in suspension but it was clear for them that nobody's body was touching the ground.

"Why... why are you... doing this?!" Alcor was out of his shock but his stuttering words were not from his sore throat but his true fear. He looked towards the apathetic Aster and asked for the facts that he failed to comprehend.

"It is simple really. These group of people calls themselves Unkillable Rats and I just straight up grouped your servants along with them." Aster replied in a simple tone. "In most societies, when rats are killed, they are displayed with their limbs stretched out like so. I am doing this because this is how rats are killed."

"No, please!!!" The rats and servants that heard of their conversation could only panic and convulse. They knew they were going to be killed but the torture they went through made them think that they were going to be eventually spared.

Aster's words made them panic and convulse in the thread of blood that went through their bodies.

"Goodbye and know how to be killed Unkillable Rats." Aster muttered in fake farewell while their hearts were beating wilder than usual.

The organ that contained the exchange of blood could not handle an external force that made it pulse faster and faster. It was beating unnaturally that the flow of blood in their veins followed suit. Most blood exited through their piercings but instead of having them die of bleeding out, Aster went with the faster option.

The blood inside their hearts coagulated and was slowly forming into a blade that pierced outwards.

Fifty or more blades appeared in unison that signified fifty or more deaths in that very instant.

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    《Lust Exchange System》