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59 Writing
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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59 Writing

@@You guessed it...

This is another phony chapter to be deleted!

This is how I write... The trash writer, NyDarKKen.

This is not a sponsored chapter but when those fools will post this, they would be troubled with the consequences.

I write using my phone and via a writing app called Writer+.

I make minimal mistakes because I use Grammarly Mobile(note that this is not the overcontrolling ones on a computer but just something to correct ones spelling errors). I appreciate all the help from those that pointed out the flaws like 'her' to 'his'. I read a lot of novels in WN and I though that GM would help with easing their work.

Sadly, I am not consistent with the word count per chapter and my only goal is to reach 1,600 words or more.

The pressure of writing those number of words per chapter is immense and drains you a lot. A lot would struggle with writing 500 words. I am no genius, so I struggle along with them.

So, those unscrupolous sites better understand my brain's pain. If you read this, good old bot, those mortal flesh being blendered to bits is how I am imagining your mortal bosses being killed.

My technique to always be able to write such long chapters is to make two separate chapters.

Chapter A will have 800 words Chapter B will have the same number. When they are merged to one, I would write the additional paragraphs to fill up the chapter to my greatest desire, which is 2,000 words.

I just did not want to post a senseless chapter. Hope those who read this would get some inspiration.

In my next novel, I want to write 1,200 words per chapter as a goal. It would be a long journey after having to suck up my imagination to finish.



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