Lust Exchange System
62 Devilish Devil
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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62 Devilish Devil

The people in the meeting room were too quiet from what they saw and it was almost similar to having no people in the room at all.

"The human body is classified as bilaterally symmetrical but seeing the insides of a person just makes you think that either side are not equal at all. The other one has a heart or organ that could not be found on the other side." The youth, who just killed Alcor muttered, as he viewed the split body with nonchalance. It was like he had nothing to do with it, even though it was clearly his vicious kill.

Alcor's body was split and instead of the safe and not much gross dropping where there sliced half would conform with the flat floor. His body split like a coconut and the older brother could see the very insides of his little brother.

The brain that was mostly split had already split apart. He can see the internal makings of the nose and even his little brother's dong was cut in half. Intestines and even the spinal cord was cut in the perfect middle line of his body.

What was even strange was the fact that the blood did not splat towards the killer but towards the table. It was almost as if the blood was on his control.

Every other person in the room had to process what they saw that they had not much time to register and react to what was happening next. Even if they did have their usual alertness, they would still find it hard to spot the incoming attack.

Aster's blood spill towards the table was dual purposed. One is to not taint his clothes, the other is to initiate another attack. It required sublime control and will to make needles of blood that is as thin as a magician's thread. It is present but nearly invisible to the unfocused eyes.

'Be blinded!' In that quick instant of blood splash, about thirty blood needles already found a target and that was the eyes of Aster's enemies.

"My baby boy!!" As usual, the mature lady was the one to break the silence and return their presence of mind. Unfortunately for them, the threads already acted up.


"Aaah!!" These were the screams that were echoing in the room. If people are wondering why a tiny thread could elicit such pain, it is because Aster reformed the needles to shredding blades when it buried itself into their retinas.

Their eyes are like melons getting razed by blades on the inside. The eye is dominantly white and black or dependent on the color of one's iris. With the blendering, it became hollow and filled with blood from the nerves connecting to it.

What is worse is the fact that the blood could not get out of their eyeballs due to the minuscule hole that the needle made. It just dripped out in any other exit and made them look like they were crying with blood.

"Get away!" It was not all of them, who experienced the vicious attack because the three thugs were able to react with the help of Rat. The smoker and the gay man was saved.

"Hmmph!" Alioth harrumphed but he could only save his eyes and her wife's. The needles could blind anyone in Initiate 6 and under but it would disperse when in contact with higher densities of mana like Alioth's Expert rank in mana. He concentrated mana in his pupils to block and take on the needles while his left hand blocked the one's coming for his wife.

"Tsk!" Aster clicked his tongue in discontent. No one would have been saved if he had greater cultivation and control. He could pierce directly into those eyes and hand while he could have changed the trajectory for the needles whose respective targets dodged successfully.

"You... you will pay for that!" Velnor, who was just behind Aster, attacked him in range. While Alioth, who thought it was a smart move to give a pincer attack, followed suit and charge towards the lax son killer. Both of them were using the Fire Punch that their little brother used on Aster.

Before any of their attacks made contact, Alioth could clearly see the smirk that Aster had. It was a fast-paced battle but at that moment, Alioth felt that he lost by attacking in such a manner.

The smirk suddenly disappeared from his view and his powered fist dodge Velnor's fist because they did not connect. However, it was the worst situation because his current velocity could not illicit him to stop.

'Nooo!!!' His mind, that processed much faster thoughts, was what screamed as his fist connected toward's his son's face. He was also hit in the body but it did not matter much because of the difference in cultivation.

His veil of mana protected him while Velnor's face was burnt and took the full brunt of the attack. Due to anger at that moment of attack, he failed to control himself and killed his own son at that moment. Velnor was only at the fifth level of the Initiate rank, his skill and power were not enough to defend against a volley from an Expert ranker like his father. Thus, he died in an unfortunate manner which was even worse than how Alcor ended.

The fist that Alioth used was still buried in his son's skull and let the corpse remain standing. Alioth pulled his fist out and he was devastated by the hollowed state of the skull. His flames were mostly strong enough to dry the brain fluids and most of the wriggled brain.

"Why!? Why?! You monster!!" The mature lady was on the verge of insanity from seeing her own sons getting killed in succession.

"Who the fuck are you!? Why the hell are you doing this?!" Alioth screamed in rage and insanity. He cared and spoiled his sons and he was not as heartless as Aster's father that would be indifferent to his very own offspring.

Rat and his vice leaders regained their bearing. They saw the whole disappearance and appearance of the youth that just wrecked the entire conference.

"Rat!!!" Alioth was too crazed that his deduction pointed out towards his business partners. "Are you the ones behind this? Did you want those whores for yourself and claim the whole credit?"

"Keh!" Rat sounded out his scorn. "Think straight, noble! How would the scums of society ever benefit from acting the hero? We would just be killed by the leader of the coup and we would not even know about it?"

"Then, who the fuck was that killer?!" Alioth's eyes were getting red from the frenzy.

"Don't tell me you don't know? And here I thought he was one of your men?" Rat had his doubts cleared. "I have extra amazing senses that I could smell that brat when he was snooping by the ceiling. Here I thought that it was your dumb plan B to catch us off guard when the dealings go south."

"Where is he now?" Alioth found the solution to his problem and asked Rat. Rat was getting annoyed by his bossy tone and said while pointing his hand directly above Alioth's head. "Didn't I just tell you? He is in the ceiling and I do not know how he did it."

"Ahhhh!!! Pay for your sins!" Alioth issued another Fire Punch towards the ceiling. He accompanied it with flaming feet to propel him upwards.

The perfect paint and design broke as he crushed through the ceiling. His enemy was not there while he was still in mid-air.

He naturally descended due to gravity and his frenzied eyes looked towards Rat for answers. At that moment, Aster appeared with a Space Skip right behind him.

Every other onlooker can see what devilish attack he sent out next. The unsuspecting father who just had his sons killed felt a sting in his family jewels.


Aster kicked it with all of his force that Alioth ascended a little bit while the feeling of his eggs being broken to be scramble was felt.

"Aaaahhh!" It was now a scream of pain and not a scream of rage. The pain felt too exponential that his veil of flaming mana was dispersed. This was the very goal of Aster when he issued the attack.

With Blood Creation, he formed a copy of his own blood from nothing while shaping it into a sharp pike. Having no hesitation at all, the pike pierced from Alioth's back and through his front. Of course, it was in the area of the heart and the guarantee of death was one hundred percent.

Alioth descended again and dropped dead on the ground with a thud. The pike reformed to a sharp blade shape and floated around Aster like how the moon is believed to be doing on Tellus.

The blinded people were still processing the pain in their eyes that they did not have time to defend against what was to happen next.

Aster teleported to stand on the table and the blade floated towards him. He can see the state of their necks and all of them have cultivation higher than him.

They were senior level on their family and was at the peak of Initiate. They would have been strong enough to put pressure on Aster if they worked together. Unfortunately, they failed to defend themselves, and as such, their throats were slit. Blood gushed out but not reaching Aster because of some sort of barrier that the blood can't seem to pass through. Via Blood Bend, he looked like someone who shouldn't be tainted by blood.

It did not take long until one's head made a thud to the table while others dropped to the floor due to the weakness and lifelessness their bodies had.

Chills were felt by the mature lady and the rat party all this while. Courtesy of Aster's supernatural aspects that devoured and assimilated the spirits and souls of those that had just died.

Aster turned to the grotesque face of Rat and asked while pointing towards the dead Alioth. "You are as powerful as the dead man over there. How come none of you helped? From what I have heard, you were starting to be partners in crime. I get that you misunderstood me as someone on their side at first but my killings would have long told you differently. I even tried to blind you!"

Rat shrugged and explained. "It is quite simple really! We never know if we are just caught in the crossfire. Maybe you would have just tried to attack us because you wanted to silence us. Maybe this was your chance to take out whatever frustrations you have on this family. You do your dirty work and we do ours."

The cigar smoker sounded out and asked in consternation. "We are just caught in the moment, are we? If we are, we can keep quiet and we don't have to trouble ourselves with fighting to the death. If we are in your kill list, then we have no choice but to fight back."

He was really apprehensive. The youth he is seeing at this moment was too fearful with skills that he could not fathom. To appear and reappear. To use blood as a weapon. He even brutally murdered almost every person in the room within a minute or more. It was too scary that even their criminal ways could not seem to match his murder style.

"I guess we just have to fight and no doubt about it." Aster smiled and said. "As a matter of fact, you guys are on my kill list. I just blended fifty of your folks in their own blood that you would surely retaliate."

The trio's pupils visibly narrowed because of the danger they felt in the air. Murderous intent flooded them and the source was a handsome youth, who said to them in an angered tone. "You are one of the masterminds behind the noise in front of my house after all."

Blood might just spill more as Rat and the vice leaders would face the wrath of a dark and devilish devil.


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