Lust Exchange System
64 Den of Rats
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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64 Den of Rats

He got to know of the information source where they got the details of the kingdom takeover. The lady was still pretty shaken, so he had to make do with what he could interpret from her short and stuttered answers.

They made a plan to make use of the siblings to further their goals and the consequences are pretty catastrophic if he had not arrived or was present in their lives. His expression was getting murderous when the woman told him about the copulation plan.

'I'm... sorry.' The woman said while she felt the fearsome atmosphere around him. Knowing such facts made him rethink his pact of not killing her at least she would live with some complications as she goes on.

He got to know every other little cruel plan they had and was about to be doing. He even got the basic gist of every misdeed and corruption that every other person in the house has committed.

Perhaps the only innocent in the house is the little girl that is still weeping outside.

The girl already has support from all the servants that are arriving and surrounded the room. They were dismantling whatever part they could try and dismantle after not having any answers from their masters.

Aster took this as the alarm and had already applied a memory alteration to the woman. He also used a bit of his Envious Mana Refiner on her to dish out the little punishment he decided on. She was still in the peak of Initiate but it would slowly degrade along as she ages and the possibility of crossing the next rank had become quite minimal for her.

Every senior member was a gold mine for mana refinement and discounts but he had to kill then quick to enforce a frightening image to Rat and his vice leaders. Killing Alioth was easy but he could not be too sure with the feral man. He has unlimited reserves but he was not yet a true immortal and invincible enough to crush every opposition that came his way.

With a blink, he disappeared from the spot while the blood wall disintegrated into nothingness.

The room was filled with screams of terror and trauma while he skillfully escaped with every skip in space he made. He felt bad for the little girl but things were already done. It would be too much disrespect to them and also to himself if he had to give them corpses in coffins of blood.

Dren relatives also came into the room and pretty much gave the blame to the Unkillable Rats that they knew had come to talk things out with their leader. Sneaky Aster would utilize such misunderstanding and to truly erase his involvement is to silence the entire gang that is being led under the cunning Rat.

'Good thing that I asked the lady on where the rats usually hangout. If not, I would have to take detours and ask for directions.' Aster said while he teleported to whatever range he could reach with his current cultivation level. By burning all of his mana reserves, he could reach to about 30 meters of teleportation from his initial point. Due to unlimited reserves, he was blinking by deviating below that range.

All the while he is traveling, the three leader figures had already reached their destination and it was a slightly broken down building or factory of sorts. The place was littered with bottles and graffiti. A typical delinquent hideout for the scums to hang out on.

"Welcome back, BOSS!" A mob gangster sounded out as he saw his respected idol from afar.

Every other gang member in the room noticed the exclaim and saw their leader figures in the distance. They became rowdy with their own gangster appeal and individuality. Men of all ages could be observed with all their delinquent apparel.

Some are huddling around a fire in a can. Some were drinking beer and rumbles were somewhat commencing. Card games and thumb wrestlings to bet upon were being surrounded. There was even a make-do ring to officiate a true fighting match.

They were all scattered apart in a huge and vandalized factory area. Their sheer number would have reached a thousand. This fact just reinforced the corrupt connection they had and their efficient management to make them grow their group to how it is now.

Most of them were true mobs with barely noticeable cultivation and just floating around the ranks of a Novice. Only a few notable people stood out in cultivation and they are pretty much the vice leaders of the group.

"GATHER UP! You punks." A buff man with an army hair cut sounded out as his aura was enough to call out the attention of every other gang member that was not paying attention to their boss' arrival.

"Keh! You are too rough there, Tank. The boss still has not reached his seat." By the buff man's side is another powerful-looking vice leader that disapproved. With a ponytail that let him gather his long hair and a dented bat is hanging on his shoulders.

"You are too lax, Batter. The boss said it to be an emergency and all these goons are still minding their own business." Tank grumbled and followed proper decorum which was uncharacteristic for a delinquent.

"Why are you so worked up and stiff, anyways? It is not like we are some big organizations with true rules. In truth, we are just a bunch of rowdy people that group together once in a while." Batter gave him a wake-up message but the uptight Tank just disregarded it.

"Heya, boss!" A teen with cool looks and dashing hair appeared from the sides and greeted Rat that had already passed through the sea of disorganized gangsters.

Tanks and Batter looked at the other vice leader among them in distaste. Batter was not one to pull some punches with what was going on in his mind and said. "Tsk, Petty Face! Up to your ass lickin' and knee grovellin'. As usual with your weakling level."

Pretty Face took no offense and just shrugged it off with a happy smile. "Hay! Senior Batter, you really have not gotten over my hazing rituals."

The trio of vice leaders was on their own conversations while Rat had already reached to an elevated stage.

"Quiet all of you!" Cinder was tired but followed him along as he finished what Tank could not finish. "Tank, Batter, Pretty Face! Get back to your senses, will you!"

Ganda had to step in and explain the smoking man's reason for his explosive temper. With his gay and manly voice, he decreased the stifling atmosphere. "I am sorry to you lot. Cinder is still shaken with what we saw, you see. Still, an emergency is something that you should take seriously."

Pretty Face was still happy and praised. "There we have it, men. The person akin to a mother to all of us, unwanted sons of our real mothers. Our very own, Vice Ganda!"

Batter sighed and shook his head. "Too over the top as usual. Are you two dating?"

"Oh my! Hoho!" Vice Ganda blushed like an innocent woman whose lies were exposed. "Batter, do not make things up. But, you would never know if the assumptions are actually the truth. Hoho!"

'Shit, I messed up!' This time, Pretty Face kept quiet which was unnatural of him while all the gang members who saw the interactions could not help but form mental images in their minds.

'BLEGH!' They all puked in their minds from imagining the sensual acts between the young and hot teen with the middle-aged man who acts like a woman. However, they did not dare show any emotions because of the fearsome anger that vice Ganda would give them.

"Barf! Are you guys really dating?" Only Batter was brave enough or had the guts to sound out. "Fuck me! Haha! This is a revelation of a lifetime. The pretty boy became a gigolo to a gay man. Haha!"

"Shut up, my senior! That is not the truth." Pretty Face showed a dreadful face and said slowly. To think that the shame of his cool life would be exposed to a crowd of people that respected him.

Ganda was teary faced and sniffling from seeing his boyfriend being ashamed of their relationship. "Hu... hu! Pretty Boy, even if I forced myself onto you. You should be proud of our relationship that transcends social norms. If we survive this emergency, I will punish you later in my place."

"Noooo!!" The poor youth screamed and kneeled to the ground in despair.

All the other people, who heard his words, had their faces warped with having nothing much to say. They looked at the Pretty Face while they wish him good fortune. 'Poor guy, he had to show off all the time that the man breaker turned his sights to him.'

"Alright. That is enough." Rat voiced out to stop the nonsensical ramblings. He was in his seat that was designed with too many rat heads. It made him look like a king of rats but his head was too similar to the designs that one can't help but imagine how his skull would fit the entire decorative theme.

The three of them had just run for their lives while they slowly tried to restore their lost mana while they were talking. Rat and the other two could still be seen gasping for breathe and sweating heavily. Ganda was tired but his focus had forgotten it due to the current rift in his recently-made relationship.

"Boss, sorry but we are still not complete." Tank was a stiff man that followed protocols and said in discontent. "Grappler and all the other men we sent out still has not returned. I suggest that we give those fools some punishment for their tardiness."

The pest-headed boss sighed and said in sadness. "Poor Grappler is not late at all but had to be early on other important matters of his life."

"What is more important in that bloke's life compared to this?" Batter voiced out again with his unfiltered mouth. "Don't tell us that the shit became the muscle god. He was too delusional about that."

Cinder was the one to break the news and told them what he had recently heard. "Grappler had no choice but to met his end and all of us would face the same fate if you do not take these things seriously."

Seriousness and intense dread were noticed by everyone else in the room. Vice Cinder was usually a lazy guy that only smoke away but his words woke them out of their lax attitude.

"What happened? Isn't his mission just to threaten some weak girls and be beaten up by someone." Batter asked in worry while his bat was methodically tapping his shoulder. "How come you guys know? They only have a receiver for something like this emergency meeting. Those blokes don't know technology because they never had the chance to play with one."

"We don't know much either. We just know that they had long been dead with how dreadful that devil was." Cinder still had frights from being exposed to Aster's killing intent and viciousness.

Batter was not one to follow seniority and bullshit, so he voiced out distaste without fear of the powerful Cinder. "Eh! What do you mean by devil? You guys were too far away from the sight. Finish with your summary as a whole, will ya? We haven't got all day to listen to your lazy explanations."

Rat was the one to some up things and said. "We just got out of a confrontation that may have cost us our lives. The devil that Cinder meant is someone who just slit the throat of peak-level Initiates like him and Ganda. A youth that also slew the Dren patriarch. A man whose power is the same level as mine yet got killed within seconds."

"It was a freak that can control blood and is most likely a rare space cultivator. Even I am fucking trembling from seeing that devil slice a guy apart with no emotions." Their respected boss was actually feeling fear for the first time. The gang members and leader figures who had not much information to go on were already convinced by seeing how Rat was out of his usually terrifying mood.

It was frankly the opposite and a terrified mood that gave all of them a disconcerting feeling. 'What person did they provoked to make boss react this way?'

It would not take long for them to find out because the one they were talking about had just reached a point where he could see their den quite clearly.


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