Lust Exchange System
58 Bloody Mishap
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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58 Bloody Mishap

It was pretty gruesome for the two remaining people to see death happen all around them.

One moment they were all desperately trying to cling to their lives but in another moment, their own blood pierced from their own hearts and killing them.

If anyone who was sensitive to either aspect of existence were to see what was happening at this moment, they would be shocked to speechlessness. Inanimate forms rose from the dead bodies and floated out of it to try and disperse.

From Aster, the same inanimate form manifested but it was akin to a gluttonous mass of dark entity. It stretched into little bits of miasmic clouds to envelop and absorb these inanimate releases from the fifty or more corpses. It did not leave behind the soul that was trapped in the displaced head of the old servant. From being trapped and unable to continue on with reincarnation, it just became deleted entirely and melded to become the nutrition of Aster's soul.

Aster's dark miasma of soul and spirit was a culmination of his Soul Devourer and Murderous Will. His soul aspect that devoured other people's souls to be powered while his spirit aspect was taking out the lingering spirit of murder that the dead group had.

The Murderous Will was the prime skill in terms of accumulating spirit because of the deadly demise of his enemies. All their ambition that was driven by their spirit and will transformed into regrets and revenge that serve to connect and fuel thoughts of murder.

Aster's soul became denser while his spirit of murder became more pronounced. In addition to this is the discount after all, so it was a delightful sundae with another cherry on top. The whole process was quick and too paranormal that the onlooking girls and shaking survivors only felt a hastened chill in the atmosphere.

The muscle maniac and the easy to anger young master felt the world turn grim in that very moment.

"What do you... want to do? It can't be that you are having us fight to the... death." Alcor gave out his complaints. Tears were already falling from the youth dressed in luxury. It was stifled though because his manly subconscious did not want him to look pathetic in his instance of death.

Unbeknownst to Alcor, he was looking quite unnatural and hideous with his pent up teary face. Like a woman that was rejected quite recently and is trying to look brave in front of her crush. If he was a woman, it would look cute. Unfortunately, he was clearly a man and it just made him look comically gay.

'Pfft! What a face!' Kamryn's thoughts were stifling a laugh and the sight just made her forget of the nightmarish massacre she just saw. Aria and her siblings were shaking their heads but those who observed quite closely can see the small curve in their lips.

Aster thought that the idea of having them fight to the death was fun, so his focus unconsciously hardened the blood that connected the circular formation of dead bodies.

The tight criss and cross of the blood threads and the hardened blades made it akin to a deadly cage that should be untouched. Dead bodies were just a bonus that made it look grimmer than any other caged match in the underworld arena.

The duo noticed the change in the blood and felt that it was a sign for them to have a do or die match. They readied themselves like they were having the fight of their lives. The turnout would determine their change in fate.

"I have to win this!" Grappler got rid of his weak will and flexed his muscle to call on more power. The muscle pig ignored his pained arm that was still badly injured from his earlier punch and gave out boxing punches to the air.

Alcor was not one to remain in his gay look and made a fierce look towards his competitor. Flaming mana gathered in his arms that turned into real flames that bathed his fist. He put it up to face Grappler and said. "Bring it on, big oaf! We planned out the beating beforehand but I am pretty sure that I can still kill you without you having to hold back on me."

They were waiting for the signal to start the shedding of blood through combat from the handsome youth in black attire but what they heard stumped their enthusiasm. "What are you guys doing?"

"Eh!" The duo, who was already pumped out, felt a sudden pause in their thoughts. Alcor recovered and asked. "Weren't we supposed to kill each other and the winner goes free without a scratch from you?"

"What made you fools think about that?" Aster was confused by the sudden shift in their atmosphere that he can't help but ask.

Grappler was the one to answer this time around and pointed to the hardened and intricated configuration of blood and corpses. "Aren't these supposed to be our death cage? You suddenly transformed the gooey blood to hard crystals. Doesn't that mean we fight?"

"Ehm, no! It was subconscious act on my part after hearing about this gay bloke and his nonsense about fighting to the death." Aster found the mistake and did not have to apologize. He admired the masterpiece of his straying imagination and gave out a laugh. "Haha! Although the design and concept were fun but it was not what I had in mind for you guys at all."

"What... do you... have in mind?" The duo became apprehensive after they heard his sentence. They were confident in fighting against each other but not the calm freak that just slaughtered their whole team of somewhat capable fighters. Even when they would work together, it wouldn't amount to anything after seeing the aftermath of the youth's abilities.

They came visiting the neighborhood with vitality and vigor yet they could never leave again due to the desolate and blank state they are currently in.

'Why do these fools always have too much of unnecessary misunderstandings?' Aster posed a question in his head. He eventually tried to forget the silly mystery and focused on the matter at hand. "What I had in mind is this, of course."

The hardened blood eventually returned to its original volatile state. In line with the circular formation, the bodies and the controlled blood just turned and turned. It was gradually increasing its speed of revolution that anybody that is going along with it would barf to death. Fortunately and unfortunately at the same time, the riders are already dead to begin with.

It all twisted and twisted just like what happened to those miniature accumulations and began to shred those that are capture in that whirlpool of blood. A lot of things are expected to be hurled out but Aster's quantitative increase in his aspects that is related to control made it a calm twister with deadly powers.

Skins and flesh dried up and magically shredded in the fast turning blood. Gang clothing, boots, and slippers were shredded along together with their feebled bones. Metal accessories survived and accumulated in the rotating twists of unimaginable force and frictions of blood.

'Blood that gave life but the blood that also gave death.' Aster uttered in his head and made a mental note to add it in his collection of quotes and phrases.

Anyone else observing would be expected to barf at the sight but their repeated exposure to bloody sites just made them tolerant. Not apathetic and desensitized, just collected because it became a tolerable level.

It took a while until Aster felt that the unwanted flesh became rendered to nothingness. He was shocked by the effectiveness of the skill and felt that Kamryn was out of place with having such skills. She was such a type of spoiled princess that it was hard to imagine her killing with such brutal effectiveness.

"Kamryn, is your Valentine family this brutal with their skills? I know it is powerful but I did not realize that it would be this much deadly." He took this chance and asked her. "This whole blood massacre thing is just based on a whim and made up on the spot by me. If your family that created this could utilize this to such levels, why are you somewhat unknown and forgotten by society. I would now be terrified of facing your older brother if he reached my level of skill."

Kamryn looked at him weirdly to confirm if he was making a joke. Seeing that he was truly concerned, she answered. "Aster, you are just a monster and natural in the killing ways. You were using principals of our Blood Bend but our skills are catered to forming solidified objects and helping with wounds. I love you but you are just plain evil to realize that you just made our relatively peaceful skill into a killing machine."

"Eh! What about your Blood Drain Art? Isn't that evil?" Aster really had his concepts warped due to the underlying connections with blood and death that he failed to notice that the skills were not meant for massacre at all. Instead it was mildly oriented to just a subsidiary weapon-making skill for the Valentines.

"We use that to drain the blood of dying animals that want to live on in the world with us. We are not as gruesome as those vampires and witches, we are the opposite because we embody love, even though it is an unfair love. I am a cute and haughty fairy who uses blood for good unlike you, my devilish and handsome lover." Kamryn joked while Aster had a bombshell dropped in his mind. His face became blank for a moment and he scolded himself internally. 'Damn, I went too far! My affliction to the ways of killing was not gone at all. I was given a system to be an incubus in supremely human form and I am not supposed to be an asura.'

"Hihi! You look funny, Aster." Seeing his calm look become broken made the girls giggle in laughter. The triplets along with Kamryn was really surprised with his weirded out expression. Their lover was always calm and handsome like a deep mystery but his frozen look made them realize that they did not just read into him deeper.

'We already saw most of his expressions. What other faces would he make on other circumstances?' It would be written and a great assignment in their sorority to know the answer to such a question.

The atmosphere of their little huddle was bubbly and bright while the duo in the center of the dark red twister of blood was feeling their lives is close to its impending doom.

"Noohh!!!" The sky was as clear as it can be but the wall of rotating blood that reached great heights was similar to great walls in their eyes. They knew the expression of frogs in a well and this was somewhat the literal interpretation of it. Clueless of the fact that they offended the women of someone they should not have offended.

They were also unaware of the fact that the ones that killed them was a skill that was meant to only make blood shapings. The dead rats and servants would not know whether to laugh or cry from the fact that they could have just died normally by having been sliced with blood swords and crushed by blood hammers. Sadly, the event had already passed and they were recycled and turned to miniature dust by their own dirty blood.

It was an unlucky and bloody mishap, to sum up their whole process of gruesome death.

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